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For the week of May 2 through May 8, 2001

Architect recruited for arts center

"I have no political baggage in this town… yet. I think this puts me in a unique situation to help."

Harry Teague, of Harry Teague Architects

Express Staff Writer

The City of Sun Valley has five acres of land it wants to dedicate to an arts center, but three months after Mayor Dave Wilson announced the city’s intention, an arts center is still in dreamland.

Enter Harry Teague of Harry Teague Architects.

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, maybe his work does.

The Benedict Music Tent. The Harris Concert Hall. The Anderson Ranch Arts Center. The Aspen Center for Physics. The Carbondale Community School.

Teague has been hired by Sun Valley to do what he has done in Aspen—bring the diverse interests of Sun Valley’s arts community together for the purpose of building an arts center.

On Friday afternoon, Teague made a presentation to a group of art patrons, artists and city officials.

Introducing Teague, Wilson said he realized "we’re going to face problems," but he felt Teague would help the city and arts community through them.

Teague said, "I have no political baggage in this town… yet. I think this puts me in a unique situation to help."

He said he recognized the problem of joining a diverse arts community together because "as artists, we’re individualists; we’re do-it-yourselfers."

Glenn Janss asked what the next step was.

"I know your work," she said, "and we’re fortunate to have you here, but before you leave, we need advice. What do we do next?"

Mayor Wilson answered her question.

"The next step is to bring Harry back in June for a series of meetings with the different arts groups," he said. "At some point, the city has to step out of it and the arts community moves in."

He said the city had hired Teague for a short time to get the arts community to a point where it would pick up the process and the costs.


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