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For the week of May 31 through June 6, 2000

Wood River High rewards its leading students

Teacher, citizenship awards
handed out

Outstanding students were honored May 22 during Wood River High School's "Teacher and Citizenship Awards" program for the 1999-2000 school year.

Students, teachers and parents attended the special ceremony emceed by teachers/administrators Roger Quarles and John Peck in the high school gymnasium.

Citizenship Awards were given to 10 deserving high school students. Voted upon by students, the Citizenship Awards were distributed to male and female members of the senior, junior, sophomore and freshman classes.

Senior Citizenship Award honorees were Kristen Hanggi and Paul Neville.

Junior winners were Danica Mattias and Cory Goicoechea. Sophomore Citizenship Award recipients were Ashlea Bartlett and Nic Nottingham. Freshman winners were Joni Chatterton, Kelsea Ballantyne, Kyle Risner and Ryne Reynoso.

The $1,000 Smith College Book Award given to an outstanding junior went to Rose Smith.

Patrick O'Farrell (gold medal, $100), Paul Neville (silver, $75) and Vaughn Neville (bronze, $50) were local winners of the 62nd American Legion Oratorical contest.

Scholastic Academic Team members were Jonathan Dykstra, Travis Leach, William Hemmings, Andy McCollum, Scott Neiwert, David Markin and Adam Brod.

Many teachers announced class awards.

The Jim Praegitzer "Outstanding Senior Award" for mathematics was presented for the 15th time in memory of the Wood River teacher who died in 1985. The winner was senior Joe VanZeipel.

Earning other Mathematics awards were senior Kristen Hanggi, junior Rose Smith, sophomore Marta Peterson and freshman Mike Sinnott.

The Advanced Placement Calculus awards went to Matt Stevenson, Blake Barney, Allyson DeCarufel, Lee Stoops, Tom Richardson, Paul Neville, Matteo Milanesi, Kristen Hanggi, Joe VanZeipel, Fallon Flade and Andy Grabher.

Outstanding senior English student was Kristen Hanggi. Receiving other English awards were senior Lee Stoops, junior Erin Bahoshy, sophomore Ashley Nilsen and freshman Maureen Murphy.

Top "English as a Second Language" ESL students were senior Erika Velasco, junior Ernesto Perez, sophomore Eliza Pina and freshman Carlos Anguiano.

Receiving recognition in Social Studies were senior Hillary Dieffenbach, junior Luke Cordingley, sophomore Jovita Pina and freshman Lizzi Laycock.

Advanced Placement History award winners were Taylor Berry, David Markin, Eric Hamlin, Andrew Slough, Robert Fundy, J.T. Phillips and Deena Rinerson.

Singled out for the Outstanding Science award was senior Katie Sanders. Other Science winners were juniors Rose Smith and Luke Cordingley, sophomore Kristen Nelson and freshman Kelsea Ballantyne.

Technology Department award winners were senior Jesse Thomas, junior Scott Neiwert, sophomore Justin Peterson and freshman David Hormel.

Business Department awards were presented to senior Kristi Toussaint, junior Chris Tatsuno, sophomore Kent Grimes and freshman Kelley Haisley.

Those students singled out for their top work in Academies were Jesse Thomas (Information and Technology) and Leah Salmon (Finance and Business).

FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America) honorees were seniors Kari Haugen, Emily Johnson, Leah Salmon and Sarah Allen. "School to Work" winners for 1999-2000 were seniors Freddie Velasco and Erica Rausch, and junior Jake Upham.

Chosen for the top Art awards were seniors Sarah McCarthy and Joe VanZeipel, juniors Mark Daniels and Jason Yates, sophomore Cole Everman plus freshmen Christian Blackman, Kelsea Ballantyne and Ryne Reynoso.

Outstanding Debate students were Kyle Risner, Brandon Epp, Andy McCollum, William Hemmings and Patrick O'Farrell. Award winners for Speech were Patrick O'Farrell, Paul Neville, William Hemmings, Andrew McCollum, Vaughn Neville and Carlos Rodriques.

The Drama awards went to Sharon Barto and Chris Stice. Health Department winner was Martin Moya.

Selected for Spanish honors were Kristen Hanggi, Taylor Berry, Rose Smith and Lee Stoops. The French Department award winners were Pia Shivdasani (French II), senior Mandi O'Connell, junior Julia Augustus and freshman Tory Haavik.

Mentioned for their hard work on the Academic Team were captain Andy McCollum, William Hemmings, Travis Leach, Michael Wise, Kenny Kelb and John Lexa.

"Students of the Month" honorees this school year were Matt Stevenson, Alexandra Taft, Paige Reed, April Wiesen, Kellen Chatterton, Shannon Engraft, Dan Matthews, Heather Tabler and Erin Williams. Winning $100 in a drawing among all "Students of the Month" nominees was Ryne Reynoso.


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