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2014 State 4A tennis tournament

May 16-17, 2014

At Timberline High School (doubles), Julia Davis Park (girls’ singles) and Fort Boise (boys’ singles)……All finals at Julia Davis Park


21 schools, 128 players


Final overall team totals (state qualifiers in parentheses)


1—Century of Pocatello (9)…..48 points

2—Wood River (7)…..36

3—Bishop Kelly (8)…..31

4—Kuna (5)…..31

5—Blackfoot (12)…..26


Others—Skyview of Nampa (6) 25; Caldwell (7) 24; Middleton (5) 24; Columbia of Nampa (10) 23; Canyon Ridge of Twin Falls (4) 21; Nampa (5) 21; Sandpoint (8) 18; Bonneville of Idaho Falls (5) 15; Moscow (7) 14; Burley (8) 8; Twin Falls (10) 6; Emmett (2) 2; Lakeland of Rathdrum (1) 1; Rigby (5) 1; Minico (3) 0; Pocatello (1) 0.


Note: Ties in team scores are broken by the team with the most entries in the championship finals.


Breakdown by boys and girls


1—Bishop Kelly…. 30 (18th state title)

2—Blackfoot…. 22.5

3—Canyon Ridge…21



6—Wood River….14



1—Century…..36 (3rd state title)


3—Wood River….22



Note: Ties in team scores are broken by the team with the most entries in the championship finals.


Points by category—

(48)—Century    3 BS, 16 GS, 9 BD, 20 GD, 0 MD=48

            1st—BS. 2nd—GD, MD. 3rd—none. 4th—none.

(36)—Wood River    0 BS, 0 GS, 4 BD, 12 GD, 20 MD=36

            1st—BD. 2nd—none. 3rd—GD. 4th—none.

(31)—Bishop Kelly  18 BS, 0 GS, 12 BD, 1 GD, 0 MD=31

            1st—none. 2nd—BS. 3rd—BD. 4th—none.

(31)—Kuna  9 BS, 21 GS, 0 BD, 1 GD, 0 MD=31

            1st—none. 2nd—none. 3rd—GS. 4th—BS, GS.

(26)—Blackfoot  0 BS, 1 GS, 20 BD, 0 GD, 5 MD=26

            1st—BD. 2nd—none. 3rd—none. 4th—none.

(25)—Skyview  0 BS, 22 GS, 0 BD, 1 GD, 2 MD=25

            1st—GS. 2nd—none. 3rd—none. 4th—none.

(21)—Canyon Ridge  20 BS, 0 GS, 1 BD, 0 GD, 0 MD=21

            1st—BS. 2nd—none. 3rd—none. 4th—none.


Points by singles/doubles

            36Wood River (11-5 all matches)—0 points singles (0-2), 36 points doubles (11-3)


State team championships (46th time):

2014 (4A)—Bishop Kelly (boys, 18th state title) and Century (girls, 3rd state title)

2013 (4A)—Century (boys, 2nd state title) and Skyview (girls, 1st state title)

2012 (4A)—Wood River (boys, 5th state title) and Century (girls, 1st state title)

2011 (4A)—Hillcrest (boys, 6th state title) and Bonneville (girls, 2nd straight state title)

2010 (4A)—Wood River (boys, 4th state title) and Bonneville (1st state title)

2009 (4A)—Hillcrest (boys) and Hillcrest (girls, 4th and 5th state titles)

2008 (4A)—Hillcrest (boys) and Hillcrest (girls, 2nd and 3rd state titles)

2007 (4A)—Bishop Kelly (17th state title)

2006 (4A)—Bishop Kelly (16th state title) and Hillcrest

2005 (4A)—Bishop Kelly (15th state title)

2004 (4A)—Bishop Kelly

2003 (4A)—Vallivue. 2002 (4A)—Vallivue. 2001 (4A)—Bishop Kelly.

1998-2000 (Class B)—Bishop Kelly. 1997—Jerome.

1996—Homedale. 1995—Bishop Kelly. 1993-94—Parma. 1992—Jerome.

1991—Parma. 1989-90—Jerome. 1988—Wood River. 1987—Vallivue.

1986—Wood River. 1985—Jerome. 1983-84—Bishop Kelly. 1982—Wood River.

1981—Gooding. 1975-80—Bishop Kelly. 1973-74—Payette. 1972—Bishop Kelly.

1971—Parma. 1970—Parma and Jerome. 1968-69—Parma.


State team titles (big and small schools, since 1963)—Bishop Kelly 18, Capital 16, Parma 15, Boise 13, Borah 10, Centennial 8, Community School 8, Hillcrest 7, Jerome 6, Wood River 5, Vallivue 3, Meridian 3, Idaho Falls 3, Century 3, Homedale 2, Payette 2, Bonneville 2, Gooding 1, Nampa 1, Twin Falls 1, Skyview 1.


This was the 39th year Wood River was represented at state.


State titlists (21—4 S, 17 D):

2014 (4A)—Andrew Pearson and Haley Cutler, MD

2013 (4A)—Margaret Reutter and Haley Cutler, GD

2012 (4A)—Karl Wilander (BS);Raleigh Grossbaum and Charlie Grabow BD

2010 (4A)—Raleigh Grossbaum and Charlie Grabow BD

2008 (4A)—Scott Pike and Morgan Pike BD.

2007 (4A)—Cory Rutkowski and Whitney DeBree MD.

2004—Jackie Safran and Devon Bunce, GD.

2003—Dixon Mooseau and Hadley DeBree MD.

2002—Ashley Lakey and Jessie Woodyard GD.

2001—Casey Werth and Vince Nagashima BD; Ned Flanagan and Aprilia Hagglof MD.

1989 and 1990—John Driscoll BS. 1986—John Jacoby BS.

1986—Marianne Moore and Ann Ferries GD.

1982—Adele Allender and Anise Morrow GD.

1980—Hal Sweasey and Lance Levy BD.

1979—Laura Newcomb and Eric Exline MD.

1979—Jonathan Angle and Kelly Coles BD.

1978—Jonathan Angle and Buddy Levy BD.




Boys singles (16 players)



1—Nate Kleist (Century sophomore)

2—Cole Hunt (Canyon Ridge sophomore)

3—Ian Wendt (Moscow sophomore)

4—Ian Fisher (Caldwell senior)


Final results

1—Cole Hunt (Canyon Ridge sophomore)

2—Elliott Klein (Bishop Kelly sophomore, 3rd BS 2013)

3—Ian Fisher (Caldwell senior)

4—Brandon Calley (Kuna sophomore)



Summary: WR 0-2 match record, 0 points BS


Championship—Cole Hunt (Canyon Ridge sophomore) 6-1, 3-6, 7-6 over Elliott Klein (Bishop Kelly sophomore)

Third place—Ian Fisher (Caldwell senior) 6-0, 6-1 over Brandon Calley (Kuna sophomore)


Local players


Danny Graves (0-2, sophomore, #8 seed)

Lost 4-6, 6-4, 6-3 to Brandon Calley (Kuna sophomore)

Lost 6-3, 6-3 to Nate Kleist (Century sophomore)




Girls singles (16 players)



1—Ella Wathne (Century sophomore)

2—Amy Agenbroad (Skyview senior)

3—Hailey Orton (Twin Falls senior)

4—Ellen Postell (Moscow sophomore)


Final results

1—Amy Agenbroad (Skyview senior, 3rd GS 2013)

2—Ella Wathne (Century sophomore)

3—Becca Perry (Kuna senior)

4—Beckah Farris (Kuna sophomore)



Summary: WR 0-0 match record, 0 points GS


Championship—Amy Agenbroad (Skyview senior) 6-4, 6-4 over Ella Wathne (Century sophomore)

Third place—Becca Perry (Kuna senior) 6-3, 6-0 over Beckah Farris (Kuna sophomore)


Local players






Boys doubles (16 teams)



1—Tanner Norton-Jacob Harris (Blackfoot seniors)

2—Cache Wood-Emry Wood (Middleton senior, freshman)

3—Spencer Temple-Michael Durfee (Sandpoint seniors)

4—Andy Carter-Matt Sato (Twin Falls junior, freshman)


Final results

1—Tanner Norton-Jacob Harris (Blackfoot seniors, 2nd BD 2013)

2—Cache Wood-Emry Wood (Middleton senior, freshman)

3—Joey Harrison-Nick Tobe (Bishop Kelly seniors)

4—Hunter Mansfield-Kade Sutton (Century sophomore, junior)


Summary: WR 3-2 match record, 4 points BD


Championship—Tanner Norton-Jacob Harris (Blackfoot seniors) 7-6, 6-2 over Cache Wood-Emry Wood (Middleton senior, freshman)

Third place—Joey Harrison-Nick Tobe (Bishop Kelly seniors) 6-4, 7-5 over Hunter Mansfield-Kade Sutton (Century sophomore, junior)


Local players


Stephen Pfeiffer-Andrew Graves (3-2, seniors)

Won 7-5, 4-6, 6-2 over Nick Anthony-Jacob Pintar (Bishop Kelly senior, sophomore)

Lost 6-0, 6-1 to Tanner Norton-Jacob Harris (Blackfoot seniors)

Won 6-0, 6-0 over Ivan Kranjc-Tristan Greaves (Canyon Ridge senior, sophomore)

Won 3-6, 6-4, 6-3 over Curtis Oesch-Bradon Swanson (Caldwell sophomores)

Lost 6-4, 6-3 to Hunter Mansfield-Kade Sutton (Century sophomore, junior)



Girls doubles (16 teams)



1—Alex Kempf-Sydney McRoberts (Century juniors)

2—Kennedy Search-Laney Search (Sandpoint senior, freshman)

3—Camille Ball-Kailee Ganir (Middleton juniors)

4—Alexandra Taylor-Samantha Taylor (Wood River senior, sophomore)


Final results

1—Alex Kempf-Sydney McRoberts (Century juniors)

2—Kennedy Search-Laney Search (Sandpoint senior, freshman)

3—Alexandra Taylor-Samantha Taylor (Wood River senior, sophomore)

4—Haley Hilton-Lauren McKinnon (Caldwell seniors)


Summary: WR 4-1 match record, 12 points GD


Championship—Alex Kempf-Sydney McRoberts (Century juniors) 6-0, 6-2 over Kennedy Search-Laney Search (Sandpoint senior, freshman)

Third place—Alexandra Taylor-Samantha Taylor (Wood River senior, sophomore) 6-4, 6-4 over Haley Hilton-Lauren McKinnon (Caldwell seniors)

Local players


Alexandra Taylor-Samantha Taylor (4-1, senior, sophomore)

Won 6-1, 3-6, 6-0 over Serena Hutson-Chea Jenne (Bishop Kelly sophomores)

Won 4-6, 6-2, 6-2 over Haley Hilton-Lauren McKinnon (Caldwell seniors)

Lost 6-3, 6-4 to Kennedy Search-Laney Search (Sandpoint senior, freshman)

Won 6-4, 6-3 over Camille Ball-Kailee Ganir (Middleton juniors)

Won 6-4, 6-4 over Haley Hilton-Lauren McKinnon (Caldwell seniors)—3rd place




Mixed doubles (16 teams)



1—Andrew Pearson-Haley Cutler (Wood River juniors)

2—Justin Fullmer-Hayley Clayton (Bonneville junior, senior)

3—Collin Jurenka-Katie Mares (Sandpoint seniors)

4—Nick Hughes-Kassie Tuttle (Nampa juniors)


Final results

1—Andrew Pearson-Haley Cutler (Wood River juniors)

2—Nick Hughes-Kassie Tuttle (Nampa juniors)

3—Justin Fullmer-Hayley Clayton (Bonneville junior, senior)

4—Eric Mitchell-Kiana Zamudio (Columbia senior, sophomore)



Summary: WR 4-0 match record, 20 points MD


Championship—Andrew Pearson-Haley Cutler (Wood River juniors) 6-3, 3-6, 6-4 over Nick Hughes-Kassie Tuttle (Nampa juniors)

Third place—Justin Fullmer-Hayley Clayton (Bonneville junior, senior) 6-1, 6-7, 6-4 over Eric Mitchell-Kiana Zamudio (Columbia senior, sophomore)


Local players


Andrew Pearson-Haley Cutler (4-0, juniors)

Won 6-3, 6-3 over Ian Roehr-Noelle King (Emmett juniors)

Won 7-5, 6-3 over Kaffrey Stellway-Christin Dobbs (Nampa sophomore, senior)

Won 3-6, 6-4, 6-2 over Eric Mitchell-Kiana Zamudio (Columbia senior, sophomore)

Won 6-3, 3-6, 6-4 over Nick Hughes-Kassie Tuttle (Nampa juniors)—championship

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