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For the week of Oct. 27, 1999 through Nov. 2, 1999

Frightening fables for Halloween!

Kids write Scary Stories for Fright Night

It’s Halloween, time to probe the imaginations of little ones.

Each year, the Idaho Mountain Express gingerly tests the waters of Fright Night—covering our eyes and wondering what nightmares Blaine County students have been dreaming.

They write Frightening Fables.

Petrifying poems.

Tantalizing tales.

Scary, scary stories.

Thanks again to the teachers at Hemingway Elementary School in Ketchum, Hailey Elementary School and The Community School in Sun Valley for their cooperation in unleashing this torrent of terror!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The Neighbors

I came home one day and found

We had new neighbors that were round

Round like a clock they were

They must each have swallowed one—brrr.

I thought they were nice

But I was wrong!

They were bloodsucking vampires

From underground.

They had gotten my parents and

I got a bill—

One hundred dollars

For the bloodsucking thrill.

I had two dollars cash, so they came to my house

In their pockets each carried a mouse.

"Pay us a fool then, my dear."

"I’m a fool. Take me!" I said in tears.

Then my parents came home, and

They were fine.

The vampires said, "Don’t worry. We’re kind."

So they left in a hurry, saying good-bye, and

"Next time don’t be so shy."

by George Hulbert

Fourth grade

The Community School



Eek! Eek!



Leave little

Laughing tricksters

Old and young

Witches and goblins

Excitement and fun

Eek! Eek! Eeking!

Night of trick or treating!

by Misha McGonigal, 8

Third grade

Hailey Elementary School



The Mummy and My Friends

One night I got up. I decided to go get my friends. I snuck out of my bedroom, I snuck through the living room. I hid behind the television. Then, I ran behind the table. Nobody saw me! I ran behind the coat rack. Still, nobody saw me! I got my coat and went outside.

I went to my friend David’s house. I knocked on his window. He woke up. I told him to get up. So he did. He left a note on his door. It said, "I will be home in one day. Love, David." He got his coat on and came outside.

I said, "Let’s go get Gregory." So we did. We both knocked on his window. He woke up. I told him to get his coat on and come outside so he did. We ran to the cemetery. We got there. We started to play tag.

I saw a stone moving around and it fell down! I heard a squeak. Now, the tomb was opening. We ran and ran, then we stopped. We saw a MUMMY!

It ran, we ran; we turned, it followed us. We got home. The mummy broke the door down. We ran. It came after us. It broke down the door. We went upstairs. It did not know where we went. It sat down and got some milk and some cookies. It started to watch TV.

We got some string and some rope. We made a lasso with the rope. We lassoed the mummy. We dragged the mummy to the cemetery and we got him in his tomb. We buried the tomb.

The End.

by Caleb Crawford

Third grade

Hemingway Elementary School



Trick or treating…

Lots of fun

Candy, costumes, ghosts

And ghouls, magic spells,

Potions and skeletons.

Bats and mummies.

Wizards and witches,

Graveyards, screams

And more.

Broken bones,

Blood and gore,


Lots of tummy aches.

by Sarah Jane Slater

Third grade

The Community School



Silly Witches

Witches appear on Halloween.

They’re black and ugly and can be mean.

They soar through the air in the night

And give people such a fright.

They chuckle and laugh and play their games,

They also have the strangest names.

Like Witchy-woo

And Twitchy-too.

I think they’re silly names

Don’t you?

So if a witch tries to scare you

Don’t be shy

Just say

"Your name is silly,"

And walk right by.

by Allie Freund

Third grade

Hailey Elementary School



Two boys go Trick-or-Treating

A long time ago there were two boys. They were trick-or-treating when they saw a house in the woods. They went to the house and knocked on the door.

The door opened, they went in. In the house they saw a coffin. They opened the coffin and saw a vampire. They were very scared. They shut it very quickly but they forgot that vampires wake up at night.

They spent the night at the house.

When it was night, the vampire got out of the coffin. When he got out he saw the boys. He went over to the boys and checked to see if their blood was good and it was. The vampire was just going to bite the boys when they woke up. When they saw the vampire, they ran out of the house and went home as quick as they could.

by Peter Atkinson

Third grade

The Community School



Favorite Time of Year

Halloween, oh Halloween

My favorite time of year,

Ghosts, ghouls and goblins are screaming in my ear.

Pumpkins smiling brightly,

Witches in the air and

Cats being frightened by the nymphs with wavy hair.

Halloween, oh Halloween

The best time of year.

You better never miss it

When skeletons appear.

by Pepa Roth

Fifth grade

The Community School



Good Advice

If it’s Halloween night

And you don’t have a kid

Be one.


by Maddie Cordovano, 8

Third grade

Hailey Elementary School



It was a Dream, I think!

I was in my bed one night,

Then I heard a knocking at my window and it filled me with fright.

So I looked out my window, and then I saw a ghost. He was staring straight at me!

Suddenly he was a Jack-o-lantern. I felt like I was toast!

Then a mummy grabbed me from my window and took me to his home. I tried to get away, but he stuffed me in a tomb!

Then a witch took the tomb that I was in and dropped me in a pot.

Then before I fell in, a bat grabbed me faster than you would have thought.

Soon, he dropped me in my bed and there were pumpkins flying around my head!

Soon the sky filled up with light and I did not have much fright.

Then the bats flew into their cave.

Of course it was all only a dream.

I think!

The end (ooh)

I think.


by Veronica Bruess and Kali Phillips

Third grade

Hemingway Elementary School



Halloween Poem

The moon is round as a Jack-o-lantern,

The trees blow black and bare,

And we go creeping with spooky giggles,

Through the chill, ghostly air.

Whose shadow is that on the haunted ground?

Who’s hiding behind the tree?

Oh, down runs my bad black kitten,

And the shadow is only me!


by Bailey Ireland

Third grade

Hailey Elementary School



A Slight, Chilly Breeze

On Halloween Night

You will get such a fright.

Beware, witches and goblins come about

When lamps and lanterns go out.

The night when, through the trees

There comes to be a

Slight, chilly breeze

The hairs on your neck stand up straight

For you to come is

A horrible fate…..


by Chelsea Vanderpool, 10

Fifth grade

Hemingway Elementary School



Midnight on Halloween

Once upon a midnight dreary

Something came which was very scary.

From the graveyard they did creep

To scare all children while they sleep.

Good night, sweet children

See you soon

During the next Halloween moon.


by Katherine Dembergh

Fifth grade

The Community School



Black Cat

A black cat on Halloween

Can truly be a scary thing.

It’s mean howl will make you shiver,

And down your back will send a quiver!

His hiss will be heard from miles away,

It makes all the hound dogs bay.

But don’t be scared and please don’t yell,

It’s just that my dog stepped on

My cat’s tail.


by Kai Pettengill, 8

Third grade

Hailey Elementary School



A Spooky House

Once there was a spooky house that no one wanted to go in.

Why? I don’t know, but there was a goblin by the door.

It was never there before.

No wonder they don’t want to go in.

There is a witch in the sky.

The wind blew some leaves that rustled in the wind.

It sounded like a ghost!

I ran back home and shut the door

And everything was all right.


by Amanda Gubera

Third grade

Hemingway Elementary School



The Possessed Hand

Once on a dark and gloomy Halloween night, I was walking down past the graveyard.

Mist was rising out of the ground. I thought I saw somebody disappear into the ground. I started to walk into the graveyard when out of the mist I saw a giant possessed hand coming out of the ground.

I started to run (where is a superhero when you need one?).

I ran all the way to my house and my parents were gone so I went up to my sister’s room and the possessed hand had already gotten her.

I ran so far that I ran to Utah and lived there forever.


by Christian Cairncross

Fifth grade

The Community School




T’was the night of Halloween,

The night was dark and green.

I heard a rattle and some ooze,

I heard my parents taking a snooze.

I saw a claw, it grabbed the ooze.

It threw the ooze right at me, but I stumbled out of the way.

Something said BOO!

That gave it away,

There stood my sister.

I said, ‘I knew it was you."


by Christian Dallago

Fourth grade

The Community School



They Could Have Told Me

They could have told me

(I know that they should have)

Why there were kids

Running up the street.

They could have told me

Why my brother was a mummy

And my sister was a witch.

Or why other kids got candy

And I got zip.

They should have told me

Why they carved pumpkins

In funny little ways,

And why my brother got sick

And my sister the same.

They should have told me

What Halloween meant.

They should have told me

(Even though I’m only two!)


by Caroline Fairchild

Fourth grade

The Community School



Once there were some kids and they knocked on the door and the door opened. An old man said, "What do you want?" The kids said, "Trick-or-treat!" The man said, "Go away. I don’t celebrate Halloween!"

The man was grouchy so the kids walked away. Then some other kids came to the house and said, "Trick-or-treat!" The man said, "Quit bugging me!"

One of the kids said, "What’s wrong with him? Let’s go to another house."

Then the kids asked the man, "Would you like to go trick-or-treating with us? It’s fun!"
The old man said, "Yes!"


by Haleigh Hall

Third grade

Hailey Elementary School



The Black Cat

Once there was a black cat that lived in an old house. He did not like Halloween, and when Halloween came, he hid under the bed.

One day in October, a smaller cat came, and she also did not like Halloween. She hid under the bed, too.

Then an older cat came and told them that black cats are supposed to like Halloween. The little cat said, "So we do not like Halloween." The older cat said, "Fine, then hide under the bed." And the older cat left.

Four hours went by and the little cat said, "Let’s go try it."

And both of them had a lot of fun!


by Tawni Padilla

Third grade

Hailey Elementary School



The Haunted House

T’was the night of Halloween

And all through the house

Rang a voice saying Dean

What was it, a mouse?

I rattled with fear

For I didn’t know where this could steer

I heard chains and moans

Oh, no, I’m alone!

Was it a ghost or maybe a ghoul?

What was this sound, was I just a fool?

I scampered to the door

Then heard footsteps galore.

Was it a trick?

But wait, there’s a click

Look, the lights are going on!

Oh, yeah, there’s Ron

This was a trick

The solution started to stick

On this night

Night of this fright

My brother the creep

Made my senses leap.

Next year it’s my turn

To scare

And make all this fair.

But right now it’s time to sleep

And let my great brain keep

My ideas for revenge next year.


by Jessie Curran

Fourth grade

The Community School



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