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For the week of January 24 through 30, 2001

Ketchum approves 
hotel bonus

Meeting set to finalize remaining design review regs

Express Staff Writer

After wrangling with the issue for over a month, the Ketchum City Council last week created an incentive for developers to build hotels rather than other commercial buildings.

Commercial building densities are measured using a planning tool called floor area ratio (FAR), a building’s square footage divided by its lot size.

During a meeting on Tuesday of last week, the council voted to grant hotels in the city a density of 1.75 FAR, up from the base FAR of 1.4, as long as there is one hotel room for every 800 square feet of building and so long as the hotel is deed restricted as a hotel in perpetuity.

The FAR increase for hotels is the same as that offered to developers who provide affordable housing as a part of commercial projects.

The affordable housing and hotel bonuses are just two parts of extensive new design review regulations the city is drafting in response to a recent construction boom of large commercial buildings in the city’s downtown.

Remaining to be adopted is a transferable density rights (TDR) ordinance, which will enable developers to sell FAR they don’t use on their properties to other developers who will be allowed to build to a maximum of 1.75. Also remaining is a more subjective section of the new guidelines dealing with general building design concerns such as color, building materials and textures, and use of architectural features.

The council will consider TDRs and the move subjective regulations—called .020 by city officials, after the number used to designate them in the ordinance—at its next meeting on Feb. 5 at 5 p.m.


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