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Masters enjoy weekend of Skoch Cup racing

Formula Sports races staged on Baldy

Courtesy photo by Heather Black Men’s Class 10 (ages 70-74) su-per giant slalom winner Keith Thompson takes his turn down Baldy’s Greyhawk ski run dur-ing the Jan. 14 SG that kicked off the three-day Formula Sports Skoch Cup.

Intermountain Masters alpine ski racing heated up last weekend during the Formula Sports Skoch Cup on Baldy.

The Skoch Cup was the sec-ond event on the 2011 Intermountain Masters sched-ule. It includes the Jan. 22-23 Cowboy Classic GS at Snow King, Wyo. and the USSA Skier's Edge Western Regional Championships Feb. 3-6 at Mammoth Mountain, Ca.

The USSA Skier's Edge Na-tional Championships will be held Copper Mountain, Colo. starting March 19-20 with the downhill and March 21-26 with the rest of the disciplines.

Utah's Dana Alexandrescu and Ketchum's John Campbell emerged as the three-event combined winners of the Skoch Cup staged Jan. 14-16 on Baldy.

The Skoch Cup awarded over $1,000 in cash prizes to the lowest combined times for the top three women and top five men. Top women: 1—Dana Al-exandrescu. 2—Beth Sarazine. 3—Nancy Auseklis. Top men: 1—John Campbell. 2—Victor Roy. 3—Ken Dreyer. 4—Dana MacKenzie. 5—Mark Masur.

Age class winners were:

John Droege, Virginia Reed, Harry Baxter, Carl Fullman, Keith Thompson, Anna Droege, Nancy Auseklis, Rosemary Moschel, Heidi Flood, Amy Lanzel, Bob Sarchett, Dana Al-exandrescu, Jackson Allred, Nancy Dreyer, Mark Masur, Phil Erlinger, Victor Roy, Timothy Hill, Dana McKenzie, Andrew Sheppard, Debra McKenzie, John Campbell, Jim Grossman, Bradley Meister, Jim Ragan and Jason Congdon.

Here are the results:

Men's Class 13 (ages 85-and-over)—Super giant slalom: 1—John Droege 1:28.89. Giant slalom: 1—John Droege 2:59.69.

Women's Class 12 (80-84)—Su-per giant slalom: 1—Virginia Reed 1:25.77. Giant slalom: 1—Virginia Reed 2:57.37. Slalom: 1—Virginia Reed 2:15.39.

Men's Class 12—Super giant slalom: 1—Harry Baxter 1:11.05. 2—Drury Cooper 1:13.71. Giant slalom: 1—Harry Baxter 2:22.50. 2—Drury Cooper 2:29.79. Slalom: 1—Harry Baxter 1:58.45. 2—Drury Cooper 1:59.58.

Men's Class 11 (75-79)—Super giant slalom: 1—Carl Fullman 1:01.82. 2—Herb Nolan 1:08.75. Giant slalom: 1—Carl Fullman 2:05.38. 2—Herb Nolan 2:11.76. Slalom: 1—Carl Fullman 1:42.20.

Women's Class 10 (70-74)—Su-per giant slalom: 1—Anna Droege 1:04.53. 2—Trudi Schneider 1:20.31. Giant slalom: 1—Anna Droege 2:08.21. 2—Trudi Schneider 2:23.82. 3—Ellen James 2:42.05. Slalom: 1—Anna Droege 1:35.17. 2—Ellen James 2:15.00.

Men's Class 10—Super giant slalom: 1—Keith Thompson 1:00.07. 2—Frank Ward 1:03.50. 3—Fran Noel 1:05.00. 4—Ned Lumpkin 1:08.86. DSQ—Ben Harwell. Giant slalom: 1—Keith Thompson 2:05.60. 2—Frank Ward 2:11.75. 3—Fran Noel 2:14.15. 4—Ned Lumpkin 2:19.90. 5—Herb Meyr 3:00.83. Slalom: 1—Keith Thompson 1:33.08. 2—Frank Ward 1:37.09. 3—Fran Noel 1:41.25. 4—Ned Lumpkin 1:53.38.

Women's Class 9 (65-69)—Super giant slalom: 1—Nancy Auseklis 1:01.45. Giant slalom: 1—Nancy Auseklis 2:05.24. Slalom: 1—Nancy Auseklis 1:34.83.

Men's Class 9—Super giant sla-lom: 1—Bob Sarchett 57.35. 2—Yves Desgouttes 1:01.28. 3—Jim Ruscitto 1:01.94. 4—Stephen Slivinski 1:03.51. 5—Fred Beguin 1:07.08. 6—Robert Reithner 1:13.34. Giant slalom: 1—Bob Sarchett 1:56.18. 2—Yves Des-gouttes 2:03.12. 3—Jim Ruscitto 2:04.29. 4—Stephen Slivinski 2:05.80. 5—Chas Mangham 2:05.85. 6—Rob-ert Reithner 2:22.45. DNF—Fred Be-guin. Slalom: 1—Bob Sarchett 1:29.26. 2—Jim Ruscitto 1:34.77. 3—Stephen Slivinski 1:41.56. 4—Fred Beguin 1:51.57. DNF—Chas Mang-ham and Jeff Sogard. DSQ—Yves Desgouttes.

Women's Class 8 (60-64)—Super giant slalom: 1—Rosemary Moschel 1:09.00. Giant slalom: 1—Rosemary Moschel 2:13.33. 2—Georgina Suttor 2:23.38. Slalom: 1—Rosemary Mos-chel 1:39.93.

Men's Class 8—Super giant sla-lom: 1—Jim Ragan 56.73. 2—Don Lofgren 1:09.40. Giant slalom: 1—Jackson Allred 2:18.64. 2—Don Lofgren 2:19.44. 3—Mike Jones 2:22.65. Slalom: 1—Jackson Allred 1:46.28. 2—Mike Jones 1:46.37. DNF—Jim Ragan.

Women's Class 7 (55-59)—Super giant slalom: 1—Debra McKenzie 1:07.29. 2—Jan Rosenquist 1:10.00. 3—Heidi Flood 1:10.18. Giant slalom: 1—Nancy Dreyer 2:09.41. 2—Debra McKenzie 2:19.78. 3—Jan Rosenquist 2:21.99. DSQ—Heidi Flood. Slalom: 1—Heidi Flood 1:44.60. 2—Debra McKenzie 1:45.54.

Men's Class 7—Super giant sla-lom: 1—Victor Roy 1:02.68. 2—Ken Dreyer 1:03.79. 3—Keith Rounkles 1:05.82. 4—Greg Moore 1:06.35. 5—Mark Masur 1:10.04. 6—William Vernon 1:14.14. Giant slalom: 1—Phil Erlinger 1:55.08. 2—Dan Kurdy 1:58.03. 3—Greg Moore 1:58.16. 4—Mark Masur 1:58.96. 5—William Vernon 2:02.05. 6—Joe Congdon 2:09.69 DNF—Bill Skinner. Slalom: 1—Mark Masur 1:31.08. 2—Phil Erlin-ger 1:31.09. DNF—Joe Congdon. DSQ—William Vernon.

Women's Class 6 (50-54)—Giant slalom: 1—Amy Lanzel 2:08.26. Sla-lom: 1—Amy Lanzel 1:33.82.

Men's Class 6—Super giant sla-lom: 1—Dana McKenzie 1:06.25. 2—Kenneth Bailey 1:09.47. 3—Rich Pot-ashner 1:17.69. 4—Daniel Prefontaine 1:19.35. Giant slalom: 1—Dana McKenzie 1:53.76. 2—Daniel Prefon-taine 2:12.06. 3—Rich Potashner 2:16.10. DNF—Ion Teska. Slalom: DNF—Ion Teska.

Men's Class 5 (45-49)—Super giant slalom: 1—John Campbell 1:03.08. 2—Alan Rickers 1:03.35. 3—Bradley Meister 1:18.66. DNF—James Coleman. Giant slalom: 1—Bradley Meister 2:23.41.

Men's Class 4 (40-44)—Super giant slalom: 1—Jim Grossman 1:01.65. 2—Andrew Sheppard 1:29.23. Giant slalom: 1—Andrew Sheppard 2:26.40.

Women's Class 2 (30-34)—Super giant slalom: 1—Dana Alexandrescu 54.01. 2—Beth Sarazine 57.43. Giant slalom: 1—Dana Alexandrescu 1:49.20. 2—Beth Sarazine 1:56.85 Slalom: 1—Dana Alexandrescu 1:23.84. 2—Beth Sarazine 1:24.96.

Men's Class 1 (21-29)—Giant slalom: 1—Jason Congdon 2:31.52. 2—Eric Congdon 2:34.90.

Men's Class 0 (SS)—Giant sla-lom: 1—Timothy Hill 1:42.64. 2—John Campbell 1:44.24. 3—Victor Roy 1:47.65. 4—Keith Rounkles 1:50.05. 5—Ken Dreyer 1:50.12. 6—Alan Rick-ers 1:50.23. 7—Don Sears 1:51.09. 8—Thomas Kronthaler 1:51.94. 9—Brian Frost 1:53.05. 10—Jim Ragan 1:54.11. Slalom: 1—Timothy Hill 1:14.84. 2—Toby Chapman 1:18.55. 3—John Campbell 1:19.75. 4—Victor Roy 1:20.23. 5—Bill Skinner 1:22.77. 6—Thomas Kronthaler 1:24.77. 7—Ken Dreyer 1:25.19. 8—Dana McKenzie 1:26.22. 9—Don Sears 1:26.27. 10—Brian Frost 1:26.38.

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