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Brothwell focuses on Bellevue’s future growth

Express Staff Writer

Mayor Monte Brothwell focused on Bellevue’s future growth in his state of the city address Monday night.

"We need to delve into the comprehensive plan," he told council members.

Brothwell directed the council to review the plan, and give input to the planning and zoning commission tasked with drafting it. He said it was important to examine general land use plans for the property on the fringes of the city, and assess the status of each city zone.

Brothwell said an increased mil levy may be presented to Bellevue voters in November to support the growth of the city. Currently, property tax revenue has fallen behind growth, leaving city services inadequately funded.

Brothwell explained that the state Legislature mandated a three percent cap of city revenue to come from property taxes, however, the Legislature named Bellevue as a small town adversely impacted by the cap, allowing it to raise the mil levy.

Bellevue’s mil levy is currently 0.0016, and can be increased to 0.004, which in dollars equates to a $217,000 increase. Brothwell said he didn’t want to impact the residents to that degree, and asked the council to find a middle ground.

Brothwell closed his address by commending the Marshal’s Office and new Marshal Jeff Gunter.

"We took a major step forward; this is the first time in three or four years we have a full department staff," he said.

Brothwell said he hoped to see cooperation between Bellevue, Hailey and Ketchum police.


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