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For the week of May 9 through May 15, 2001

Property tax refunds are granted for 13

Express Staff Writer

Thirteen Blaine County landowners are scheduled to receive a total of $5,000 in property tax refunds this summer, following an appeal last year and approval Monday by the Blaine County Board of Commissioners.

The refund on 2000 taxes is the latest of several that followed the county assessor’s revaluation of agricultural home-site properties last year to bring them up to market value.

Following changes in the state tax code, many farmers and ranchers found the tax value of their one-acre home sites increasing from about $17,000 to $130,000, resulting in a 700 percent increase in taxes.

During a 15 minute meeting Monday, however, the board agreed to reduce those valuations by a total of $816,273 for the 13 landowners.

Receiving reductions were Kante Wein ($130,000 to $95,000), Stephen Dick ($120,000 to $95,0000), Elekton Corp ($260,000 to $150,000), Robert Fosnot ($117,373 to $60,000), Steven Edsall ($110,000 to $60,000), Renegade/McGlochlin ($250,000 to $150,000), John Flood ($125,000 to $75,000), George Brown ($148,900 to $75,000), Bolich, Hamilton & Parsons ($200,000 to $75,000), Jack Young ($100,000 to $75,000), Thomas O’Gara ($125,000 to $120,000), Harold Drussel ($55,000 to $45,000) and Wesley Foster ($100,000 to $75,000).

County Assessor Valdi Pace said her office will mail out assessment notices for the 2001 tax year by June 4.

"Obviously, we are looking at the situation for our 2001 values and will make adjustments," she said. But "I’m not going to say we’ll bring down values as far as" they are now.


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