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For the week of March 28 through April 3, 2001

An insult unworthy of Olympics fair play

To the glitterati of the international ski world, the mere mention of Sun Valley is a code word for the best American skiing can offer.

Sun Valley, the 1930s birthplace of the first chair lift and the first U.S. destination ski resort, on which other resorts have been fashioned.

Sun Valley, the incubator for Olympic greats, not the least being Picabo Street, the blazing downhill gold medalist whose performances were breathtaking high points of the winter games.

Yet, the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the 2002 winter games is committing an Olympic blasphemy ¾ excluding Sun Valley from the Olympic Torch’s route through Idaho.

Instead, Boise, Twin Falls, Pocatello and Idaho Falls are chosen cities for the January torch route that leads ultimately to Salt Lake City.

Charming those cities may be. But they hardly have places in Olympic history.

This is a slight, an insult to Sun Valley beneath even the controversial Salt Lake committee, and must be corrected.

"Somewhere on its circuitous route, it (the torch) belongs here," exclaimed Chip Fisher, chairman of a group of Idaho heavyweights drumming up Olympic business for the state.

Indeed. Rerouting the torch to Sun Valley as a tribute to its contributions to nearly every modern Olympics generation seems small enough a challenge for big thinkers to master.

Otherwise, the checklist of recent Olympics scandals will include a fresh entry – the snub of Sun Valley, home of Olympians, from the torch route for reasons never adequately or honestly explained nor really justified.





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