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For the week of May 3 through May 9, 2000

Council approves arch to span Big Wood

CAD Rendering of approved bridge by Lars GuyArching the Big Wood. The Ketchum City Council selected this wooden arched bridge to replace the historic Broadway Bridge, near the Warm Springs Road bridge over the Big Wood River. Construction is expected to begin this fall. Computer rendering courtesy Lars Guy, CAD Drafting Systems


Express Staff Writer

After nine months of Ketchum City Council meetings, the panel unanimously voted for an arched wooden bridge to replace the historic Broadway Bridge, which spans the Big Wood River adjacent to the Warm Springs Road bridge.

The arched bridge will be funded as part of a local improvement district (LID), including residents of Broadway Boulevard, Exhibition Boulevard and Sunnyside road, all on the west side of the river.

The city council agreed to split the cost of the new bridge with the residents. Under the formula, LID participants will pay 10 percent of the cost, and the city picks up the rest of the tab out of general funds.

When asked how the council arrived at the split, Councilman David Hutchinson said that traffic circulation in the neighborhood was impaired when the Broadway Bridge was closed last fall.

The city council, representing the general taxpayers, cast taxpayers’ votes on the bridge design, he said.

The council had three bridge options to consider. Also, LID participants were permitted to sign off on their preferred bridge designs.

A covered bridge design received 26 LID votes; the arched bridge—approved by the council—received 18 votes. A third bridge, also with an arched design, received no votes.

The approved arched bridge will cost $260,000.

The covered bridge’s cost was $270,000; the third bridge’s cost also was $260,000.

Construction is expected to begin this fall.


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