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For the week of February 21 through 27, 2001

Scenes from 
little-known places

Express Arts Editor

Mountaineer and adventurer Mike Libecki has traveled to several places I would wager most people have never heard of. Donít believe it? He has the photographs to prove it.

On the Fin, Baffin Island. Photo by Mike Libecki

In a presentation entitled, Year of the Dragon Expeditions, Libecki will present stories and slides of two recent trips to Northwest China and Baffin Island. The slide show is slated for tonight at The Community School Theater, 7:30 p.m.

The show will be divided into two parts. First up will be Libeckiís journey to Baffin Island and the famed granite wave called the Fin. With a team of climbers, film crew and 36 sled dogs, Libecki crossed 100 miles of frozen ocean to reach the Fin. The group was in the Arctic for almost two months. They lived on the vertical wall climbing and filming for a month without touching the ground. They hauled over 1,000 pounds of survival gear and food up the monstrous, granite monolith. Over the course of the trip the group had several encounters with polar bears and experiences with the Inuit people on hunting expeditions.

Part two of the presentation entails a look at Xinjiang, China and Libeckiís search for difficult climbing routes in the Kok Shal Tau-Tien Shan Mountains. The team of climbers faced several challenges in dealing with the Chinese authorities but gained the opportunity to glimpse many different cultures from Kyrgyz to Uyugur. They explored ancient tombs and sacred Buddhist caves.

Advance tickets for the show may be purchased at the Elephantís Perch in Ketchum for a $5 donation. Funds collected will benefit the Access Fund and The Community School Scholarship Fund.

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