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Sun Valley skates up a storm at Jackson Hole

33 medals and other honors

Lane Letourneau competes for the Sun Valley Figure Skating Club at Jackson Hole, Wyo. Courtesy photo

Eighteen local figure skaters competed for the Sun Valley Figure Skating Club at Jack-son, Wyo., March 10-12. They returned with 33 medals, four Special Awards and the "Most Outstanding Club at the Jack-son Hole Invitational" trophy.

Nicole Pratt, 16, a Wood River High sophomore, won the Sherrie Fleuter Award for ex-cellence in artistic and free-style skating and for represent-ing the spirit of figure skating at the Jackson Hole meet.

Lane Letourneau, 11, a Community School sixth grader, won the Stillwell Award for skating the most highly entertaining and crea-tive showcase program.

Pratt also took the first-place Novice Ladies Combined Free Skate trophy. Joyce Chan, a Community School eighth grader, won the first-place In-termediate Ladies Combined Free Skate trophy.

Multiple gold medals were won by Pratt (3) and Alexandra Harten (3) competing at the Novice Ladies level; by Joyce Chan (4) competing in Interme-diate Ladies; by Lane Le-tourneau (2) at the Preliminary level; and by Antonia Avery (2), competing at Non-Test and Ba-sic Skills Free Skate 4 levels.

Gold medals were captured by Arizona Semones competing at Pre-Juvenile level; Travis Flynt in Preliminary; Alex Stuessi in Pre-preliminary; Tatum Fuller at Non-Test; Aurora Wilkinson in Basic Skills Free Skate 5, and Mur-phy Kendall in Basic Skills 3.

Taking silver medals were Chan, Semones (2), Lane Le-tourneau (2), Alex Stuessi (2), and Wilkinson. Isabella Bour-ret won silver competing at the Preliminary level.

Telar McClure won bronze in Intermediate Ladies and Grace Eagan took bronze at the Open Juvenile level. Emma Stuessi won silver and bronze competing at Preliminary level. Travis Flynt, Alex Stuessi and Antonia Avery also took bronze. Caitlin Sholtis com-peted in Intermediate Ladies.

The competition concluded with an event the Jackson Hole host club designed purely for entertainment, "Gong Show-case," in which single and pairs of skaters skate zany comedy programs before costumed judges who send them packing by banging a large Gong.

Alexandra Harten and Joyce Chan captured first place in "Medium Pairs Gong" with "Beware of the Blob." Compet-ing in "Low Gong Showcase," Lane Letourneau and Emma Stuessi won second place with "Pants on the Ground/Whip Your Hair Around," and Blake Letourneau and Alex Stuessi placed fourth with "Black Swan/White Swan."

In the U.S. Figure Skating test session preceding the Jackson Hole meet, Sun Valley skaters Travis Flynt and Sheldon Gentling took part.

Flynt passed his Pre Juve-nile Free Skate test, which qualifies him to compete at the Pre Juvenile level. Gentling passed her Juvenile Moves in the Field test, the fourth of eight tests in the series.

Here are local results:

Novice Ladies Events

Free Skate, Long: Nicole Pratt-1

Free Skate, Short: Nicole Pratt-1; Alexandra Harten-4

Artistic: Nicole Pratt-1

Interpretive Improvisation: Alexandra Harten-1

Showcase: Alexandra Harten-1; Joyce Chan-2

Intermediate Ladies Events

Free Skate, Long: Joyce Chan-1; Telar McClure-3; Caitlin Shotis-5

Free Skate, Short: Joyce Chan-1; Telar McClure-4; Caitlin Sho-tis-5

Artistic: Joyce Chan-1

Open Juvenile Events

Free Skate: Gracie Eagan-3

Artistic: Gracie Eagan-5

Pre Juvenile Events

Artistic: Arizona Semones-2

Showcase: Arizona Semones-1

Preliminary Events

Free Skate, Group A: Isabella Bourret-4; Emma Stuessi-5

Free Skate, Group B: Travis Flynt-3

Artistic, Group A: Lane Le-tourneau-2; Emma Stuessi-4

Artistic, Group B: Travis Flynt-1; Isabella Bourret-2

Showcase: Lane Letourneau-1; Emma Stuessi-3

Pre-preliminary Events

Free Skate, Group A: Blake Letourneau-4; Sheldon Gen-tling-5

Free Skate, Group B: Alex Stuessi-3

Artistic, Group A: Alex Stuessi-1; Blake Letourneau-4

Showcase: Alex Stuessi-2; Blake Letourneau-4

Non-Test Events

Artistic, Group B: Murphy Kendall-4

Artistic, Group C: Antonia Avery-1

Artistic, Group D: Tatum Fuller-1; Aurora Wilkinson-2

Showcase: Antonia Avery-3

Competitive Test Track Events:

Pre Juvenile Free Skate: Ari-zona Semones-2

Preliminary Free Skate: Lane Letourneau-2

Basic Skills Competition Events:

Basic Skills Free Skate 5

Free Skate: Aurora Wilkinson-1; Tatum Fuller-2;

Basic Skills Free Skate 4

Free Skate: Antonia Avery-1

Basic Skills Basic 3

Free Skate: Murphy Kendall-1

"Gong Showcase" Entertain-ment Events:

First Place, Medium Pairs: Al-exandra Harten/Joyce Chan's "Beware of The Blob"

Second Place, Low Pairs: Emma Stuessi/Lane Le-tourneau's "Pants on the Ground/Whip Your Hair Around"

Fourth Place, Low Pairs: Alex Stuessi and Blake Letourneau's "Black Swan/White Swan"

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