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This stand is no lemon

Express Staff Writer

ju15lem.gif (11920 bytes)Tony Maricich, Tyner Pesch and Alex Maricich at their lemonade stand near River Run. (Express photo by Willy Cook)

If Tyner Pesch’s mom, Gerri, is right that all America’s business moguls had lemonade stands when they were little, then he and his buddies are on their way to the top.

But for this summer, Tyner, 11, and the Maricich brothers, Tony, 12, and Alex, 10--all Ketchum kids--say they’ll just be happy if their Mountain-side Lemonade operation can support their Roller Blading habit.

"If you can believe this, we’ve made $100 in three days," Tyner boasted.

"No," Alex piped in, "$120."

The guys think they’ve got the best lemonade stand spot in town.

It’s on the side of the bike path by River Run Lodge, down at the bottom of Serenade Drive in Ketchum.

"There’s so many hikers and bikers and stuff that’re thirsty and would like some lemonade," Tony said.

Business isn’t all about lemonade--Country Time brand mixed with purified water--for the boys.

Fruit, candy, cookies and dog biscuits are also on Mountain-side’s menu.

"Somebody came by and bought the boys’ whole box of dog bones," said Ms. Pesch, who bravely lent the young entrepreneurs cash to get their business rolling.

This whole thing is so good for them," she said. "They already had their first lesson in ‘crisis management.’"

As she tells it, a security guard from Sun Valley Company came by Mountain-side’s umbrella-shaded card tables and roughly asked the kids to move.

Ms. Pesch said the security guard was just worried about traffic hazards and trying to prevent an accident.

But apparently, the boys told him their perch sat in the bike path right of way and not on Sun Valley Company land, and he let them stay.

If all goes according to plan, they’ll be sunning in their spot for the rest of the summer, Mondays through Fridays.

And the boys say they’ll deliver to anywhere within walking/biking distance.

A cup of their lemonade costs a cool 35, with ice.

Anyone planning to stop by should be careful to bring along a little extra change, Tyner warned.

Refills are 10 each.


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