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For the week of November 8 through 14, 2000

St. Luke’s committed to cooperative management

Community invited to Open House tour Nov. 11

Commentary by
Frank Fiaschetti, M.D.,
and Jon Moses

Dr. Frank Fiaschetti is Chief of Medical Staff, and Jon Moses is Chief Executive Officer of St. Luke’s Wood River Medical Center

As President of the medical staff and as chief executive officer of St. Luke's Wood River Medical Center, we feel compelled to share our thoughts regarding the new hospital and the quality of hospital core in our community.

It is no secret that some significant issues with our health care delivery system and our aging hospitals needed to be addressed. Physicians and others in this community have long desired a new medical center, which is why we invited St. Luke's here. Thanks to area donors, St. Luke's and the hard work of many others, that desire will be fulfilled on Nov. 19.

While it is true that Wood River Medical Center has had difficulty addressing some issues in the past due to various factors, including a culture that did not fully embrace teamwork, these issues are being addressed by St. Luke's Wood River Medical Center. However, solutions to all issues cannot occur immediately and, as with any significant, positive change, will take time.

Sound hospital management occurs when the board, management and medical staff work cooperatively to identify quality concerns and develop effective solutions. This cooperative spirit is deeply imbedded in St. Luke's and its medical staff, where it has been practiced for decades. We believe it is how we will, and must, function here. As leaders of the hospital and medical staff, we believe that St. Luke's ownership starting Nov. 19 will mark the dawn of a new, and better, era of health care in our community. We believe that this era will be driven by a team of cooperative and quality improvement-oriented management, board and medical staff.

Unfortunately, some people like to criticize, find fault, and offer no suggestions for solving problems. Others, however, choose to work together to find a better way to accomplish mutual goals. And we're committed to ensuring that the team of St. Luke's Medical Center will be the latter.

Change can be difficult. Some people may choose not to work in this new team-oriented environment. Some may leave, and those unable or unwilling to support this philosophy will not be asked to be a part of St. Luke's Wood River Medical Center. Nearly every Wood River Medical Center staff member who applied has been hired by the new hospital. This is because we are blessed with well-trained, hard working employees who truly care about the patients and are eager to implement improvements.

We strongly believe that the vast majority of the people in this community are as enthusiastic about the new hospital as we are. On Nov. 19, we will truly become a part of St. Luke's and its century-old philosophy of operating a quality hospital in concert with physicians, hospital staff and the community.

We invite everyone to tour the new hospital on Nov. 11. You will immediately notice the attention paid to patient privacy, updated technology and the overall welcoming environment. The difference is quite dramatic. And in the months and years ahead, we know you will notice how St. Luke’s Wood River Medical Center carefully and effectively continues to address the needs of our community.


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