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For the week of December 13 through 19, 2000

Donít wait to winterize vechicles

Express Staff Writer

Even though it snowed a little and temperatures didnít drop below zero, the snow and cold predicted for last weekend was threat enough for many to consider how to winterize their vehicles.

In a press release, AAA Idaho spokesman Dave Carlson said, "When temperatures drop to zero and below, our emergency road service call volume for `wonít starts,í dead batteries and frozen fuel lines goes up dramatically."

AAA recommends several things to drivers when the temperatures drop:

It is unnecessary to pump the accelerator on vehicles with electronic fuel injection.

Keep at least a half-tank of gas in your car.

Check your radiator for at least a 50-50 mix of water and antifreeze.

Carry a winter driving kit that includes booster cables, flashlight, warning devices, snow shovel, ice scraper, water, extra antifreeze, a traction mat and blankets.

Place a sandbag or other heavy object in the back of rear-wheel-drive vehicles.

Tell others of your travel plans, and carry a cell phone if you have one.


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