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Wagon train to recreate historic trek

Even before ore wagons were rumbling over Trail Creek Summit, wagons were carrying ore into Ketchum from the other direction. Coming into town from the west over Dollarhide Summit, were wagons from the old mining district of Carrie Town.

Jim Super and Bob Fosnot hope to recreate this trek over Dollarhide Summit, which took place between 1881 and 1888, to celebrate Wagon Days. On Saturday, they will begin a 60-mile journey from Fairfield over the 8,900-foot summit and into Ketchum.

Super said as many as 10 wagons, including chuck wagons, hitch wagons, stagecoaches and covered wagons will make the six-day journey.

As much as the trek is a celebration of history, however, it is also a celebration of those teamsters who carry on what Super refers to as a "lost art."

"This is a great way to get some of these guys together," Super said. "It’s a time to visit with people who have the same interest, and a chance to swap some stories."

Local residents and visitors also are invited to make day-trips out to the wagon train. Visitors will be picked up at the Sun Valley/Ketchum Chamber of Commerce, driven out to wherever the train is on that day, fed lunch or dinner, and driven back into town.

Super said the wagon train will move at a pace of about four to five miles per hour. The summit crossing will happen on Tuesday, and the train will use Wednesday to rest at Placer Creek after the steep, narrow ascent.

Then, on Thursday, the wagon train will roll down Main Street in Ketchum at about 3 p.m., giving surprised shoppers and tourists a preview to the Big Hitch Parade.

Super said he hopes the wagon train will become an annual event.


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