Friday, March 11, 2011

The Entitled


You know these folks, don't you? They're the ones behind you in the checkout line at the grocery store during Christmas week who slightly nudge you with their cart. They're the ones at the stoplight who cut you off with their car to get into the single lane ahead. You've seen them at the retail shop demanding attention even when other people are being waited upon. They're the ones who suddenly stop in the middle of an aisle and make people wait while they get their bearings. When you were in school, they were the ones who "cut in" when there was a line.

I guess there's a little bit of bullying in this type of behavior, but that's not exactly it. You see, they're entitled. Years ago, they decided that they were better than us and deserved to do whatever it was they wanted to do at a particular time. These are the same people who insult waiters, browbeat clerks, threaten other motorists and run folks off the bike path. Why do they do that? It's because they are entitled. Clean up their dog poop on the forest trail? (Please, I think not.) Play music at the threshold of pain at 2 in the morning? (What's the problem?) Pay for an ice cream cone with a $100 bill. (Hey, it's legal tender!)


They prefer to litter, for the world is their ashtray. They've been known to take up two or three parking places at a major event. They like to idle their trucks in the middle of the road talking to their friends while a line of vehicles behind them are forced to wait. They like to chop down an endangered species of tree in the forest as long as it looks good in their living room. I know it's hard to believe, but they will tailgate you with their bright lights on at night if they happen to believe that you aren't driving fast enough. Why? N-Ty-Tilled!

They'll write belligerent letters to the editor, yell at their children in public and have been known to call a number on the phone and say, "Who's this?"

We don't like these kinds of people. But, they don't care if we do or not. They're entitled. We're not. You see that, don't you?

Nice talking to you.

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