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For the week of Mar. 8 through Mar. 14, 2000

The fox's tale

Though showing no sign of illness and apparently oblivious to skyrocketing medical costs, a small red fox walked into the Wood River Medical Center in Sun Valley on Sunday evening.

Hospital spokeswoman Hillary Furlong said the fox apparently entered through an open door to a corridor leading to the emergency room.

"We think that while the staff wasn’t looking, the little critter might have wandered in," she said.

Sun Valley police Lt. Mark Lockwood said his office received a call about the fox at 6:30 a.m. Monday. He said the frightened animal had ended up in a small corridor, where officers placed a baited trap. However, he said, the fox refused to enter the trap, probably due to all the attention it was receiving from curious onlookers.

Lockwood said officers returned about 8 a.m. with a catch pole that has a cable noose, with which they were able to lasso the fox. He said they released it just outside the door.

Lockwood said red foxes are common in the area, and appear to have easily become accustomed to living around people.


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