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Blaine County/Hershey track results

May 7, 2011, the annual Hershey/Blaine County track and field meet at Carey School's Derrick Parke Memorial Field, sponsored by the Blaine County Recreation District and volunteers. The top two finishers in each event (ages 9-14) qualified for the southern Idaho state meet Saturday, July 9 at Madison High School in Rexburg. School abbreviations are Hailey Elementary (H), Hemingway Elementary (Hem), Woodside Elementary (W), Carey School (C), Camas County (Camas) and Wood River Middle School (WRMS).

Ages 9-10 (2001-02)

Girls' standing long jump: 1—Sariah Nelson (B) 6-1.25. 2—Madison Ferris (Hem) 6-0.25. 3—Lindsey Morey (C) 5-10.25. 4—Payton Bacca (Hem) 5-9.25. 5—Jenna Nurge (Hem) 5-7.5. 6—Abigail Pincock (C) 5-3.5.

Girls' softball throw: 1—Athanasia Versis (C) 87-5. 2—Shantell Chavez (C) 67-0. 3—Amerese Sabey (B) 64-1. 4—Bailie Morey (C) 54-0. 5—Kylie Wood (C) 53-2. 6—Caroline Estep (Hem) 51-6.

Girls' 50m: 1—Elena Adams (C) 8.22. 2—Payton Bacca (Hem) 8.34. 3—Clara Jenner (Hem) 8.37. 4—Katherine Estep (Hem) 8.71. 5—Abigail Pincock (C) 8.86. 6—Kylie Wood (C) 9.00.

Girls' 100m: 1—Jenna Nurge (Hem) 16.00. 2—Madison Ferris (Hem) 16.37. 3—Payton Bacca (Hem) 16.38. 4—Katherine Estep (Hem) 17.10. 5—Clara Jenner (Hem) 17.13. 6—Elena Adams (C) 17.27.

Girls' 200m: 1—Jenna Nurge (Hem) 36.62. 2—Madison Ferris (Hem) 36.70. 3—Lindsey Morey (C) 36.83. 4—Lauren Roberts (H) 37.58. 5—Kodi Green (C) 39.01. 6—Katherine Estep (Hem) 39.51.

Girls' 400m: 1—Athanasia Versis (C) 1:27.70. 2—Emily Ruhter (B) 1:43.68..

Girls' 400m relay: 1—Hemingway (Bacca, Nurge, Jenner, Ferris) 1:05.69. 2—Carey (Morey, Morey, Versis, Green) 1:08.62. 3—Hemingway (Mary, Miller, Harmon, Estep) 1:10.96. 4—Bellevue (Porth, Castle, Gaillard, Sevia) 1:14.30. 5—Hemingway (Buxton, Estep, Estep) 1:18.67.

Boys' standing long jump: 1—Logan Verst (H) 6-2. 2—Anthony Corrales (H) 5-10. 3—Garrett Stouffer (B) 5-9. 4—Carson Simpson (C) 5-3. 5—Payson Bingham (C) 5-2. 6—Elliott Sweek (H) 5-0.

Boys' softball throw: 1—David Rau (H) 126-5. 2—Porter Mecham (C) 105-6. 3—Jedson Waters (H) 93-10. 4—Jackson Pettie (C) 86-0. 5—Lukas Taylor (H) 77-3. 6—Kevin Myles (Hem) 72-3.

Boys' 50m: 1—Anders Nelson (H) 8.69. 2—Jedson Waters (H) 8.81. 3—Lukas Taylor (H) 8.86. 4—Anthony Corrales (H) 8.95. 5—Tanner Reay (C) 9.07. 6—Elk Spencer (H) 9.19.

Boys' 100m: 1—David Rau (H) 15.71. 2—Carson Simpson (C) 16.60. 3—Anders Nelson (H) 17.56. 4—Anthony Corrales (H) 17.58. 5—Jedson Waters (H) 17.73. 6—Logan Verst (H) 17.92.

Boys' 200m: 1—David Rau (H) 33.58. 2—Garrett Stouffer (B) 36.02. 3—Payson Bingham (C) 36.09. 4—Aidan Burchmore (Hem) 39.02. 5—Logan Verst (H) 39.19. 6—Sam Bingham (C) 39.70.

Boys' 400m: 1—Carson Simpson (C) 1:20.70. 2—Garrett Stouffer (B) 1:22.51. 3—Aidan Burchmore (Hem) 1:27.44. 4—Payson Bingham (C) 1:29.01.

Ages 11-12 (1999-2000)

Girls' standing long jump: 1—Stella Barsotti (H) 6-0.25. 2—Abby Benson (B) 5-9.5. 3—Emelia Morgan (H) 5-7. 4—Grace Hoffman (B) 5-6.5. 5—Laken Wolf (Camas) 5-5. 6—Keely Wolf (Camas) 5-4.5.

Girls' softball throw: 1—Audra Mary (Hem) 83-11. 2—Abby Benson (B) 76-0. 3—Graciela Robles (B) 73-4. 4—Devon Brown (Hem) 68-2. 5—Vanessa Gates (C) 66-4. 6—Hannah Blackwell (H) 55-6.

Girls' 100m: 1—Laken Wolf (Camas) 14.95. 2—Grace Hoffman (B) 16.19. 3—Stella Barsotti (H) 16.22. 4—Hannah Blackwell (H) 16.86. 5—Riley Revallier (WRMS) 16.90. 6—Emelia Morgan (H) 17.08.

Girls' 200m: 1—Stella Barsotti (H) 34.95. 2—Kinley Miller (Hem) 35.78. 3—Riley Revallier (WRMS) 36.11. 4—Grace Hoffman (B) 36.83. 5—Dylan Porth (B) 36.96. 6—Hannah Blackwell (H) 37.33.

Girls' 400m: 1—Kinley Miller (Hem) 1:18.50. 2—Laken Wolf (Camas) 1:18.75. 3—Dylan Porth (B) 1:24.91. 4—Maddie Ruhter (B) 1:26.62.

Girls' 800m: 1—Keely Wolf (Camas) 3:22.27.

Girls' 400m relay: 1—Hailey (Blackwell, Barsotti, Morgan, Hollister) 1:07.74.

Boys' standing long jump: 1—Nathan Stouffer (WRMS) 6-3. 2—Connor Irons (H) 6-2. 3—Tiernan Naghsh (Hem) 6-1. 4—Alec Broman (Hem) 6-0. 5—Spencer Neel (B) 5-8 and Jaren Bothwell (H) 5-8.

Boys' softball throw: 1—Ike Buxton (Hem) 126-9. 2—Taylor Koth (Hem) 111-3. 3—Hilario Ruiz (C) 100-2. 4—Trevor Kirkland (C) 99-0. 5—Omar Morales (C) 97-8. 6—Will Griffith (Hem) 85-3.

Boys' 100m: 1—Taylor Koth (Hem) 14.96. 2—Alec Broman (Hem) 15.34. 3—Jaren Bothwell (H) 15.78. 4—Will Griffith (Hem) 16.50. 5—Hilario Ruiz (C) 16.54. 6—Isaac Loomis (H) 16.86.

Boys' 200m: 1—Taylor Koth (Hem) 32.14. 2—Ike Buxton (Hem) 32.73. 3—Bayley Bingham (C) 33.01. 4—Tiernan Naghsh (Hem) 33.28. 5—Jaren Bothwell (H) 34.50. 6—Connor Irons (H) 35.51.

Boys' 400m: 1—Nathan Stouffer (WRMS) 1:16.98. 2—Bayley Bingham (C) 1:17.56. 3—Tiernan Naghsh (Hem) 1:19.70. 4—Tanner Mecham (C) 1:20.90. 5—Houston Hennefer (C) 1:27.83. 6—Isaac Loomis (H) 1:40.99.

Boys' 800m: 1—Nathan Stouffer (WRMS) 2:54.68. 2—Logan Jones-Wilkins (Comm School) 2:56.94. 3—Tanner Mecham (C) 3:00.81. 4—Ike Buxton (Hem) 3:13.49. 5—Isaac Loomis (H) 3:24.63. 6—Landon Nurge (Hem) 3:28.00.

Boys' 400m relay: 1—Hemingway (Koth, Buxton, Broman, Naghsh) 1:01.04. 2—Hailey (Bothwell, Lawrence, Merrick, Irons) 1:09.81.

Ages 13-14 (1997-98)

Girls' softball throw: 1— Natalie Villanueva (C) 103-6.

Girls' 200m: 1—Natalie Villanueva (C) 38.26.

Boys' softball throw: 1—Tyson Mecham (C) 116-3.

Boys' 100m: 1—Jordan Adams (C) 14.71. 2—Tyson Mecham (C) 16.11.

Boys' 200m: 1—Tyson Mecham (C) 35.00.

Ages 8-and-under (2003-05)

Girls' standing long jump: 1—Coral Morgan (H) 4-6.5. 2—Lola Randolph (H) 4-4.5 and Anna Geissler (H) 4-4.5. 3—Alexis Wheeler (Wood) 4-2.75. 4—Marika Versis (C) 3-11.75. 5—Ella Boice (H) 3-11, Madi Cox 3-11 and Charlie Looms 3-11. 6—Madeline Charpentier (Camas) 3-10.5.

Girls' softball throw: 1—Georgia Adams (B) 49-4. 2—Lizbeth Ruiz (C) 46-4. 3—Devon Peterson (B) 45-4. 4—Sage Curtis (Hem) 43-4. 5—Marcela Del Real (C) 37-9. 6—Lola Randolph (H) 37-2.

Boys' standing long jump: 1—Tristan Schroeder (Camas) 5-5. 2—Oliver Wiedemann (Hem) 5-3. 3—Jacob Russell (Hem) 5-0. 4—Hunter Thompson (H) 4-4. 5—Zane Barckholtz (H) 4-3. 6—Nick Fehr (Wood) 3-11.

Boys' softball throw: 1—Jesus Villanueva (C) 68-0. 2—Ethan Shoemaker (B) 67-11. 3—Tristan Schroeder (Camas) 56-6. 4—Dallin Parke (C) 58-1. 5—Jake Charpentier (Camas) 56-6. 6—Oliver Wiedemann (Hem) 56-1.

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