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For the week of May 30 through June 5, 2001

Beating remains a mystery

Express Staff Writer

A 30-year-old Ketchum man was found bleeding and bound with duct tape after being pummeled with a club Friday.

Sun Chateau resident Edward "Ted" Tuma was taken by ambulance to St. Luke’s Wood River Medical Center after Ketchum police received a call on the incident at 1:40 p.m. Tuma was released from the hospital Saturday.

Bruce Byerly, a passing motorist, made the 911 call after seeing Tuma walking up to Warm Springs Road from the apartment building. He said in an interview that Tuma was "bleeding profusely," his mouth was gagged with a shirt and duct tape, his eyes were covered with tape and strands of tape were dangling from several points on his body. Byerly also said Tuma’s hands were bound behind him with tape and he was carrying a bloody fork that Byerly surmised he had used to pull tape off his feet and legs.

Byerly said Tuma had severe cuts and bruises all over his head and shoulders.

"It looked like the guy had had the (crap) beaten out of him and had been left for dead," Byerly said. "He was kind of in shock."

Ketchum police Chief Cal Nevland said Tuma told police before he was taken to the hospital that he had been attacked in his apartment by "two young males." Nevland said Tuma reported he had no idea who the men were nor what their motive may have been.

He said Tuma reported that his assailants beat him with a small club, similar to a chair leg, and were carrying a pistol, which police believe was a Walther PPK .380 semi-automatic. He said Tuma’s roommate said the only item that appeared taken from the apartment was a cigar box containing a collection of matchbooks and a package of cigarettes.

Nevland said Tuma left the area after he was released from the hospital and police have not been able to interview him in more detail. However, he said Tuma has kept in touch and does not appear to have fled. He said police have "a lot of questioning" to do with both Tuma and his roommate.

"I do not believe that this was somebody who just burglarized a house and was surprised there," Nevland said.




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