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For the week of Oct. 13, 1999 through Oct. 19, 1999

Ask ‘em

Apathy is where surprises begin.

Sun Valley and Ketchum voters who don’t like surprises should plan to attend the Politics and Pizza forums to be held next Tuesday, Oct. 19, and Wednesday, Oct. 20, at 6 p.m. at the respective city halls. The politics are free and the pizza is on us.

Uncontested races, or races in which issues are not discussed, are dangerous because voters don’t know what they’re getting.

Only in Ketchum and Sun Valley are there contests among council candidates this year.

There are many questions to be answered.

Will Sun Valley try to kill the free bus system, which is unpopular with some?

Will Sun Valley ever build a park for its kids—or any other public amenity?

Will Ketchum continue to sit by while the county moves toward allowing expanded commercial development in McHanville with no provision for protecting affordable housing there?

Where do the candidates stand on the proposed recreation bond issue?

Birthday parties are the place for surprises, not City Hall. Voters should attend the forums and ask for the answers they need.


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