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Where there isn’t smoke, there isn’t fire

Frat house burning canceled

As the wall came down....Will Burks of Burks Excavation pulls down the Frat House Friday.

Saturday morning on the corner of First Avenue and Fourth Street wasn’t met with billowing clouds of black smoke and bustling firefighters as expected.

Due to concern from one of many local business owners, the torching of the Frat House for a fire department practice burn was canceled. Instead, demolition began Friday evening.

According to Ketchum Fire Chief Tom Johnson, the Sun Valley and Ketchum fire departments were rushed for time to set up the burn. That combined with concern from the business owner on how holiday weekend customer traffic might have been affected prompted Johnson to cancel the burn.

Johnson stressed how important live-fire training is for the fire departments, however.

"The training is awesome," he said.

Excavation of the site will make way for construction of Gail Severn’s new art gallery and office building.


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