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For the week of June 21 through June 27, 2000

Council: Traffic study needed

Dark sky regulations enacted next week

Express Staff Writer

Ketchum should undertake a study of the city’s traffic, bicycle and pedestrian amenities, the city council decided Monday night during considerations of the city’s draft comprehensive plan.

The Ketchum Planning and Zoning Commission and the city council met at 5 p.m.—an hour before the council began its regular bimonthly meeting—to discuss and validate issues in the plan.

As the council and P&Z worked through the action plans section of the comp plan, they decided to remove language specifically referring to parking, a proposed Fourth Street pedestrian mall and traffic circulation pending the completion of a comprehensive traffic and circulation study.

That could be as simple as updating a study that was completed in 1995, Mayor Guy Coles pointed out.

Councilman Maurice Charlat said he’s not sure if Ketchum can be both pedestrian and car friendly.

"Pedestrian-friendly cities are not car-friendly cities," he said. "Somewhere along the line, we have to decide how to deal with these widely disparate concepts."

In a prior meeting, the city council asked the P&Z to rework the plan’s parking concepts. On Monday, Commissioner Peter Gray told the council that the P&Z should base parking regulations on the completed traffic study, an idea the council supported.

The council continued its comprehensive plan hearings to its next regular meeting on July 3 at 5 p.m.


At the beginning of the city council’s regular meeting, Dr. Stephen Pauley, one of the driving forces behind Ketchum’s dark sky ordinance, presented city council members with T-shirts stating "stars up, lights down."

"I just wanted to express my appreciation," he said. "This ordinance is considered to be the best small town lighting ordinance in America."

The ordinance will go into effect next Wednesday for commercial property owners, who must install lighting that faces down and which is shielded from sideways glare. Residential lighting won’t have to conform until a year from next Wednesday.

Ketchum city planner Tory Canfield told the council that she is working on an inventory of Ketchum properties that will not conform to the ordinance when it takes effect next week.

Council members thanked Pauley for his involvement in drafting the regulations.

"We couldn’t have done this, Dr. Pauley, without you," Councilman Randy Hall said.

Ketchum city attorney Margaret Simms said it was okay for Pauley to offer the council gifts, considering that the ordinance was already adopted.


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