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For the week of April 30 - May 6, 2003


2003 Blaine County track meet results

April 26, 2003, the annual Hershey/Blaine County track and field meet at Carey School’s Derrick Parke Memorial Field and track. Sponsored by the Blaine County Recreation District and volunteers. The top two finishers in each event (ages 9-14) qualified for the state meet July 12 in Fruitland.


Ages 9-10 (1993-94)

Girls' long jump: 1—Sarala Conlan (K) 5-0. 2—Grace Weaver (K) 5-0. 3—Laure Decker (C) 4-11. 4—Michaela Adamson (C) 4-10. 5—Tristin Bowers (K) 4-9. 6—Bria Gillespie (C) 4-9.

Girls' softball throw: 1—Kaitana Martinez (H) 91-2. 2—Natasha Boles (H) 63-2. 3—Elizabeth Cameron (home) 62-1.

Girls' 50m: 1—Grace Weaver (K) 8.3. 2—Bria Gillespie (K) 8.4. 3—Grace Eagan (K) 8.45. 4—Sarala Conlan (K) 8.6. 5—Nicole Connor (C) 8.7. 6—Charmaine Kirkland (C) 9.5.

Girls' 100m: 1—Michaela Adamson (C) 16.5. 2—Kaitana Martinez (H) 16.6. 3—Grace Weaver (K) 17.36. 4—Elizabeth Fry (H) 17.47. 5—Allyson Hesteness (H) 18.1. 6—Bria Gillespie (K) 18.2.

Girls' 200m: 1—Elizabeth Cameron (home) 42.7. 2—Ryan Hester (H) 45.3.

Girls' 400m: 1—Brooke Bowers (H) 1:26.9. 2—Tristin Bowers (H) 1:33.9. 3—Ashton Lupton (H) 1:45.6. 4—Kylee Richmond (H) 2:00.0. 5—Ryan Hester (H) 2:07.0. 6—Natasha Boles (H) 2:54.3.

Girls' 400m relay: 1—Carey (Nichole Gomez, Larissa Guymon, Laura Decker, Michaela Adamson) 1:13.9. 2—Hailey (Elizabeth Fry, Brooke Bowers, Tristin Bowers, Kaitana Martinez) 1:13.95. 3—Hailey (Kiana Ehrmantraut, Allyson Hesteness, Leighann VanQuill, Natasha Boles) 1:19.8. 4—Hailey (Eglantina Aguirre, Lena Friesen, Jessica Vollmer, Ashton Lupton) 1:26.6. 5—Hailey (Brittney Korom, Kadee Christiansen, Hannah Haupt, Kendra Mobley) 1:27.6.

Boys' long jump: 1—Alex Sloan (K) 6-7 ½. 2—Tanner Farrow (K) 6-4 ½. 3—Blake Jarvis (K) 6-2. 4—Connor Hesselbacher (H) 6-1 ½. 5—Nicholas Webber (H) 5-11 ½. Charlie Rivera (C) 5-5.

Boys' softball throw: 1—Lynn Mecham (C) 100-0. 2—Shane Bingham (C) 97-0. 3—Caleb Cenarrusa (C) 96-8.

Boys' 50m: 1—Connor Hesselbacher (H) 7.8. 2—Nathan Moses (K) 8.1. 3—Ian Keys (H) 8.16. 4—Quentin Dowle (H) 8.2. 5—Cody Brooks (C) 8.5. 6—Davis Matthews (K) 8.6.

Boys' 100m: 1—Tanner Farrow (K) 15.82. 2—Charlie Rivera (C) 16.6. 3—Quentin Dowle (H) 17.3. 4—Blake Jarvis (K) 17.36. 5—Ian Keys (H) 17.8. 6—Nicholas Webber (H) 18.0.

Boys' 200m: 1—Tanner Farrow (K) 33.65. 2—Shane Bingham (C) 36.4. 3—Blake Jarvis (K) 39.2. 4—Colin Waycott (K) 42.9. 5—Jeremiah Linderman (H) 45.76. 6—Christopher Nalen (K) 46.43.

Boys' 400m: 1—Connor Farrow (K) 1:28.21. 2—Alex Sloan (K) 1:32.0. 3—Caleb Cenarrusa (C) 1:35.5. 4—Jake Miczulski (H) 1:39.4. 5—J.T. Sutton (K) 1:50.0. 6—Jimmy Holcomb (H) 1:51.6.

Boys' 400m relay: 1—Carey (Shane Bingham, Jake Cenarrusa, Wacey Barg, Charlie Rivera) 1:13:41. 2—Carey (Chance Chavez, Cody Brooks, Blair Peck, Caleb Cenarrusa) 1:14.5. 3—Carey (Lynn Mecham, Pierce Patterson, Sheldon Hansen, Patrick Baird) 1:17.5. 4—Ketchum (Connor Farrow, Nathan Moses, Sean Sutton, Davis Matthews) 1:19.0. 5—Hailey (Ian Keys, Douglas Allen, Nicholas Webber, Ryan Chapman) 1:21.9. 6—Hailey (Jimmy Holcomb, Jake Miczulski, Isahi Garza, Connor Cord) 1:23.5.

Ages 11-12 (1991-92)

Girls' long jump: 1—Alex Haupt (K) 6-2. 2—Jessie Jarvis (K) 5-8 ½. 3—Brooke Bingham (C) 5-7 ½. 4—Taylor Whitby (C) 5-7. 5—Grace Lagodich (H) 5-7. 6—Kelsey Green (C) 5-5.

Girls' softball throw: 1—Shelby Hansen (C) 90-5. 2—Kelly Chapman (H) 87-7. 3—Krista Allen (C) 87-2.

Girls' 100m: 1—Kelly Chapman (H) 15.96. 2—Krista Allen (C) 16.05. 3—Hayley Libert (H) 16.29. 4—Monica Garceau (H) 16.67. 5—Shelby Hansen (C) 16.7. 6—Amy Ellsworth (C) 17.0.

Girls' 200m: 1—Ashley Hesteness (H) 33.25. 2—Taylor Whitby (C) 33.5. 3—Grace Lagodich (H) 35.2. 4—Kelsey Green (C) 36.5. 5—Hannah Thacker (H) 42.67. 6—Samantha Taft (K) 43.8.

Girls' 400m: 1—Lydia Fuller (H) 1:23.8. 2—Alex Haupt (K) 1:30.3. 3—Emmi Branigan (H) 1:43.0. 4—Samantha Taft (K) 1:51.0.

Girls' 800m: 1—Kelsey Green (C) 3:15.3. 2—Jessie Jarvis (K) 3:42. 3—Madison Murdoch (K) 4:28.

Girls' 400m relay: 1—Carey (Shelby Hansen, Amy Ellsworth, Krista Allen, Taylor Whitby) 1:04.8. 1—Hailey (Ashley Hesteness, Lydia Fuller, Emmi Branigan, Cassi Gorringe) 1:04.8. 3—Hailey (Grace Lagodich, Monica Garceau, Kelly Chapman, Hayley Libert) 1:12.6. 4—Ketchum (Elina Almquist, Madison Murdoch, Alex Haupt, Jessie Jarvis) 1:13.6.

Boys' long jump: 1—Scotty Phelan (H) 6-6. 2—William Eagan (K) 6-2. 3—Cody Levitan (H) 6-2. 4—Niels McMahon (K) 6-1. 5—Spyder Turco (H) 6-1. 6—Alexander McMillan (K) 6-1.

Boys' softball throw: 1—Tyler Peters (H) 134-6. 2—Juan Martinez (H) 118-0. 3—Andrew Carlson (C) 113-6.

Boys' 100m: 1—Scotty Phelan (H) 15.35. 2—Austin Omeara (K) 15.49. 3—Spyder Turco (H) 15.9. 4—Niels McMahon (K) 16.7. 5—Wacey Barg (C) 16.9. 6—Cody Levitan (H) 17.0.

Boys' 200m: 1—Scotty Phelan (H) 33.02. 2—Heath Adamson (C) 34.2. 3—Spyder Turco (H) 35.5. 4—Niels McMahon (K) 36.7. 5—Alexander McMillan (K) 36.8. 6—Tyler Peters (H) 37.51.

Boys' 400m: 1—Juan Martinez (H) 1:20.05. 2—Austin Omeara (K) 1:25.01. 3—Tyler Peters (H) 1:26.9. 4—Nathan Williams (H) 1:36.8. 5—Max Bates (H) 1:44.11.

Boys' 800m: 1—Juan Martinez (H) 3:01.8. 2—Trevor Peck (C) 3:06.4. 3—Brett Adamson (C).


Ages 13-14 (1989-90)

Girls' softball throw: 1—Naomi Harmon (C) 111-6. 2—Jennifer Cenarrusa (C) 95-9. 3—Kayla Bailey (C) 95-5.

Girls' long jump: 1—Hannah Fuller (H) 6-6. 2—Naomi Harmon (C) 6-2. 3—Jennifer Cenarrusa (C) 5-10. 4—Sarah Fuller (K) 5-2.

Girls' 100m: 1—Kayla Fuller (C) 15.87. 2—Cassie Weaver (C) 15.97. 3—Hannah Fuller (H) 16.2. 4—Sarah Fuller (H) 17.7.

Girls' 200m: 1—Hannah Fuller (H) 35.1. 2—Sarah Fuller (H) 38.0.

Girls' 400m relay: 1—Carey (Jennifer Cenarrusa, Naomi Harmon, Cassie Weaver, Kayla Bailey) 1:06.0.

Boys' softball throw: 1—Kade Peterson (C) 153-0.

Boys' long jump: 1—Rob Paris (H) 7-0. 2—Greg LeBlanc (H) 6-5.

Boys' 100m: 1—Rob Paris (H) 15.89. 2—Greg LeBlanc (H) 15.91.

Boys' 800m: 1—Kade Peterson (C) 3:12.78.

Boys' 1600m: 1—Kade Peterson (C) 7:22.4.

Boys' 400m relay: 1—Carey 1:06.0.


Ages 8-and-under (1995-96)

Girls' long jump: 1—Angela Ellsworth 4-7 ½. 2—Catherine Henry 4-6 ½. 3—Olivia Roche 4-2. 4—Amy Weaver 4-0. 5—Morgan Guymon 4-0. 6—Kinzie Bailey 4-0.

Girls' softball throw: 1—McKayla Mecham 48-10. 2—Shaylyn Berntson 48-0. 3—GiGi Gibson 43-1.

Boys' long jump: 1—Devin Doyle 5-4. 2—Austin Hennefer 5-2. 3—John Paris 5-1 ½. 4—Colton Braaz 4-8 ½. 5—Cody Knight 4-6 ½. 6—Eric Adamson 4-5.

Boys' softball throw: 1—Drew Barsch 60-6. 2—Stephen Pfeiffer 60-0. 3—Evon Bates 52-3.


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