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Shovel those roofs

Express Staff Writer

In considering the capacity-ability for structures and roofs to hold up under the weight of recent heavy snow accumulations—the water content of snow is a critical factor.

The SNOTEL site located at Chocolate Gulch indicates the water content of snow to be 70 pounds per square foot.

Blaine County building official Bill Dyer said that despite recent snow accumulations new homes built to code still have the capacity to carry the load.

However, Dyer expressed concern for older structures and homes built before current building codes.

Dyer also expressed concern about the five-day forecast, which calls for warming temperatures and wet snow or rain that could significantly increase the water content of snow and the risk of collapsing roofs.

Dyer advised people to think ahead and consider shoveling roofs before it’s too late—don’t wait until last minute.


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