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For the week of May 30 through June 5, 2001

First class

The new U.S. Post Office in Ketchum, which recently emerged from the wrap that shielded construction from the winter cold, is a beautiful piece of work.

The post office is a handsome example of good public architecture. With its elegant use of brick, rock and timber, the building will become a local landmark.

The post office says a lot about Ketchumóand the nation.

It says that Ketchumites care about the way the city looks. It says the city has become more than a temporary wilderness outpost. It says that the U.S. Postal Service appreciated the native beauty of the area enough not to mar it with a cheap piece of work.

The post office is an important place in Ketchum. Itís a place where neighbors see neighbors. Itís a focal point for community information of all kinds. Itís not just a place where letters and official business are dropped into slots and sorted into boxes.

The downtown location says the postal service listened when residents said it is important to keep commercial uses in a compact area instead of pushing ungainly commercial sprawl. Not only did officials listen, they responded.

The design of the new building demonstrates that modern government buildings do not have to be ugly just because they are utilitarian.

As a public building, the post office is more than a pile of brick and mortar. Itís design will shape, define and inspire life in Ketchum for decades to come. It says Ketchum is proud and optimistic. It says Ketchum appreciates its surroundingsóboth the stuff of man and Mother Nature.

The postal service could have built an ugly box, but thankfully, it did not. The post office will be a proud part of Ketchum for generations to come. Itís First Class.



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