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For the week of Dec 31, 2003 - Jan 6, 2004


Alpine ski teams
launch 2003-04 seasons

High hopes for SV, Hailey

Express Staff Writer

Recent snowfalls have put smiles on the faces of the local youngsters and coaches who use the ski slopes of Sun Valley as learning and teaching tools.

And it’s not only on Baldy where they practice their turns. The road trips to other resorts for race competitions are part of the attraction of alpine ski teams, with 254 kids.

It’s all part of a process. "We like the kids to reach certain levels of maturity, while they’re trying to reach other goals they’ve set for themselves," said Ruben Macaya.

This winter marks the 34th winter season for the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation, which oversees the Sun Valley Alpine ski team featuring 155 members and 28 coaches.

Fourth-year alpine director Ruben Macaya, 56, is a former U.S. Olympic team coach who directs an impressive staff of former national ski teamers and just plain great skiers.

The ski team kids range in age from six to 18—all the way from development teamers scooting down the slopes in packs to prospective national teamers slicing their seconds.

Objectives are similar, regardless of a skier’s age.

Macaya said, "All the kids set goals for themselves in the spring and then just prior to the ski season. They’re successful if they reach the goals, and it’s also good if they reach partial or intermediate goals.

"The goals are qualitative and quantitative. Some have to do with race results, some with standings or points, and some just to improve their skiing."

At the top of the Sun Valley class are two Community School graduates who have shown great promise regionally. They are Zachary Brown, 19, and Sean Higgins, 18.

Brown, last April’s FIS Alpine Spring Series slalom silver medalist at Mammoth, earned his first-ever Nor-Am points this past month in international races at Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada.

Macaya said Brown has postponed going to the University of Vermont for a year so he can race as a post-graduate with the Sun Valley Ski Team.

"It gives him one year where there is nothing else to concentrate on except skiing," Macaya said. "We hope it makes him leap in his skiing. He has a good chance of making the World Junior Team."

Higgins has been chopping his FIS points in half. He won both Eric Hays Memorial slaloms at Park City, Utah Dec. 13-14 and has qualified for the Denver University ski team.

The SVSEF has always encouraged kids to go to college, Macaya said, but the ski team’s four-year-old Olympic Development Fund has been set up to promote ski racing after school is done—through the ski team.

"The Olympic Development Fund has been set up to bridge the gap between our team and the U.S. Ski Team," he said.

Among Sun Valley’s top J1/J2 racers (ages 15-18) are Ash Higgins, Cameron Minor, A.J. Cronk, Andrew Benson, Hunter Storey, Charlotte Gourlay, Slater Storey, Lauren Eder, Dixon Mooseau, Lauren Parsons, Cassidy Doucette, Amy Alexander, Kristian Timmons and Corey Bellinger.

New this winter is a National J2 Olympic race series, scheduled for March 5-11 at Lake Placid, N.Y. Macaya said, "The best J2s in the country in each region will meet there."

Race results from FIS Elite events at Park City Jan. 7-10 (GS/SL) and Big Sky, Mt. Jan. 22-28 (DH/SG) will determine which J2 skiers make the grade for the new national J2 meet.

Sun Valley’s J3 (ages 13-14) hopefuls include Shanny Cohen, Katie Rothgeb, Calley Brown, Soren Ireland, Travis Stone and Teton Brown.

This winter, it’s Sun Valley’s turn to host the Chevy Truck U.S. Ski Association Western J3 Olympics/J4 Festival, from March 18-21 on Baldy.

Down south, but still training on Baldy, is the Hailey Ski Team—a non-profit corporation founded in 1980 that is designed to be a more affordable racer development program.

Strong parental involvement is encouraged as the youngsters are introduced to the lifetime sport. Matt Brown is the sixth-year head coach and program director for Hailey.

The HST includes 89 kids ages seven to 18, guided by 18 highly experienced coaches. Among Hailey’s top racers is Laura Durkheimer, 18, last winter’s J1/J2 Olympics giant slalom bronze medalist.




2003-04: Sun Valley, Hailey ski team rosters



Head coach and alpine director—Ruben Macaya.

Head coach "A" team—Tyler Palmer. ·  Head coach "B" team—Hank Minor.

A/B coaches, staff—Ken Logie, Skip Merrick, Michel Rudigoz, Scott McGrew, Pat Revallier, Jeff Rust, Matt McNeal, Yvan Pitte and J.J. Hanley.

Alpine "A"/FIS racers—Zac Brown, Charlotte Gourlay, Amy Alexander, Cameron Minor, Matt Job, Slater Storey, Andrew Benson, Hunter Storey, Tyler Hoyt, Cassidy Doucette, Lauren Eder, Ash Higgins, Kristian Timmons, Dixon Mooseau, Shanny Cohen and AJ Cronk. (Tuition $3,760, post-grad $4,310, includes on-snow Tuesday through Sunday, year-round training).

Alpine "B"/Inter. Cup/JO team racers—Lauren Parsons, Corey Bellinger, McKenna Peterson, Axel Peterson, Alex Nelson, Elitsa Storey, Natalie Hague, Laura Speck, Michael Greer, Tristan Brown, Taylor Stoecklein, Bryce Newcomb, Kate Sawicz, Charlie Baser, Sarah Berman, Soren Ireland, Alexis duPont, Willi Cannell, Mandy Alexander, Calley Brown, Travis Stone, Lauren Rust, Grayson Palmer, Ali Maricich, Katie Rothgeb and Elizabeth Levin. (Tuition $3,210, ages 13-and-up, includes on-snow Tuesday through Sunday, year-round training).



C-Travel head coach—Craig Kjesbo. C-Travel staff—Ryan Dean, Benji Hill, Justin Stevenson and Ben Verge.

C-Home head coach—Rob Webb. C-Home staff—Eltiena Campbell, Kat Crowley, Pat Savaria and Carl Rixon Jr.

Alpine "C-Travel" team—Riley Berman, Tanner Flanigan, Allison Rust, Bergen Palmer, Gregory Roos, Ainsley Gourlay, Marin Shepardson, Scott Smith, Nick Carnes, Katie Rothgeb, Chase Caulkins, Hannah Curran, Kennedy Byington, Karlee Stagg, Wiley Chubb, Quinn Baser, Emily O’Reilly, Alexandra Neeley, Jack Reidy, Maddie duPont, Marissa Dreyer, Willi Adicoff, Jack Jarvis, Jessie Jarvis, Tanner Farrow, Tyler Davis, Chance McCroskey and Teagen Palmer. (Tuition $2,025, ages 9-and-up, includes Wednesday through Sunday and holidays).

Alpine "C"-Home" racers—Adam Brown, Kyle Hoopes, Alec Demetre, Nicole Roos, Ben Kanellitsas, Tim Kanellitsas, Sloan Storey, Jordan Levin, Chris Carnes, Ali Levy, Zach Israel, Erin Murphy, August Danielson, Cole Caulkins, Connor Farrow, Kipling Wiesel, William Eagan, Cassidy Carson, Morgan Jones, Billy Nero, Brandon Barry, K.J. Savaria, Harlan Collins, Cooper Hanley, Colin Waycott, Karl Wilander, Charlie Grabow, Jake Korobkin, Jake Freeman, Christopher Nalen, Blake Jarvis, Zack Freeman, Delaney Fox, Nick Bowen, Meghan Duff, Molly Duff and Hunter Weaver. (Tuition $1,270, ages 9-and-up, includes Wednesday afternoons, weekends and holidays).



Head coach and development coordinator—Doran Key.

Devo assistant coaches, staff—Susanne Connor, Kirk Mason, Adele Savaria, Jeff Enos and Jamie Collins.

Development racers—K.C. McGee, Madison Tidwell, Kelly Willows-Munro, Ellie Punnett, Logan Kassner, Kelsey Player, Jacob Adicoff, Drew Punnett, Jace Lieberman, Spencer Thomas, Ty Reinemann, Grace Eagan, Noelani Garing, Matt Reidy, Tanner Josey, Henry Rickbeil, Addison Holmes, Fran Magee, Lauren Willows-Munro, Debbie Horn, Zoey Olbum, Natalie Bunting, Megan Reidy, Katia Reyes, Dylan Carroll, Grace Carroll, Olivia Roche, Charles Harder, Anita Vorsteveld,. Natalie Vorsteveld, Adam Vorsteveld, Lucas Vorsteveld, Sierra Fox, Tanner Kunz, Jackson Kunz, Colton Sholtis, Anne Duff, Julia Donovan, Kaitlyn Black, Amy Jo Weaver, Ethan Kjesbo, Lauren Reutter, Margaret Reutter, Michael Weaver, Sofia Jaramillo, Chase Hutchinson and Jordan Fitzgerald. (Tuition $600, ages 8-and-up, includes weekends).



Head coach and alpine director—Matt Brown.

J1/J2/J3 team coaches—Ken Corrock (head coach), Jeff Mintz, Karl Stingl, Sarah Curtis and Galen Webster.

J4/J5 team coaches—Matt Brown (head coach), Sabina Bischin, Matt Murphy and Elizabeth Hamachek.

Intro Team coaches—Stacey Straley (head coach), Cathy Largent, Wally Rothgeb, Tina Cole, Dick Dorworth, Al Searles, Nancy Krankkala, Dan Hawley and Heidi Wilt.

Board of directors—Matt Luck (president), Ken Bennett, Baird Gourlay, John Campbell, Peter Curran, Beth Beck, Cherry Thornton, John Sweek and Ken Pierce.

J1/J2 racers—John Anderson, Derek Blash, Ross Campbell, Luke Chaney, John David Davidson, Laura Durkheimer, Ben Gourlay, Scott Isaacs, Ben Luck, Danielle Maniere, Dewey Moss, Matthew Preucil, Cole Wells and Tyler Chandler. (Tuition $1,950, for ages 15-and-older, includes on-snow Tuesday-Thursday and weekends).

J3 racers—Casey Bennett, Colter Brehmer, Jasmine Campbell, Ryon Campbell, Barrett Cincotta, Cody Curran, Alisa Durkheimer, Toby Eagan, Bailey Ireland, Meghan Luck, Max Monahan and Nick Peterson. (Tuition $1,800, ages 13-14, includes on-snow Tuesday-Thursday and weekends).

J4/J5 racers—Mark Beck, Conner Bennett, Gracie Brown, Erica Eshman, Alexi Fitch, Eric Fitzpatrick, Ryan Foster, Cord Gardner, Nina Hirner, Hannah Lynch, Rory Lynch, Marlow Mizer, Marly Morgus, Halsey Pierce, Christopher Preucil, Hannah Rudolph, Dustin Rutkowski, Amanda Stelling, Miles Sweek, Laurel Teears, Matthew Teears and Delaney Wiley. (Tuition $1,100, ages 9-12, includes on-snow Wednesday-Thursday and weekends).

Intro racers—Morgan Atkinson, Galen Barker, Melissa Becker, Claire Bowman, Zach Brown, Ryan C. Buell, Katie Dumke, India Emerick, Reta Flynt, Emily Gillespie, Lily Gillespie, Hayes Gilman, Jessica Hamilton, Ashley Hook, Hayley Hook, Finn Isaacson, Max Jones, Meghan Jones, Michelle Krankkala, Anna Kranwinkle, Tommy Kranwinkle, Peter MacMillan, Davis Matthews, Quinn Matthews, Reed Matthews, Hollie McCall, Telar McClure, Austin Nalen, Alicia Nelson, Kerry Lee Nelson, Morgan Roudabush, Nicole Schmiedl, Courtney Skeahan, Rocket Stickney, Alexa Szombathy, Danielle Theobald, Isabel Thornton, Emma Wilander, Sanchez-duPont Willis, Kailey Wilt and Ketchum Wilt. (Tuition $400, ages 8-10 minimum, includes on-snow Saturdays).




2003-04 Alpine
Ski Racing Schedule

Partial listing for the 2003-04 ski racing season including all scheduled junior events at Sun Valley (in bold type). The five-race Intermountain Cup (IMC) series is intended for J1 (ages 17-19) and J2 (15-16) racers. The bar has been raised for J3 (13-14) athletes at the regional level. They have their own four-race J3 qualifying series, and are allowed to compete in selected Intermountain Cup races as well as the four-race Intermountain J1-J3 series. The North Series is intended for J1, J2, J3, J4 (ages 11-12) and J5 (ages 10-and-under) hopefuls.



December 11-14
Eric Hayes Memorial (J1-J3 qualifier) Park City (Utah), 2 GS/SL

December 17-20
Western Region FIS Open (J1-J2) Mammoth (Ca.), 2 GS/SL

December 27-30
David Wright Memorial IMC (J1-2 qualifier) Park City, 2 GS/SL

December 29-30
Hinson Sports (J3 qualifier) Brundage Mt., McCall, GS/SL

January 3-5
National Development/Topolino Shootout Sugar Bowl (Ca.), GS/SL

January 7-10
Western Region FIS Elite Park City, 2 GS/SL

January 9-11
Jackson Hole North Series J1-J4 Snow King (Wyo.), 3 SG

January 11-12
FISU Western Region Park City, GS/SL

January 17-18
Soldier Mountain (HST) J3 Qualifier Soldier Mt., 2 GS

January 22-28
Western FIS Elite Speed Series (J1-J2) Big Sky (Mt.), 2 DH/2 SG

January 24-25
Sean Nurse Memorial (J3 qualifier) Snow King, 2 SL

January 24-25
Bogus Basin North Series (J4-J5) Bogus Basin, 2 SL

January 31
Arkoosh Cup Rotarun, Hailey

January 31-February 1
Laura Flood Memorial IMC (J1-J2 qualifier) Sun Valley, GS/SL

February 7-10
Wild West Classic Western Region Elite Jackson Hole (Wyo.), 2 GS/2 SL

February 7-8
Bogus Basin Open (J1-J3 qualifier) Bogus Basin, GS/SL

February 11-15
FIS Junior World Alpine Championships Maribor, Slovenia

February 13-16
Bogus Basin IMD SGs (J1-J2 and J3 qualifier) Bogus Basin, 3 SG

February 14-15
Kelly Canyon North Series GS (J4-J5) Kelly Canyon, 2 GS

February 20-28
Doug Smith Memorial Western FIS Elite Big Mountain (Mt.), 2 DH/2 SG

February 21
Slush Cup Rotarun, Hailey

February 28-29
Waterford J1-J3 Open (J1-J3 qualifier) Park City, GS/SL

February 28-29
Sun Valley Invitational (North/South J4-J5) Sun Valley, GS/SL

March 5-11
National J2 Junior Olympics Lake Placid, N.Y., all disciplines

March 10-15
Soldier Mountain IMC Downhills (J1-J2, open to J3s) Soldier Mountain, 3 DH

March 10-13
NCAA Alpine Ski Championships Sugar Bowl (Ca.)

March 13-14
Intermountain J4/J5 Championships Kelly Canyon, SL/GS

March 13-16
Western Region FIS Open Sierra Crest Cup (J1-J2) Sugar Bowl, 2 GS/2 SL

March 15-23
Chevy Truck U.S. Alpine Nationals Mt. Alyeska (Ak.), all disciplines

March 18-21
Chevy Truck USSA Western J3 Olympics/J4 Festival Sun Valley, SG/GS/SL

March 20-21
Park City Spring Carnival (J1-J3 qualifier) Park City, GS/SL

March 23-30
Chevy Truck USSA Western J1/J2 Olympics Mt. Bachelor, all disciplines

March 25-27
Bill Janss Memorial Pro-Am Classic Sun Valley

March 27-30
Western Region Technical Championships Red Lodge (Mt.), GS/SL

March 27-28
IMD North Series J1-J5 Championships Grand Targhee, GS/SL

April 2-5
60th Last Chance Snow Cup (J1-J2, J3s eligible) Snowbird, 2 GS/2 SL

April 4
Hobson Memorial Sun Valley

April 8-13
Western Region FIS Elite Spring Series Mammoth, 2 SL/2 GS/2 SG

Notes—Schedule for the 2004 Chevy Truck U.S. Alpine National Championships at Alaska’s Alyeska Resort includes men’s and women’s FIS downhill March 18; men’s and women’s downhill March 19; men’s and women's super giant slalom March 20; men's and women's slalom March 21; men's giant slalom March 22; and women's GS March 23…..The Western representatives for the annual Whistler Cup will be chosen at the Western J3 Olympics/J4 Festival in Sun Valley March 18-21….The Western Region FIS Series offers introductory level FIS racing for J1-J2 competitors….The Western Region Elite FIS Series are qualification races for NorAm and U.S. Alpine National Championships, plus tech qualification series for the National J2 Olympics. Results also determine Western Region overall champions and the Kyle Warren Memorial Award recognizing the Western junior champions.



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