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Burn permits, loose dogs top agenda issues

Express Staff Writer

Bellevue residents may soon need a permit to engage in any outdoor burning.

At the Monday night city council meeting, Bellevue Mayor Monte Brothwell conducted the first reading of Ordinance 98-07, which adopts the Uniform Fire Code of 1994, and outlines regulations for outdoor burning in Bellevue.

For outdoor fires, the ordinance requires residents to obtain a permit, and contact Marshal Jeff Gunter if they wish to burn any material other than leaves or brush. Fires must be contained to less than six inches in diameter and six feet in length.

All burning, outdoor or in an incinerator, must be done after sunrise until one hour after sunset each day, be 25 feet from a building and be near a hose or water source.

The ordinance also stipulates that no tires or other material shall be burned in violation of state or federal law.

City attorney Jim Phillips called the ordinance a starting point for discussion.

Brothwell also presented the first reading of Ordinance 98-08 that outlines impound fees for dogs at large in Bellevue. Scheduled fees are $10 for the first impound, $20 for the second impound and $30 for subsequent offenses within one year. The fees are to defray the costs of transporting dogs to the Animal Shelter of Wood River Valley.

Marshal Gunter said he’s taken 10 dogs to the shelter in the past month. He is working to construct a dog run near the city shop where dogs at large would wait for their owners to retrieve them. A $5 fee per day may be charged for dogs taken to the Bellevue impound facility.

The ordinance also requires that all dogs in Bellevue be licensed through Blaine County.


The council held a public hearing for a text amendment to the Bellevue zoning ordinance to establish criteria in design review for townhouse and duplex development.

The criteria requires that buildings have variation in exterior design features, colors, roof breaks, and elevations.

The council motioned to require adequate, enclosed storage for each unit.

"It should be an unobtrusive part of the design," said Council member Melanie Dahl.


A public hearing for the sign ordinance is set for June 25.


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