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P&Z approves a rezone for south Main Street

Express Staff Writer

The Hailey Planning and Zoning Commission recommended adoption of an amendment to the zone district map for Hailey during its Tuesday night meeting, May 26.

Garth McClure, representing Trillium Capital, requested a zone change for property at 707 South Main Street from limited business zoning to business.

A business zone allows for entertainment and retail uses of property, as well as a zero-lot line setback.

The P&Z found the amendment in conformance with the city’s comprehensive plan, and stipulated that the entire block east from Main Street to the alley be rezoned business, parking access be as far away from Main Street and Cedar Street as possible, and the building face the right of way, with a 24-foot height limit.

The rezone includes the Wood River Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The P&Z requested a development plan April 21, and stated that different plans would have varying impacts on the surrounding area.

McClure presented two conceptual plans detailing a 23,600-square-foot building. In Plan A, a standard rectangular building sits at the southwest corner of the lot, and in Plan B, the building is horseshoe shaped with parking to the north.

P&Z member Steve Thies felt the drawings were submitted to appease the P&Z without any real commitment to a specific development plan.

McClure told the P&Z that it was difficult to devise a development plan without a user in mind, and asked that the flexibility of the B zone be maintained.

The P&Z’s primary concerns were traffic and the issue of spot zoning. Although the rezone is on Main Street, it is not contiguous with the development in that area.

P&Z member Becki Keefer said the rezone was a logical extension of the business zone with the new post office at the south end of Hailey, but she questioned the timing of the rezone.

The rezone will require Seventh-day Adventist Church to apply for a conditional use permit to expand the building, but otherwise will be a non-conforming building. A public hearing will be renoticed for the next available meeting because of the rezone of the church property.


The Ezra Pound Association withdrew an application for an amendment to the zone district map. The applicant is requesting a rezone from general residential to transitional for the Roberta McKercher house at 314 Second Avenue South. The application will come before the P&Z at a later date.


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