Compromise parking plan in place for Atkinson Park

Express Staff Writer

Ketchum City Council’s adoption of a parking plan for Atkinson Park this summer was completed without the contention that marked last year’s process.

Monday night’s public hearing on the plan submitted by Ketchum Parks and Recreation director Terry Tracy lasted half an hour.

Under the plan, parking is permitted on the sides of Eighth Street and Third Avenue bordering the park’s tennis courts and soccer field.

Parking on Rocking Horse Road and on the west side of Third Avenue between Seventh and Eight Streets is restricted from 5 to 10 p.m.

"This is a compromise plan which provides for some parking on streets adjacent to the park that don't have driveway access points," said city Administrator Jim Jaquet.

Included in the plan is a loading and unloading zone to service the new recreation building between the lower soccer field and the tennis courts.

According to Tracy, there is room for 12 spots in the 60-foot-wide loading zone. Four will be designated for handicapped use. The remaining spots will be used for 10-minute parking.

The council wanted to ensure that short-term parking in the lot is enforced.

"If we’re going to have an unloading zone, we’re going to have to make sure it functions that way," said Councilwoman Chris Potters.

Ketchum Police Chief Cal Nevland said enforcement of last year’s policy went smoothly.

"We posted a lot of signs, and there wasn’t any problem," he said.

The public comment heard, mostly from residents on Rocking Horse Road, was in support of the new proposal.

Not everyone at the meeting was all cylinders behind the new plan.

"My preference is the plan we had last year," said Councilwoman Sue Noel.

The new parking plan begins May 15 and remains in effect through Labor Day.


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