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For the week of May 16 through May 22, 2001

Stand up for manners

Etiquette workshops for teens scheduled in July

Express Staff Writer

Have you ever experienced this? You are walking through a door with your arms full of groceries when some kids come through the other way, leaving you holding the door for them with nary a word of thanks.

Or thisĺ you invite friends over with their children who arrive without a greeting and leave without a word of thanks or a goodbye.

Do you know children whoíre unrelentingly demanding, canít hold a conversation, or eat with their mouths open while slumping in their chairs?

Itís enough to make you grind your teeth and cease inviting people and their children to do things with you.

We all know how children block out the sound of their parentsí voices. No matter how much the parents try teaching them manners it seems to go in one proverbial ear and out the other.

Well, help is on its way. Gretchen Palmer, of Palmer Talent & Production, and Footlight Dance Centre are offering etiquette workshops this summer from July 31 to Aug. 10, for teens 13 to 16 years old.

Can you hear the valley? Itís screaming "Hallelujah."

Personally, I think this training should come way earlier in their lives, but gratitude outweighs that desire.

The afternoon workshops will be held at the Sun Valley Athletic Club in Ketchum. Palmer has lined up several instructors, including Caroline Woodham, Hilarie Neely, Noelle Hodge, Gretchen Lizotte, Cathy Reinheimer, and Teri Szombathy.

There will also be a modeling workshop either separate from or in conjunction with the finishing workshop. Ballroom dancing, poise, posture, speech and introductions will be taught at the Athletic Center, and grooming and skin care, which will be taught at Salon Gamine. Restaurant and table manners will be taught at the Ketchum Grill.

There are many who wonít understand, who believe manners and etiquette, holding doors, standing up for ladies, using the right utensil, keeping your mouth closed while masticating are all anachronistic aspects better left back in the stuffy East Coast. But in reality manners are a means of expressing respect for oneís companions no matter their age.

Pre-registration is necessary by July 20. Call Palmer Talent at 788-4501, or the Athletic Club for more information.



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