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For the week of October 4 through 10, 2000

Making voting convenient

Absentee voting begins today

Express Staff Writer

Voters who know they won’t be in Blaine County on Election Day, Nov. 7, can arrange to vote absentee at the Blaine County Courthouse in Hailey during its regular hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

According to Blaine County clerk Marsha Riemann, if voters meet the conditions of absentee voting, they could vote in the 2000 general election as early as today at the courthouse.

Those wishing to vote absentee through the mail need to meet the following criteria:

that they are not going to be in the county to vote on Nov. 7;

that they are registered to vote in Blaine County;

that they fill out an application for an absentee ballot;

that they know their voting precinct number;

that they know how to use the absentee ballot;

that they sign the return envelope;

and that they are responsible for mailing their ballot back in time for it to be collected by 5 p.m. on Election Day.

No one can vote absentee on Election Day.

According to Riemann, those voting absentee in person at the courthouse will work with a clerk and drop their ballots in a ballot box. Those people need to go to the second floor of the courthouse during its regular hours. The Recorder’s Office will give them directions on where to go.

Riemann said that people who are not registered to vote can register with the county up to election day.

People who intend to both register and vote on Election Day need to meet the following criteria:

Show proof of residence in Blaine County. An Idaho driver’s license with a current address is sufficient, but if someone does not have that, a utility bill with the current address on it can be provided in addition to a driver’s license.

The person must be 18, a U.S. citizen and a resident of Blaine County for at least 30 days.

A registration card must be filled out and approved, then the person’s name must be added to the poll book by a clerk.

Riemann said election day registration is available at precinct voting locations.

Those wishing to register before election day should do so during the courthouse’s regular office hours. They need to meet the same conditions as those registering on election day.

Riemann asked people who are housebound to call 788-5510. She said accommodations can be made for a voting deputy to go to peoples’ homes.

Deputies from Riemann’s office will also be visiting people in nursing homes and hospitals on Election Day.


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