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For the week of Oct 30 - Nov 5, 2002


Spooky stories for Halloween Night

Frightening fables from scary schoolchildren

Blaine County schoolchildren have active imaginations that get a little more active when Halloween comes around.

Here, kids from The Community School, Hemingway Elementary School and Hailey Elementary School have boiled up a cauldron of spooky stories and fables.

Read at your own risk!


The Green Ribbon

Once there was a little girl. She was playing with knives one day. She threw the knife in the air. It came down and she didn’t catch it. Instead it cut off her head. They were poor so her mom had to tie a green ribbon around her neck.

OK, so the little girl is all grown up and is married on her honeymoon. Her husband asked why do you always wear that green ribbon around your neck? I can’t tell you, she said, but if I die before you die, you can take it off and see for yourself.

Now at a very old age she died. Her husband remembered what she had said, so he started taking off the green ribbon and all of a sudden….HER HEAD FELL OFF!

by Lilly Baber, Fourth grade, Hailey Elementary School



Jumping out of everywhere,
Amazing faces.
Cats leap over them.
Knocked over but still burning
Off and on flicker the lights.
Little on size but big on light,
All night long they glitter.
Nice and large light they spread.
Tonight of all nights they glitter.
Every one of them shines
Returning every Halloween,
Night after night, they give a fright.

by Julianna Lamb, Fourth grade, The Community School


It’s Here

The wind trembles when it comes
The leaves start to blush.
The flowers curl up and hide in its leaves.
The animals go to their dens and go to sleep until the season is over.
Then, slowly the world turns white, cold and hard.
All the houses turn scary, black and orange too.
Then the leaves give up on blushing and elegantly fall and spin to the ground.
You can feel the chill in the breeze that blows your hair
And the fall is here.
It is here.

by McKenna Anderson, Fifth grade, The Community School


Raptor House

One day Tim was taking a walk when he saw a house he had never seen. I wonder what’s inside, he thought? So he went inside.

In the house it was actually nice inside. He went into the loft. Skulls and bones were everywhere!

He started to panic. Something dripped on his shoulder. It was dark red. "Blood!" he thought. "It is blood!"

He looked up. A raptor was in the rafters. And he froze with fear.

This wasn’t a normal raptor. It was poisoned by nuclear gas. It spit at him. It blinded him. Then he felt a stinging pain in his back and fell down.

He slammed his head and got knocked out and never woke up.

by James Paris, Fourth grade, Hailey Elementary School


Halloween Soup

To make Halloween soup
You get a big black cauldron.
You put in boiling water, then
Cobwebs, spiders,
One witch’s broom.
Then two frogs legs, and
Ten pieces of candy, too.
Five bat wings
One dragonfly and
20 yummy fingers and toes.
Stir ‘til it bubbles and sizzles.
Now you have
Halloween Soup!

by Emma Wilander, Fourth grade, The Community School


One Bad Night

One night a psycho woman was on the loose with Freddy Cougar and a T-Rex. They were killing everybody on Wayside Street.

Well, Tyler and I were playing his game cube when someone knocked on the door. I said, I’ll get it, and Tyler said OK.

I answered the door and it was Freddy Cougar and the psycho woman. I screamed for life. Tyler came running to me and guess what he said….AHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Then we ran into his room and locked the door and turned on his brother’s stereo as loud as it could go. And when Freddy Cougar heard the music his ears fell off and walked out the window.

And then nothing bad happened.

by Kevin Ferry, Fourth grade, Hailey Elementary School


Halloween Night

Piranhas snapping here and there
Gruesome creatures with matted hair,
Transparent ghosts, made to scare,
And eyes from the dark that glow and glare.
Fried chicken on a griddle,
A human strangled around the middle,
A werewolf dying little by little,
A man so mad, he’ll whittle your fiddle.
That’s what’s in the house,
The very spooky haunted house,
With screams that send a chill up your spine
And a vampire smarter than Einstein.
On the door, there’s a "Keep Out" sign.
This door closes with a very loud "Whiinne!"
The very spooky goblins and ghosts
Have slimy blood and gross out most.
I’m sad to say, this is the end of my rhyme.
I just want to say vampires
Drink soda with lime.

by India Emerick, Fourth grade, The Community School


A Witch with an Itch

There’s a witch, she has an itch
There’s a ghost, he’s a host
There’s a ghoul, he’s so cool.
He decides to jump into a pool.
There’s a vampire, he’s on bardwire
There’s a skeleton, he’s eating gelatin.
There’s a monster, he’s a nonster.
There’s a goblin, he’s hobblin’ and wobblin’.
Double double toil and trouble
Fire burn and cauldron bubble!

by Zoe Odom, Hemingway Elementary School


Two coffins

Two dusty coffins sitting on the ground
Open one up and scream around town.
Two scary bats flying the air
One sucks blood and one has hair.

by Taylor Lecrone, Hemingway Elementary School


Long dark night

All of us go trick-or-treating
Long dark night
Everyone looks spooky
Neat jack-o-lanterns.

by Annette Taylor, Hailey Elementary School


15 Goblins up in a Tree

15 goblins up in a tree
Moaning and groaning,
Oh what a sight to see,
Making a sound to rise
The dead from the ground
15 goblins up in a tree
Talking to the ghosts,
Noisy as can be,
Howling and growling,
Waking every living thing
Oh what a sight to see,
15 goblins up in a tree
Screaming and yelling
Making a fright
Until dawns’ early light,
Oh what a sight to see,
Then one by one
They drop from the tree
Now all is silent
Silent as can be.

by Zach Herbert, Fifth grade, Hailey Elementary School


The Night Before Halloween

The night before Halloween I was laying in my bed and I started to get a feeling that chilled my blood and froze my skin.

I couldn’t get up for I was too tired and weak even though I was very jumpy right before that awful feeling came over me.

I went downstairs and felt a little better. I opened the door of the fridge and found there was blood all over the milk jug which was full to the top right before dinner and no one had touched it since—that I knew of.

Now there wasn’t any milk left.

I started to feel very small and weak. Soon I was on the floor twitching and squirming everywhere. I couldn’t stop. I was itching and trying to scream for help but nothing came out.

Then I heard a creak and then I heard moaning and the next thing I knew I saw the most awful sight.

It was an old corpse with clammy white hands and warts all over. It was standing over me and bringing his hands to my neck.

"Don’t worry, it won’t hurt. It is only a quick grasp of my hands and you will be just like me."

He said it in a cold rattling whisper that chilled my blood even more. Then he brought his hands to my neck and I was dead.

Now every night before Halloween I come and kill…..so watch out because I might get you!!!!!

by Nellie Brown, Fifth grade, The Community School



Ghastly gray ghost
Haunted pale house
A freaky green goblin
Sleeping zombie
Thirsty vampire
Lively Wolverine
Yakking black witch.

by Paul Davis, Hemingway Elementary School


My Desk is Haunted

Once when I was sitting at my desk on Halloween, it started to move. When I lifted up my notebook there was an ugly face! It grabbed me by my neck and gobbled me up! And I was never seen again.

by Broadie Burrell, Third grade, Hailey Elementary School


One Halloween Night

It was Halloween and there was a boy named Cody and his friend was named Alex. They were walking in the night.

They saw a haunted house. Cody told Alex, "I dare you to go in there." Then Alex said, "What if something happens to me in there?" And Cody said, "Well, I’ll go get some help." Alex said, "How will you know if I’ll need help?" And Cody said, "Yell."

Okay, then. He went in there, then Alex started hearing creepy noises so he ran down the stairs and got outside and Cody was laughing. Alex said, "Why are you laughing?"

Cody said, "We were making the noises in there because we were playing a joke on you." Alex started laughing too.

All of a sudden they heard a noise so they all yelled.


by Vanessa Solano, Fourth grade, Hailey Elementary School


Pumpkin pie

Pumpkin pie is in your eyes
Unusual lights surround your frights
Monsters with green teeth make you say "EEK!"
Piles of candy in your stomach says "Fun, Fun, Fun!"
Kind is not a picture in your mind
I cannot describe the faces I see
Never ever shall I go in a haunted house again.

by Ivory Dilley, Hemingway Elementary School


The Haunted Football Stadium

A ghost is haunting a football stadium. I don’t know how it got in but I think it got in by going through the wall. Then the game began. The ghost went into the ref’s body and took over his body. The ref went out of control.

After two hours the ghost got out of the ref’s body and into one of the football player’s bodies. He was going offsides and tackling people in the seats. Finally the ghost got out!

by Stone Sutton, Third grade, Hailey Elementary School


Class Poem

G—Ghosts have parties at night.
H—Halloween, what a happy sight!
O—Oh, spooky black cats, owls, witches.
S—Skittles, suckers, chocolate kisses.
T—Trick-or-treat by lantern light.

by Sue Barnes’ class, First grade, Hemingway Elementary School



Scary, screaming, mischief
People keep him happy,

by Matt Jensen, Hailey Elementary School



The Haunted House

One normal old Sunday, Alice, Katie, Kevin, Izzie, Bobby and Tim were riding their bikes down Taronto Lane when they heard the familiar song, "The Monster Mash," from the old creaky house which had been abandoned for over 500 years.

They all saw blood squirt against the window pane and green goo squishing through the door.

Katie, Kevin, Izzie, Bobby and Tim all wanted to go inside—but Alice didn’t. They finally got Alice to go in. They went inside through the creaky, hingeless door. They saw little vampires with two-inch fangs. The little vampires squirted blood with Turbo Blood Shooters 2000s.

Little ghost came out behind the staircase and shot goo from Turbo Goo Shooters. The vampires and ghosts invited to kids to join them.

And it was an ooey, gooey and bloody party.

by McCall Hollie, Third grade, The Community School


House to House

Going trick-or-treating
House to house
Out all night
Strolling for candy
The candy is all so, so good.

by Taylor Riviello, Hemingway Elementary School



Witches ride around on their brooms.
I was frightened.
The black cat
Carved a pumpkin.
Hats bounce around
Spiders are frightened.

by Macey Farrow, Hailey Elementary School


Ooky, Spooky Halloween Night

Spooky, ooky Halloween night
Scary wary costumes tonight
Off to trick-or-treat we go
Me as a princess, you as a ghost named Joe.
I look up at the sky
A witch flying by
On her broomstick with all her might
I shivered and quivered for the rest of the night
Ghosts, goblins, zombies and all other scary creatures
Come out on spooky, ooky
Halloween nightsssssssssssssssssssss.

by Barrett Brown, Third grade, The Community School


Ghostly Figure

I opened the door. Everything was quiet.

Just then I saw two red eyes flash and then a ghostly figure appeared. It was a human. He turned. I saw a knife in his neck. I was scared.

Then all of a sudden I was off the ground. Either I was on him or he was under me. I closed my eyes and I felt him grab me by the arms.

I opened my eyes.

I saw that I was on the ground and it looked spookier than where I was before. Then I fell.

I was falling down my stairs. I heard a big "cupump." I woke up on the floor at the bottom of the stairs.

I was glad to know it was just a dream.

Thank goodness.

by Isobel Pollock, Third grade, The Community School

Spooky, scary trees

Golbins hiding in the spooky, scary dark trees
Outside of the trees they go to scare you.
Biting dead skeleton bones for dinner.
Licking skeleton bones from the cemetery for dessert.
In the dark trees they go back.
Nice great time they had scaring you!

by Luis Lopez, Hemingway Elementary School


The Cemetery

One murky and turbulent night, Chris and Chauncey were walking to their Dad’s grave in the cemetery of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

They had been walking to their Dad’s grave every night because they had been grieving for the two long and lonely years that their Dad had been dead.

They heard horrible, terrifying and eerie sounds. There were wolves howling and spider webs everywhere. It was so horrifyingly scary that Chris could sense something was going to happen.

When they were at their Dad’s grave, they reached out to touch the tombstone when….a skeleton hurdled itself out of the grave!

It tackled Chris and Chauncey and squeezed them around the waist like the jaws-of-life. The skeleton cried out, "I missed you so much boys. That big hug made me feel so good!"

by Chris Clark, Fifth grade, Hailey Elementary School


Munch a bunch

Hard to eat, crunchy
Trick or treating, eating
Makes you hyper

by Alison Town, Hailey Elementary School


Scary pumpkins

Scary pumpkins saying boo
Evil witches flying all over you
Trick-or-treaters give you a scare
Oh my gosh! there’s a big scary bear!
Halloween used to be fun
But now it’s just a big scary bucket of scum
The freaky devils and spooky clowns
Are only fun in Halloweentown.
Thank the Lord the night is almost over
So I can go home and hide under the covers
Good night and leave me alone!

by Austin Nalen, Fifth grade, The Community School


Frights in the Night

The silver drop slithers up the moon
Where the werewolf howls at its might
Witches cackle as they fly by into the night
Even the werewolf beholds the scary sight
The skull warrior waves his mighty sword through the night,
That gives the witches a FRIGHT!!!!

by Fynn Funke-Riehle, Fifth grade, The Community School


The Street of Shadows

Haunted houses throwing off a chill
All day long I wait for Halloween
Little kids running down the street
Lights are dimmed casting shadows
Oh my gosh! Was that a goblin?
Witches flying on broomsticks
Evening comes, let’s go trick-or-treating
Everybody comes home with candy
Night falls on the spooky street of shadows.

by Grace Weaver, Hemingway Elementary School



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