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For the week of June 21 through June 27, 2000

Eighth-graders enjoy a recognition night

First such activity at Wood River Middle School

Wood River Middle School saluted "The Best of the Best," with its first-ever Eighth-Grade Awards and Recognition Night June 7 in the gymnasium of the Hailey school.

The prestigious Citizenship Awards were presented to Christina Arpp and Argus Keppel from the Green Team, along with Amy Black, Katy Spalding and Hunter Storey from the Red Team.

Achieving perfect attendance for the 1999-2000 school year were Jillian Brown, Tyler Brown, Beverly Gonzalez and Brandon Silvia.

The Principal’s Award recipients were Matt Pruett and Jessica King. Scholar-Athlete awards were given to 65 students.

Amanda Moulton received the Hailey Public Library Community Service Award.

Eighth-grade Student Council award winners were Tiffany Wheeler and Thalia Stewart. Members of the Student Cabinet were Ashley Smith, Lindsay Niedrich, Natalie Green and Jessica King.

The following were the award winners in specific classes and activities:

Accelerated Reader Award—Malea Southward.

Library Aide Awards—Krishan Anderson, Nikki Bourgeois, Matt Job and Cody Lee.

Technology Awards—Tyrel Gough, Chris Vert and Milton Allen.

Keyboarding Award—Jeff Emerick, Dylan McIlhenny and Brittini Peterson.

Natural Helpers—Kaelin Kiesel, Camey Anderson, Kodi Parsons, Hunter Storey, Argus Keppel, Jack Harris, Christina Arpp, Dylan McIlhenny, Josh Flade, Natalie Green, Jessica King, Jessie Ehrenkrook and Cody Chapman.

Office Aide Awards—Alex Bliss, Ali Mardian, Amber Brocklebank, Ben Porter, Brandy Fitzwater, Ciarra Maurtua, Elizabeth Brown, Jason Eder, Jessie Ehrenkrook, Justin Yates, Lana Berry, Maria Vega, Ramero Hernandez, Tiffany Wheeler and Tyler Brown.

Art—Matt Job and Charli Lindley (ceramics); Sean Hathaway and Affton Shouse (graphic arts); Josiah Drewien and Maddie Thies (creative achievement); Scott Sanders (special recognition in ceramics); and Sam Moore (illustration award).

ESL Awards—Edilia Ramos, Danyca Anguiano, Claudia DeLoera and Jose Baeza.

Music—Natalie Green (outstanding advanced band student).

Outstanding choir award recipients were Katy Spalding, Katie Sturtevant, Alicia Arathorn, Amy Ruiz, Sherry Hale, Jennifer Crowdson, Jessica Kessler and Affton Shouse.

The winner of the Jimmie Limes Memorial Music Scholarship was Nick Wamsley.

Math—Camey Anderson, Chuck Hansen, Silver Paucar and Justin Yates (Mr. Clark);

Sierra Dickens, Ali Mardian, Lindsay Niedrich, Carrie Ragsdale, Liz Rippon and Malea Southward (Ms. Van Slyke);

Michael McClure, Danielle Maniere, Amanda Moulton, Christina Arpp, Jessica Jaskowski and Jeff Carter (Mr. Boesch);

Dylan McIlhenny (Mr. Bucknall); Brandon Silvia, Tristan Pettigrew, Darby Lewis and Kodi Parsons (Mr. Dix).

Other awards presented:

Red Team awards for 2000 went to Camey Anderson, Emmanuel Bautista, Amy Black, Charlotte Gourlay, Jason Greason, Natalie Green, Matt Hansen, Amy Houston and Hannah Johnson;

Also, Melinda Markin, Dylan McIlhenny, Amanda Moulton, Silver Paucar, Edilia Ramos, Kali Jo Selner, Maddie Thies, Candace Trautwein and Victor Velasco.

Green Team awards for 2000 were given to Christina Arpp, Sara Burbridge, Sierra Dickens, Jessie Ehrenkrook, Kate Elgee, Josh Flade, Alex Hamlin, Macie Heath, Ramero Hernandez, Jessica Jaskowski, Kaelin Kiesel, Jessica King and Ali Mardian;

Also, Michael McClure, Riley Neff, Mark Neville, Lindsay Niedrich, Joe Paisley, Kodi Parsons, Matt Pruett, Scott Sanders, Haley Scovell, Jeremy Selcho, Amy Sloper, Nik Sparks, Katrina Taft and David Vanderpool.

This year’s recipients of the President Education Excellence Awards are:

Chad Archibald, Christine Arpp, Lana Berry, Amy Black, Scott Bohrer, Alison Bray, Amber Brocklebank, Sara Burbridge, Yancy Caldwell, Jeff Carter, Josiah Drewien, Steve Durkin, Jessie Ehrenkrook, Frank Fiaschetti and Heather Fisher;

Also, Brandy Fitzwater, Josh Flade, Charlotte Gourlay, Natalie Green, Alex Hamlin, Matt Hansen, Whit Harbaugh, Amy Houston, Lara Jago, Jessica Jaskowski, Matt Job, Jessica King, Dustin Levasseur, Darby Lewis and Danielle Maniere;

Also, Melinda Markin, Michael McClure, Dylan McIlhenny, Sam Moore, Amanda Moulton, Riley Neff, Lindsay Niedrich, Kodi Parsons, Brittini Peterson, Carrie Ragsdale, Liz Rippon, Natalie Safran and Scott Sanders;

Rounding out the list, Haley Scovell, Amy Sloper, Amanda Smith, Ashley Smith, Emily Smith, Malea Southward, Nik Sparks, Hunter Storey, Madeline Theis, Shelley Thompson, David Vanderpool and Brian Ward.


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