For the week of February 10, 1999  thru February 16, 1999  

Well done

When the valley is hit with successive snow storms as it has been the past few days, nothing works unless valley people do. And working, they are.

Despite 30 new inches of snow, people were able to drive cars to work or to the mountain this week because dedicated crews operated snowplows every day and through each night. Highways, streets, driveways and walkways were cleared to make way for cars and pedestrians.

The airport was open because of the efforts of snowplow crews. City fire crews dug out fire hydrants to make sure they could get to water if the engines had to roll.

Idaho Power Company line crews kept the juice flowing even as snow played havoc with overhead lines.

Bald Mountain’s professional ski patrol dished out dynamite to make it safe to play on a mountain that could otherwise be an avalanche nightmare. Lift operators and ticket checkers thought nothing of the snowy funnels that swirled around them as they helped guests onto the ski lifts.

Garbage trucks made their way along snow-narrowed roads. Deliveries were made despite icy roads. People made it to work and opened stores and restaurants.

Keeping the valley open for business isn’t easy. The fact that it looks easy is a sign of good work being done by thousands of good people day and night.

With the excitement of dealing with the deep snow and the relative ease of getting around, it’s easy to take support crews for granted. It’s easy not to think about the wet feet, frozen fingers, and tired muscles involved. It’s easier to find fault than to acknowledge the strenuous work.

So, to everyone who served others in this time of meteorological excess, we say, "Thank you, very much for a job well done."


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