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Shorty’s Diner to reopen under new ownership

Express Staff Writer

The paper covering the windows of Hailey’s celebrated Shorty’s Diner is slowly unraveling.

Jacob and Jeannie Greenberg of Ketchum bought the business from actor, business man and Hailey resident Bruce Willis for an undisclosed sum earlier this month. The couple expects to open the Main Street diner in early April.

"We want to create the same feel, so the look of the diner and the name will be the same," Jacob Greenberg said.

Antiques like the Coca-Cola machine and the tableside juke boxes remain fixtures in the diner.

Other than opening up part of the counter to make access to the kitchen easier, there will be few structural changes.

The Greenbergs will lease the space, but own the business and its equipment.

The entire Greenberg family is rallying together to rejuvenate the diner. On Tuesday morning, while Jeannie worked on the books, Jacob and son Josh—who sacrificed his spring break from college—tackled cleaning projects.

Shorty’s has been dormant for a year. The diner’s sudden closure, which came as a surprise to its employees and the community, was shrouded in mystery.

Running a restaurant in the Wood River Valley is no mystery to the Greenbergs. For eight years, they owned Ketchum’s Western Café. And for three years, the couple owned Deli-tasse, a deli in Ketchum’s industrial district. They sold both businesses about three years ago.

A kitchen manager, John Supernaugh, and several cooks have been hired. Hiring for other staff positions will begin immediately, according to Jacob.

While he is primarily a cleaner now, Jacob will be wearing many hats once Shorty’s opens, but all of these hats will keep him in the restaurant, he said.

A new Shorty’s menu, designed by the Greenberg’s son, is complete. It will include diner staples like burgers, fries, and shakes, as well as some eclectic items that are staples in the Greenberg family.

"I’m excited about a few of the vegetarian items, like the moussaka and the lasagne. We’ll be making our own chili. We’ve come up with more than a few sandwiches that we think will be signature Shorty’s sandwiches," Jacob said.

The diner will be opened from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. in winter and spring, and will keep later hours in summer.


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