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For the week of February 14 through 20, 2001

Alpine tech races bring 254 kids to Baldy

Monroe Cup, Basolo Memorial

It was a big weekend of alpine ski racing for 254 Idaho and Wyoming youngsters during the Monroe Cup and Lonnie Basolo Memorial Northern Series tech races Friday through Monday.

Local racers were the big winners on Baldy’s Cozy and Hemingway ski runs in events presented by the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation and Hailey Ski Team.

In the Monroe Cup Friday and Saturday, overall men’s winners were J2 Sean Higgins and J3 Slater Storey, while Sun Valley’s J2 Langely McNeal won both the women’s slalom and dual slalom races.

Besides the overall champs, Monroe Cup class winners included Dixon Mooseau, Alex Nelson, Barrett Cincotta, Ryan Foster, Megan Luck and Nina Hirner. There were 109 women and 145 men competing.

J2s Sean Higgins and Michael McClure picked up the Basolo Memorial giant slalom victories. J2 Laura Durkheimer and J3 Jessie Ehrenkrook captured the Basolo women’s giant slaloms.

Joining the overall champs as class winners were Miles Fink-Debray, Slater Storey, Barrett Cincotta, Cassidy O’Connor, Conner Bennett, Lauren Eder and Megan Luck.

Best placings for Hailey and Sun Valley ski teamers and independents at the Monroe Cup and Basolo Memorial:

·  J2 boys: 1—Sean Higgins, Michael McClure and Alex Nelson. 2—Marcus Acker and Jason Eder. 3—Erik Nelson. 4—Luke Speer.

·  J2 girls: 1—Langely McNeal and Laura Durkheimer. 2—Kimberly Brown. 3—Jennifer Moss, Abby Dubois and Tracy Chubb. 4—Sage Pressman. 6—Katie Dondero. 7—Alexandra Jackson.

·  J3 boys: 1—Slater Storey. 2—Ash Higgins and Matt Job. 3—Hunter Storey and Willi Cannell. 4—Kristian Timmons. 7—Whitney Harbaugh. 8—Dewey Moss. 9—Luke Chaney. 10—Taylor Stoecklein. 12—John McNeal. 13—Phillip Neeley. 17—Luke Henry. 21—Ross Campbell. 22—Vincent Lotstein.

·  J3 girls: 1—Jessie Ehrenkrook. 3—Charlotte Gourlay. 5—Laura Speck. 6—Danielle Maniere. 7—Lauren Parsons. 8—Cassidy Doucette and McKenna Peterson. 15—Elitsa Storey.

·  J4 boys: 1—Dixon Mooseau and Miles Fink-Debray. 3—Ben Luck. 4—Tyler Chandler. 5—John Anderson. 6—Tristan Brown and Ford Hebard. 7—Soren Ireland. 8—Axel Peterson and Matthew Preucil. 10—Jeremy Lato and John Davidson. 11—Cory Rutkowski. 13—Corey Bellinger. 15—Ryan Campbell. 16—Ben Gourlay and Casey Bennett. 17—Ken Mauro. 18—Ross Parsons and George Hulbert. 20—Liam Corcoran. 23—Michael Matteson. 27—Scott Isaacs. 30—Cole Wells. 32—Ryan Campbell and Conor Davis. 33—Zachary Thornton. 35—Ryan Thomas. 39—Derek Blash. 40—Andrew Daigh. 43—Toby Eagan. 44—Connor McNamara. 48—Michael Greer.

·  J4 girls: 1—Lauren Eder. 2—Shanny Cohen. 4—Alisa Durkheimer. 5—Calley Brown, Alexa Turzian and Kate Sawicz. 6—Lauren Rust. 7—Tess Dahlgren. 11—Cody Curran. 12—Katie Rothgeb. 14—Amanda Alexander. 16—Jessie Curran. 17—Grayson Palmer. 21—Sara Berman. 22—McKeanna Collins. 24—Natalie Hague. 25—Gretchen Heath. 26—Merrill Heinrich. 27—Krista Detwiler. 29—Rian Ervin. 30—Chyna Karterman.

·  J5 boys: 1—Barrett Cincotta and Cassidy O’Connor. 2—Travis Stone. 4—Tanner Flanigan. 6—Parker Brown. 7—Colter Brehmer. 9—Tyler Stagg. 10—Riley Berman. 11—Matthew Teears. 13—Wiley Chubb. 14—Scott Smith. 16—Colby Stoecklein. 17—Nicholas Peterson. 18—Cody Haskell. 20—Eric Fitzpatrick.

·  J5 girls: 1—Megan Luck. 3—Ali Maricich and Allison Rust. 4—Jasmine Campbell and Ainsley Gourlay. 7—Kristin Fitzpatrick. 9—Bailey Ireland. 13—Elsa Sweek. 14—Kaylie Sheffield. 17—Kami Doan. 19—Hanna Curran. 21—Karlee Stagg. 24—Arielle Mulenos. 33—Laurel Teears.

·  J6 boys: 1—Ryan Foster and Conner Bennett. 2—Bergen Palmer and Jake Kaiser. 3—Tyler Davis.

·  J6 girls: 1—Nina Hirner. 2—Hannah Rudolph

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