For the week of June 17 thru June 23, 1998  

Random sample survey to begin this week

Express Staff Writer

Business owners, residents, and employees of Ketchum can expect a call in the next week if they are one of 490 people randomly chosen to participate in a telephone survey.

The Ketchum City Council voted Monday night to approve a final version of the survey, which will include some 75 questions and require about 15 minutes to complete.

The survey will be administered by Diagnostics Plus, a Pennsylvania-based survey research firm.

The council authorized an extra $600 to purchase phone numbers from 725, 726 and 788 exchanges, as well as an additional $1,500 to include the sampling of 40 businesses as part of the survey. This brings the survey’s total cost to $21,600, according to city planner Lisa Majdiak.

Participants in the survey will be asked to rank on a scale of one to five the importance of city police and fire services, as well as the city’s parking and design control standards. Those surveyed also will be asked to grade on a scale from "A" to "F" how the city performs on these same services.

If a service receives a grade lower than a "B," a follow-up question will ask how these services can be improved.

Participants will then be asked to rank on a scale from one to five in importance their "planning wishes" for the city, including "creating and maintaining a positive business climate" or "maintenance of views and vistas such as the hillsides."

The council also finalized the language of 18 yes-or-no questions to help shape the Ketchum comprehensive plan.

These questions focus on specific issues such as "Should four-story buildings up to 50 feet be allowed in the center of the downtown if the developer provides underground parking and some employee housing?" and "Should Ketchum take an active role in attracting and keeping a wide variety of businesses?"


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