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Corrock withdraws council recall bid

Express Staff Writer

Jack Corrock, the former City Council member who threatened a recall of the current council over the new planned unit development ordinance, has backed down.

In a press release issued Monday, Corrock stated simply, "At this time I will not organize any recall effort."

Corrock stated that conversations with council members Chris Potters and Dave Hutchinson convinced him they would protect the city’s limited residential areas.

"I did speak with him, and he came to the conclusion that we’re not that far apart philosophically on the protection of existing limited residential areas under the PUD ordinance," said Hutchinson. "I explained the history of the PUD, and that it was initially broad but was narrowed at the council level."

Potters said she is relieved that a hurtful recall will not affect the community.

"What I tried to emphasize to Jack was that there may be good in this and that we should give it a chance," Potters said. "I also said that I am certainly not going to vote for anything the community will not support."

Corrock also said he would let the electorate determine the fates of council members Sue Noel and Randy Hall.

"The terms of Sue Noel and Randy Hall expire next year," Corrock stated. "Therefore, through the regular city election, the voters will chose who will fill these positions."


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