For the week of September 2 thru September 8, 1998  

The world can wait

The world is a pretty serious place these days with terrorist bombings of U.S. embassies, the stock market taking a not-too-graceful swan dive, farms in crisis and the economy in much of the rest of the world a disaster. Not to mention the tawdry Monica-gate that has wrapped itself around the presidency like a super-glue spider web.

Labor Day weekend will arrive none too soon. The country needs a respite from the aggravations of August.

Unlike other holidays, Labor Day does not take more than it gives. It requires nothing fancy, just a few burgers (veggie, if you like) on the grill and something cold to drink. It’s a well-deserved holiday.

People in the U.S. work hard. The fact that the economy remains healthy in spite of the drops on Wall Street and depressing economic news in other parts of the world is due in large part to the efforts of U.S. workers. The nation’s productivity—fewer people doing more work—is unsurpassed.

Keeping up that energy level, day after day, year after year, generation after generation, is not easy. Even the progenitors of this nation’s strong work ethic, knew that people have to make time in their lives to rebuild their energies.

Labor Day weekend is a great time to take advantage of the great restorative power of play. Here in the Wood River Valley, play will be plentiful.

Saturday’s Big Hitch Wagon Days Parade is always remarkable. For participants, it’s a joy to create scenes from the past and to show off painstakingly preserved wagons, old-fashioned clothing and impeccably trained horses, mules and oxen. For viewers, it‘s a chance to be part of something different than the everyday grind and to dream of what it must have been like in days past.

Monday‘s Labor Day celebration in Bellevue is a great time to relax, with a small-town parade, a little barbecue and a game of horseshoes.

For everyone, the Labor Day weekend should be a guilt-free time away from the seriousness of life beyond our mountains, a time of rest and renewal. The world can wait.


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