For the week of July 15 thru July 21, 1998  

It’s smooth operating at Friedman

Express Staff Writer

ju15all1.gif (8339 bytes)Corporate jets line the tarmac at Friedman Memorial Airport during the run of the Allen and Company retreat. (Express photo by Willy Cook)

With Allen and Company in town, Friedman Memorial Airport housed 50 corporate jets last week, and oversaw 300 operations daily.

According to airport manager Rick Baird, the jets were parked at the airport last Tuesday through Sunday for the annual high-powered retreat of media moguls with no major problems.

"We issue a notice to airmen that prior permission is required for overnight parking, because we’re so near capacity," said Baird of the event that adds a host of large and small private jets to the airport’s tarmac. "It’s not necessarily a reservation system, but it is a first call, first serve basis."

He reported that during the six-day event one jet was detoured to Twin Falls because of space, and some pilots flew in smaller jet aircraft to insure a space.

Baird said the jets were positioned to accommodate the differing strengths of the pavement, which handles around 95,000 pounds of stress.

"We weren’t just lining them up out there for fun," he said.

He said the extra traffic drew two noise complaints and one complaint about the fumes.

The noise complaints pinpointed an aircraft operating around midnight and an older jet operating in the heat, which caused louder then usual noise. Baird said he will contact the air crew, and strongly suggest it operate within the hours of 7 a.m. and 11 p.m.

"Overall, they were a great group to work with," said Baird. "They’re extremely respectful and cooperative. They understand our lifestyle, and try to be good neighbors."


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