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Friday — March 5, 2004


The Way I See It

Just trying to
muddle through

By Chris Millspaugh

"Super Tuesday…Fat Tuesday…Ralph Nader is Back!."

"Dialogues, Monologues…It’s snowing in Iraq."

"Martha Stewart, Didn’t do it…It’s completely Whack."

"Main St. Alarm, Farewell to Charm…I can’t wait for Slack."

Sorry, I just felt like doing a cheer. There’s a lot going on around here and all over the planet for that matter. I’m trying to get my mind wrapped around it all and I don’t have any answers. I’m with you…trying to muddle through…stay upbeat…Be happy…Let’s sing.

"Armageddon to get ya’ in a taxi, honey."

"Tonight, we’re going to have a ball."

"Tomorrow there’ll be nothing to do, ’cause the world as we know it, is through."

"Lighten up, Build a bridge, Have some fun, Have a cocktail or two…"

Ohhhh…Kayyyy. How ya’ doin’ out there? How about those Yankees? No, it’s fair. They get A-Rod. It’s just a game. Ask the Los Angeles Lakers. How’s your day? Where’s Spaulding Gray? Spring break? O.K. What happened to "Bennifer"? Hey, how about another cheer?

"Kobe Bryant, Haitian Tyrants….P. Diddy Needs a Wig

"Sex in the City Isn’t Pretty…But Carrie Got Mr. Big.

"We Are Purist But Need The Tourists…Income, Can You Dig?

"Let the Snow Fly, Nix The Deep Fry…Throw Away Your Cig.

What about Ore Wagons of Mass Destruction? Are we hiding them somewhere north of town? Hey, I’ll be here all week. Love ya’…Thanks For Comin’…Try the Veal.

What about the 2004 Elections? What does it mean to this valley? Can we get a glimpse of the future? Yes.

Time: A summer Wednesday morning in the year 2007.

Place: In the kitchen of an upscale home north of Ketchum.

Scene: A man and a woman are seated at the breakfast table sipping coffee and reading the local newspapers.

Man: "Look, honey, they’re having a sale on sea bass at the grocery."

Woman: "Which grocery?"

Man: "The new Piggly Wiggly next to the Sun Valley Car Wash."

Woman: "Oh…wait a minute, you told me last week you hated sea bass."

Man: "I did?"

Woman: "Yes."

Man: "Well, I like it now. Could we get some?’

Woman: "Well, sure, dear and maybe a nice Chardonnay to go with…"

Man: "I don’t drink white wine."

Woman: "You did Sunday night."

Man: "I did?’

Woman: "We went through two bottles at dinner."

Man: "That was the past, hon, let’s move on."

Woman: (Looking up from her newspaper) "Oh, my, look at who’s running for Mayor of Gimlet…Janet Jackson."

Man: "Everyone’s getting into the act since the Gimlet boom last year. I heard a rumor that George and Laura are buying a home by the Airport."

Woman: "Friedman?"

Man: No, Meadows International."

Woman: "More coffee?"

Man: "I don’t drink coffee."

Woman: "What are you talking about? You’ve had two cups already."

Man: "I did?"

Woman: "Yes. You’ve got to stop this vacillating back and forth."

Man: "I do?"

Woman: "You better if you want to get re-elected next year."

Man: "Can’t you run this time?"

Woman: (sigh) "We’ll see…coffee?"

Man: "Love some."

Nice talking to you…


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