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Who’s riding in the big parade?

Participants come from across Idaho, Northwest

The Big Hitch heads down Main Street in Ketchum during the 2010 Wagon Days parade. Photo by Mountain Express

1 Ketchum Police Department, Ketchum, ID

Beginning the Wagon Days Parade are riders Lorraine Wilcox, Lisa Harkins and Curt Plassmeyer. They are representing the Ketchum Police Department.

2 David Ketchum American Legion Post 115, Sun Valley, ID

Please stand and honor the flag of our country, presented by the color guard of the David Ketchum American Legion Post 115. Representing the guard are veterans from World War II, Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm. Let's hear it for our flag and these veterans.

3 Cassia County Mounted Sheriff's Posse, Paul, ID

The posse was formed in Idaho in 1944 and was the first posse to form in Idaho. The Cassia County Mounted Sheriff's Posse rides to promote the love of horses and to advertise Cassia County throughout the Northwest. They are under the call of the Cassia County Sheriff and participate in law enforcement work and in rescue situations. This year's officers include Capt. Kelly Smith; Co-Capt. Ray Greer; Secretary/Treasurer Nick Darrington; Directors Richard Kelley, Leon Robinson, Wendel Dunn and Dale Doman.

4 Grand Marshal Sheriff Walt Femling

Wagon Days is proud to honor retired Blaine County Sheriff Walt Femling as the 2011 Grand Marshal. Walt Femling served this community as the Blaine County sheriff for more than 24 years.

5 City of Ketchum, Ketchum, ID

The 53rd Wagon Days Parade is presented by the city of Ketchum. The city is the proud caretaker of the Lewis Ore Wagons and the Ore Wagon Museum, where the wagons are housed throughout the year. We appreciate their support of this great event! Riding in the wagon is Mayor Randy Hall, his daughter Addee, council President Larry Helzel and council members Curtis Kemp, Baird Gourlay and Nina Jonas.

6 The City of Sun Valley, Sun Valley, ID

Riding in the city of Sun Valley wagon is Mayor Willich and his wife, Christine. The wagon is a John Deere wagon used at old Geyer Hot Springs Resort in the early 1900s. It was restored by Wood River Carriage Works.

7 The Blaine County Museum's Heritage Court, Hailey, ID

The Blaine County Historical Museum is proud to present the 2011 Blaine County Heritage Court. The ladies are Maxine Molyneux, Theresa Richards, Joanne Davis and Betsy Pearson. Maxine and her husband, Bill, moved to their ranch near Picabo in 1952. In addition to working the ranch, she has been active in the Carey LDS congregation, Little League and 4-H, and she is an excellent and generous cook. Maxine was the nominee of the Trailing of the Sheep. Theresa and her husband, Art, moved to Hailey in the 1950s. She worked as a nurse and raised their eight remarkable children. She's an active member of the St. Charles parish and the Hailey P.E.O., which has nominated her to this year's court. Joanne is the nominee of the Sun Valley Summer Symphony, for which she and her husband, Brack, have volunteered for years. Joanne is also on the board of the Sun Valley Ski Club. She and her husband moved here in the 1970s. Betsy moved here with her husband, Bob, in the 1970s after a busy career in New York advertising. She has volunteered with The Community Library, the Sagebrush Equine Training Center and the Croy Canyon Ranch Foundation, which has nominated her to this year's court. The Amish vis-a-vis is owned and driven by Bill Sherbine and pulled by Dick and Dan, Morgan-Percheron cross brothers.

8 Earl & Carol Holding, Sun Valley, ID

Riding in an 1863 Landeau convertible carriage are Earl and Carol Holding and family, owners of the Sun Valley Resort. The carriage is pulled by matched Belgians Bob and Maggie, owned by the Sun Valley Resort Stables. The Wagon Days parade committee would like to take this opportunity to thank the Holding family for their ongoing support of the Wagon Days Parade. The entire parade is staged on resort property and without their generosity this parade would not be possible.

9 Sun Valley Ice Show Kids, Sun Valley, ID

These adorable young boys and girls are cast members of the world-famous Sun Valley Ice Show. A longstanding summer tradition, the ice shows feature world and Olympic champions, including tonight's headliner, Sasha Cohen, as well as a talented local cast. Held every Saturday night, July Fourth through Labor Day, the ice shows are a summertime must-do. The kids are riding in one of the Sun Valley Stables' historic coach and carriage collection pieces, a genuine Yellowstone touring coach. Made in the early 1900s by the Abbot and Downing Co. in Concord, N.H., this coach (and others like it) is how the first tourists in Yellowstone National Park saw the sights. These coaches are found only in museums today and to see one in action is a rare treat. The coach is pulled by a team of Belgian horses named King and Queen.

10 Ms. Idaho Senior America 2011, Hagerman, ID

Riding in this wagon are women who have represented Idaho in the National Ms. Senior America: Ms. Idaho Senior America 1998, Fay Briscoe from Emmett; 2002, Loraine Price from Downey; 2003, Pat Banning from Hagerman; 2005, Dina Jewel from Boise; 2008, Norma Lee Bateman-Hendry from Meridian; and 2009, DiAnne Wilson from Caldwell. The annual National Ms. Idaho Senior America Pageant will be in Atlantic City, N.J., in October.

11 Burley High School Bobcat Band, Burley, ID

Today marks the 30th year that the Burley High School Band, Color Guard and Cheerleaders have marched in the Wagon Days Parade under the direction of Steve Floyd, band director at Burley High School for 32 years. The Color Guard advisor is Dina Erling and the Cheerleader advisor is ReAnn Condie. Drum majors for the band are Kaitlyn Rogers, Spencer Atkins and Brooklyn Winn. Color Guard captains are Marquita Torrez and Echko Goodwin. The band would like to thank the people of Ketchum and Sun Valley for their 30 years of hospitality.

12 Sponsors

The Wagon Days Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the sponsors. Each of these businesses has contributed to the success of Wagon Days and it could not be held each year without them. They make this wonderful event possible.

13 Americanas, Rexburg, ID

The Americanas have been performing for 25 years and have done more than 350 performances. Throughout the years they have had more than 200 riders. They have been to Washington, D.C., three times and have performed at the Rose Parade. Today they are saluting Wagon Days and the great state of Idaho. The support of the Idaho Mountain Express allows Wagon Days to bring in this spectacular entry.

14 High Country Peruvian Pasos, Sun Valley, ID

Peruvian Paso Horses pass their natural smooth gait on to all their offspring, making them the "champagne" of gaited horses. Riders are Cheryl and Forrest Hymas, Elizabeth Tierney, Catherine Thyne, Susan Tobiason, Lisa Hughes, Teri Szombathy, Randi Kanellitsas, Sandy and John Flattery, Carol Updyke, Judith Walker, Mary Neivens, Cindy Lambert, Catherine Fischer and Claudia Goldstein.

15 Smokey Bear, Ketchum, ID

The support of Atkinsons' Market, a longtime Wagon Days sponsor, has made this entry possible. Thank you Atkinsons'. Smokey Bear would like to remind you to be careful with fire while enjoying your national forests. Please do not leave your campfire until it is dead out. Wendy Bauwens of southwestern Montana's Sunnyside Farm joins us once again with another one of her colorful entries. This unique team of gray dun Norwegian fjord horses sports a sleek Dominiak dressage carriage from Portland. Norwegian fjords are a rare draft breed suitable for many disciplines from pulling carriages to horse-assisted therapy. The gray color of these horses is very uncommon and a feast for the eye. Local outrider Carrie Mahoney is riding on the sister horse to the team.

16, Sun Valley, ID is your comprehensive source for all information in the valley with the most complete event calendar and source for community information available.

17 Ketchum/Sun Valley Rotary Club Duck Race, Ketchum, ID

Our next entry is the Ketchum/Sun Valley Rotary Club, a Wagon Days sponsor. Join us tomorrow, Sunday, Sept. 4, at Rotary Park in Ketchum. The festivities start at 1 p.m. with great food, bouncy houses for the kids and live music. The ducks hit the water at 3 p.m. Be sure to adopt your ducks for a chance to win some terrific prizes including a chance at $1 million. Proceeds from the duck race benefit Blaine County Search & Rescue, local scholarships and other projects of the Ketchum/Sun Valley Rotary Club and the Sawtooth Board of Realtors Community Foundation. Adopt your duck today!

18 Ski and Heritage Museum, Ketchum, ID

The Ketchum Heritage & Ski Museum is dedicated to protecting the rich Ketchum Sun Valley area heritage for future generations. Be sure to visit the ski museum after the parade. The museum is in the Ketchum Forest Service Park at the corner of First Street and Washington Avenue.

19 EhCapa Bareback Riders, Nampa, ID

The EhCapa Bareback Riders are riders aged 8 to 19 years old who develop a unique relationship with their horses. They control their horses with leg cues, their voices and weight, along with a 1-inch-wide leather strap around the horse's neck known as a tack rein. The club was formed in 1956 and its members have performed all over the West, including British Columbia. Most riders ride for six years or more. The horses are of every shape, color and breed with no specific qualification except that they are trained and loved by the children who ride them. The club's style of riding is reminiscent of Native Americans. The name Apache was selected to be spelled in reverse. Thus the name EhCapa.

20 Jose and Jose Andalusians, Nampa, ID

Jose & Jose Andalusians are from Nampa and Caldwell, Idaho. They belong to the Charro Association "Rancho Seco." They are riding Andalusian and Aztec horses trained for the sport of charreria. This equestrian culture goes back 400 years and maintains great historical significance for people of Mexican heritage. Jose and Jose Andalusians would like to share with you a sample of this beautiful cultural tradition. They also would like to thank you for inviting them to participate in this beautiful parade.

21 Monte Piquet, Idaho Falls, ID

This six-up Hackney pony hitch wagon has 43 mirrors. Monte Piquet is the owner and driver, and Doyal Howles is riding shotgun.

22 Ralphie the Camel, Idaho Falls, ID

Ralphie is a Bactrian camel and is 8 years old. His owners are Jeral and Jenine Williams. His rider is their son, Justin Williams

23 Jerome High School Ambush of Tigers Marching Unit, Jerome, ID

The Jerome High School "Ambush of Tigers" marching unit has performed at countless events and competitions throughout the Western United States, including many consecutive years of appearances at the Wagon Days parade. The marching unit is led by drum majors Say-bra Cain and Anastasia King, with color guard captain Casey Clark. They would like to thank the Jerome School District and the Jerome Music Boosters for the continued support in this difficult educational climate, which allows them to perform for all the great people here today.

24 Croy Canyon Ranch Foundation, Hailey, ID

The mule teams of Lavern & Shirley are pulling a wagon owned by Pete Van Der Muelen wagon for the Croy Canyon Ranch Foundation. The foundation is planning to build a continuing-care retirement community for the seniors in the Wood River Valley on a beautiful 20-acre site west of Hailey in Croy Canyon. This facility will have three levels of care: skilled nursing care, assisted living and independent living, which will allow seniors to stay close to family and friends in the valley they love. In the wagon are some members of our hard-working Croy Canyon Ranch Foundation board, President Jeanne Cassell and campaign cabinet members. We salute their contributions to improving senior health care in the Wood River Valley.


25 Fred and Penny Hodges, Buhl, ID

Haflingers Cindy and Annie are pulling this wagon and Penny Hodges is driving. Fred Hodges and Gary Snow of Snow Carriage Works built this wagon using cherry wood on John Deere running gear. They designed this wagon for multiple uses. The sides roll up to give rides or slides in the snow, and a bed can be thrown in for camping or to join a wagon train.

26 Snows Carriage Works, Buhl, ID

Gary Snow is driving a team of horses pulling a horse-drawn street car. It seats 12 people.

27 Sen. Michelle Stennett, Ketchum, ID

Riders Michelle Stennett and Lorna and Bruce Hazelton. Sen. Michelle Stennett thanks everyone for their kindness and support over the past year. She is honored to serve the Wood River Valley.

28 Concord Stage, Ketchum, ID

The Concord Stage of Ketchum is part of the Hook Draw collection.

29 Yellowstone Stage, Ketchum, ID

Riding in this original Yellowstone stage are members of the Sun Valley Youth Hockey Team. This original and restored Yellowstone stage spent most of its working life at Yellowstone National Park. It is part of the Hook Draw collection.

30 Don Cant, Middleton, ID

Don Cant is driving his miniature horse, Moe.

31 Lois Cant, Middleton, ID

Lois Cant is driving a miniature horse named Blue.

32 Blaine County Democrats, Ketchum, ID

The Blaine County Democrats are your local organization here to identify, elect and support Democratic candidates for local, state and national offices.

33 Wood River High School Cheerleaders, Hailey, ID

34 The Old Frontier Gang, Hailey, ID

Originally called the Hailey Hellers, the Old Frontier Gang has been in existence for more than 41 years. The coach was built in New Hampshire by the firm of Abbott and Downing. It ran passengers from Henry's Lake to West Yellowstone. The coach is around 116 years old. The horses are matched Belgian draft horses owned by Lawrence and Joyce Edwards of Carey.

35 Idaho Civil War Volunteers, Twin Falls, ID

These riders and their horses will be participating in a re-creation of the Civil War. The horses are very similar to the size and color of horses used during the Civil War. These riders will be representing soldiers of the 1860s on the 150th anniversary of the war between the states. They will ride as a Confederate cavalry officer of the 43rd of Virginia and Federal Private Cavalrymen of the 2nd U.S.

36 Battle of the Blades: Ice ... It's Hard, Sun Valley, ID

Battle of the Blades: Ice ... It's Hard is a fundraiser to benefit the Sun Valley Figure Skating Club and other local nonprofits. Blades are going to fly at Sun Valley's outdoor rink on Sept. 10 when nine local celebrities are paired with nine skating professionals in a competition modeled on Dancing with the Stars. On the float are some of our local figure skating stars. Don't miss the event!

37 15th annual Trailing of the Sheep Festival, Hailey, ID

The 15th annual Trailing of the Sheep Festival is coming Oct. 7-9 in Sun Valley, Ketchum and Hailey. This unique event includes three days of nonstop activities celebrating our colorful history, heritage and culture of sheepherding and sheep ranching in Idaho and the West. Sheep wagons like this one are still used by sheepherders during the summer grazing season in the high mountains. The wagons are self-contained and include a cook stove, bed, lots of storage space and everything needed to live in the mountains while caring for herds of sheep. The driver is Max Keller.

38 Blaine County Horse 4-H

Riding in this wagon are Blaine County youth representing horse 4-H. This group of kids meets on a weekly basis throughout the year to learn about the responsibilities of horse care and riding skills. They recently competed at the Blaine County Fair, and have qualified to represent our county at the district level.

39 Ketchum Firefighters Local 4758, Ketchum, ID

Taking part in a time-honored tradition dating back to 1954, the Ketchum Professional Firefighters are helping to raising money for muscular dystrophy. Today there is a special guest riding on the Ketchum Firefighters' wagon. His name is Sebastian Paul and he is from Hailey. Sebastian s 9 years old and goes to school at Woodside Elementary. Sebastian was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy when he was 2. Riding with Sebastian are friends and members of his family. They are here today to help the firefighters raise awareness and money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Your generous donations have allowed Sebastian to attend weeklong camps where he gets to meet other children like himself, compare stories and have some good times. Your donations also provide funds for special equipment that is so necessary for children suffering from muscular dystrophy. The Ketchum Firefighters would also like to invite everyone to the Cornerstone Bar and Grill right after the parade where they will be continuing their fundraising efforts. Meet your local firefighters and enjoy great food and drinks. Part of all bar proceeds will go toward the Fill the Boot effort.

40 The Community School, Sun Valley, ID

The Community School offers an extraordinary educational experience for children from preschool through high school. The school has served families in the Wood River Valley for 35 years. This fall the school opens its boarding program for students from around the country and the world. The Community School is the home of the Sun Valley Ski Academy, providing an exceptional experience for serious snow sports athletes. Go Community School Cutthroats!

41 Chuck Wagon , Salmon, ID

The next entry is Doug Westfall of Salmon River Stage Lines. He is driving a chuck wagon.

42 Wilcox Horse and Buggy, Vale, OR

A single warm blood with original two-wheeled stud cart made by W.G. Hesse and Son Manufacturing from Leavenworth, Kan., with antique fly net and a cowboy outrider from Canyon City, Ore. Sylvia Wilcox of Vale, Ore., is driving.

43 Poole Oil - Wilcox Horse and Buggy, Vale, OR

This 1920 Troy tank wagon was used to haul Continental Oil products. It is pulled by a gray thoroughbred Percheron cross team, with original harness made in the 1950s and used in many a parade. Jerry Wilcox of Vale, Ore., is the driver.

44 Poole Oil Wagon, Vale, OR

An early 1900s oil wagon, maker unknown. It was used to haul Zerolene products made by Standard Oil in Baker City, Ore., for many years. Pulled by a team of black Percheron horses with a U.S. Cavalry reproduction harness. The driver is R.L Talbert of Vale, Ore.

45 The Fiddlers, Bellevue, ID

This good-old entry was made possible by the support of St. Luke's, a Wagon Days sponsor. The fiddlers have been a part of Wagon Days for many years. You can hear them play tomorrow morning at the pancake breakfast.

46 Amita Smith, Bliss, ID

Amita and Elana Smith are driving a team of Percherons pulling a people wagon.

47 Debbie and Jim Hook, McCammon, ID

Debbie and Jim Hook are driving a miniature Amish wagon. The wagon is pulled by Noble and Mountie.

48 Silvia Lockyer, McCammon, ID

Ace is an 11-year-old registered miniature paint gelding, with a two-wheeled cart driven by his owner, Silvia Lockyer.

49 John and Renee Smith, Rupert, ID

John and Renee Smith are driving a team of Haflingers. This team was originally trained by the Amish people in Iowa. The Smiths own and operate the Horse Pro Shop, a tack store.

50 Westendorf Family, Shoshone, ID

This pair of white mules is pulling a restored 1900 Concord freight wagon, owned by Jerry and Susan Westendorf. The Westendorf family is celebrating six generations of family farming, beginning with a homestead in 1884 on the Little Wood River, working up to the current operation where they grow hay and raise cattle on the Big Wood River northeast of Shoshone.

51 Meridian Lions Rodeo Queen Court, Boise, ID

Leading the group is its senior queen, Cathy Jo Ruby. Following Cathy Jo is her teen queen, Sydney Butler, and its mini queen, Sarah Jane St. Michelle. Its rodeo is just three weeks away, on Saturday, Sept. 24, and Sunday, Sept. 25, in Meridian, Idaho. For more information on these ladies and the rodeo that they represent, please visit

52 Peck Ranches , Carey, ID

Owners and operaters Tom and Brenda Peck are third-generation ranchers in southern Idaho, raising quality cattle and Belgian horses. The team pulling the Peck ranch wagon are Kate and Moonie with their foals by their sides. The foals are 3 months old and one day apart. Proud to be part of the Wagon Days Parade. Have a great day!

98 City of Ketchum Water Wagon, Ketchum, ID

The water wagon and commissary was used to carry water for the mules and men on journeys across the plains and desert. The wagon is pulled by a team owned and driven by Bob Tomaski from Montana. The Water Wagon entry is sponsored by the Casino. The Casino will host a live band directly after the parade.

99 Ketchum-Warm Springs Riding Club, Sun Valley, ID

The Ketchum-Warm Springs Riding Club, known by some as the supper club, is one of the oldest riding clubs in Idaho. It was formed in the 1950s to keep horses in shape for hunting season. The club is a local group of trail riders, most of who come from south of Ketchum. They have a mix of horses, no dues and meet every Wednesday night in Adams Gulch. Riding today are the Mills, Federkos, Schernthanners, Hazeltons and friends. The Ketchum-Warm Springs Riding Club has been escorting the Big Hitch for 53 years.

100 City of Ketchum Big Hitch, Bishop, CA

As always, the best for last. The grand finale to the Wagon Days Parade, the Big Hitch. These six original Lewis Fast Freight Line Ore Wagons were originally used to transport ore from the mountains that surround our valley. These wagons traversed the dangerous 12 percent-grade Trail Creek Road. The Horace Lewis Family donated the wagons to the city of Ketchum. Pulling the wagon is a 20-draft-mule jerkline driven by professional mule skinner Bobby Tanner of Bishop, Calif., assisted by his crew, Mr. Ivan Swaner, Wagon Days historian, former grand marshal and one of the original Wagon Days committee members and brakeman Tim Deckard, Ryan Eittreim and Doug McClean. Please keep quiet as the hitch passes as the mules must be able to hear voice commands.

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