Friday, August 19, 2011

Liberals and media are duplicitous

Allen K. Holcomb lives in Sun Valley.


I'm writing about the "Fire in the eyes" commentary in the Aug. 5 issue disparaging John Boehner for your perception of his "gloating" is the height of pettiness. With all the huge problems we face, that you would raise your emotional reaction to a central spot on your editorial page is just sad.

You are grossly missing something. We conservatives (pragmatists) have had fire in our eyes for a good while. Not over a simple matter like your reaction to John Boehner's remarks, but over runaway government spending, out-of-control entitlements, excessive redistribution of wealth, a dysfunctional federal government, and the list goes on and on. Just watch what happens in 2012 to see how strongly we feel about these matters and how much "fire" we have in our eyes.

I have spent the last year studying the liberal mind that characterizes the Democratic Party. One aspect is duplicity. Your editorial sniveling is a good example. Where were you when Obama, on calling the congressional leaders to the White House early after his election, cut off Republicans' debate by imperiously saying, "I am the one who was elected"—notwithstanding that the Republicans had been "elected" too. The arrogance of his timing and condescending manner sure did not bring an outcry by your liberal media colleagues.

How is it that Bill Clinton cleaned house of all Republicans in the federal district attorney branch soon after his election, and nothing was cried about it. But, when the Bush administration did similar, you liberals wanted to put Alberto Gonzales in jail—duplicity! How about the Obama administration's nuances in coaxing people not to say "Muslim terrorists," but fundamentalists, discontents, misguided individuals, or some other euphemism. But your Democratic talking heads, including Harry Reid, have been quick to call Tea Party members "terrorists"—duplicity! And that list goes on and on, as well.

There are many other misguided attributes of you liberals, but I've decided to point them out one by one as they appear. I have little hope that I can sway a liberal. I do believe it is a "brain thing." Peggy Noonan, after working side-by-side with Dan Rather, was frustrated with his recalcitrance in recognizing his ultra-liberalism and, finally, decided not to press him about it anymore because "he just didn't see it." I refuse to give up pointing out the foibles of the liberal mind.

I am sorry John Boehner hurt your feelings. But, you know what, with the federal debt being approximately $44,000 for every man, woman and child in this country, your feelings are miniscule by comparison.

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