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For the week of May 10 through May 16, 2000

Yellow Lab Cab license suspended in Ketchum

Express Staff Writer

A decision on whether to revoke the operating privileges of a local taxi cab operator by the city of Ketchum has been postponed after he failed to show at a hearing on the subject Friday.

However, the cab firm’s license has been temporarily suspended.

The city of Ketchum is considering revoking the franchise of Geoffery P. Schultz, owner of Yellow Lab Cab and Taxi Company. According to a notice of revocation hearing delivered to Schultz, he is alleged to have violated the provisions of his franchise through reckless driving, overcharging fares, violating speeding laws, verbally soliciting business, not operating the required three vehicles and altering business records.

After Schultz failed to show up at Friday’s noon hearing before the Ketchum City Council, the council voted unanimously to suspend his license temporarily pending a rehearing on June 2.

City attorney Margaret Simms said the city received no word from Schultz explaining his absence.

Schultz obtained his one-year franchise from the city in July.

The proceeding against Yellow Lab Cab is based on information contained in a packet of documents collected by the city of Ketchum’s legal staff and given to city council members. Those documents contain statements by former Yellow Lab employees and customers, a report by the Ketchum Police Department and letters from Schultz’ competitors and Schultz himself.

Neither Schultz nor his lawyer could be reached for comment yesterday.

However, in a Feb. 17 letter to the city of Ketchum Schultz contended that allegations of improper behavior made by his competitors were motivated by an attempt "to drive me out of the business."

Yellow Lab Cab and Taxi Co. owner Geoffery P. SchultzSchultz contended that allegations of improper behavior made by his competitors were motivated by an attempt "to drive me out of the business."

Another Yellow Lab franchise, to operate at Friedman Memorial Airport, was suspended in late March.

The airport authority found Schultz to have violated his franchise there by handling baggage without the consent of the owners, soliciting business at the terminal and engaging in profane shouting matches with drivers of other cab companies.

A hearing has been tentatively scheduled for May 18 before the Hailey City Council to rule on a possible revocation of Yellow Lab’s license to operate there. Bellevue and Sun Valley require no such operating permits.


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