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SVSEF ski and snowboard team outlooks

Freestyle Team numbers climb for 2010-11

Exciting things are happening for the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation's Freestyle Team headed by Andy Ware.

Numbers of participants on three squads have grown for the 2010-11 season. Fourteen outstanding coaches guide the skiers in the program.

And Sun Valley hopes to have one of the best moguls courses in the U.S. now that Sun Valley Resort has dedicated snowmaking on Baldy's Race Arena run.

Ware said, "Our team is loaded with some outstanding athletes. Olympic Development Team athletes Shane Cordeau and Tai Barrymore are setting the precedent for the our younger athletes to set their goals high and achieve them."

"We have over 80 athletes in the program up from 54 last year. I credit this to the enthusiasm of my coaching staff, the support we have received from the Sun Valley Company and the incredible community of athletes here in this valley.

"It's going to be another exciting ski season. We travel almost every weekend for the next three months, competing all over the U.S including our Sun Valley Freestyle Spectacular from Jan. 27-30."

Ware added, "For the first time Sun Valley is dedicating snowmaking to Race Arena. This will help the Freestyle Team staff create one of the best mogul courses in the U.S.

"The pitch, length and proximity to the Warm Springs base and Greyhawk chair make Race Arena an outstanding venue for mogul events. It is almost identical to the Olympic course at Deer Valley."

Earlier this season, SVSEF Park & Pipe athletes Tai Barrymore, Hannah Haupt and Trevor Hattabaugh have been in Colorado for the U.S. Halfpipe Grand Prix, Dew Tour, and Rev Tour events.

"Although no one made the finals of these pro level events it was very valuable experience," said Ware. "Tai and Hannah are rookies competing at the highest level of halfpipe right now. They want to be in the finals and winning money at every event but they also realize that their best competitive years are still to come."

Meanwhile the Freestyle mogul team had two athletes competing in Steamboat, Colo. at the U.S. Freestyle Selections. Trevor Norris and Zana Davey both skied well.

"This was Trevor's (age 15) first time at this event, a Nor-Am qualifier. He was one of the youngest competitors there and he went all out. He crashed both runs and fractured his thumb on his second run," said Ware. Zana Davey finished 25th and 27th in women's singles.

The Intermountain Freestyle series kicked off this past weekend with the "Bumpin' the Bird," mogul event at Snowbird, Utah. Norris returned to competitive skiing with a cast fitted to his ski pole to finish third overall (1st M2).

Hannah Haupt claimed fourth overall (1st F1).

Other SV athletes results were: RJ Bracken (3-M2, 8-overall), Trevor Hattabaugh (4-M2, 9-overall), Zac Siele (4-M3, 17-overall), Jamie Rollerson (1-M5, 21-overall), Wilson Dunn (4-M4, and 24-overall), Renee Shapiro (4-F3, 13-overall), Morgan Shaver (4-F2, 15-overall), Alysha Herich (5-F3, 16-overall) and Claire Siderman (6-F3, 17-overall).


Program director—Andy Ware (12th year).

Coaches—Comp Team: Joey Cordeau (head coach, moguls), Christine Cordeau (assistant, moguls), Ben Verge (head coach, park & pipe) and Al Lanning (assistant, park & pipe). Prep Team: Jeff Page (head coach) with assistants Clint Lightner, Josh Zuck and Chris Rybek. Development Team: Justine Kaiser (head coach) with assistants Debbie Page, Mike Sheehan, Todd Bracher, Kurtis Fieguth and Jamie Collins.

Freestyle Comp Team (19)—Jordan Barrymore, Colter Brehmer, Tanner Bringhurst, John Chrysikopoulos, Zana Davey, Hannah Haupt, Alysha Herich, River Kelly, Nathan Moses, Trevor Norris, Parker Page, Benjamin Parker, Joey Richardson, Luke Robertson, Renee Shapiro, Claire Siderman, Zac Siele, Ty Wellman and Wyatt Wilson. (Tuition $2,200 plus $369 SVSEF ski pass).

Freestyle ODT (1)—Tai Barrymore.

Freestyle Prep Team (28)—Marbella Barrymore, RJ Bracken, Brody Buchwalter, Pierson Carlsen, River Curtis, Lukas DeWolfe, Wilson Dunn, Braden Flaherty, Dane Flaherty, Sean Flaherty, Hayes Gilman, Cutter Grathwohl, Blake Harmon, Trevor Hattabaugh, Alex LaFleur, Chris Lentz, Matthew McGraw, Parker Nance, JT Neeley, Illiah Pfau, Alec Poster, Joey Reidy, Luke Rizzo, Eli Roberts, Jamie Rollerson, Morgan Shaver, Flynn Stewart and Jackson Toothman. (Tuition $1,650 plus $369 ski pass).

Freestyle Devo Team (35)—Benjamin Anderson, Drew Bateman, Blake Beckwith, Tre Black, Isabella Bourret, Hailey Boyd, Devon Brown, Leyla Wilson, Wilder Curtis, Hunter Diehl, Evathea Drougas, William Fairley, Raine Filbert, Fallon Flaherty, Oliver Guy, Johnny Hagenbuch, Brian Heekin, Alvaro Jiraldo, Adam Kind, Alex Lentz, Katie Markthaler, Aloe Orison, Tanner Post, Addison Rafford, Toby Rafford, Cooper Roquet, Stephen Roth, Rachel Roudabush, Mikel Sanchez-duPont, Matthew Schaeman, Arizona Semones, Kobe Tamura, Ian Thomas, Jubal Toothman and Rainey Wilson. (Tuition $800 plus $369 ski pass).

Prep Team bulks up in snowboard ranks

Program director and head coach Andy Gilbert said his Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation Snowboard Team is looking great both regionally and nationally for 2010-11.

Gilbert said, "There was a lot of movement within the team this year which means kids will be getting their first experience competing on a host of different levels.

"I'm very excited about this group of riders as a whole. Having more young kids in the locker room with some kids who know the drill is huge. It shows them what is in store for them if they stick with the program. I expect big things from these kids this year and a whole lot of fun along the way.

Biggest changes occurred in Prep Team. It grew to 12 riders and caused some coaching shifts. Gilbert said, "We had our biggest group move from Devo to Prep this year and with them long-time Comp Team coach Jacob Tyler was asked to run the Prep Team this season.

"Jacob has coaching experience at the highest levels in snowboarding and will bring a whole new level of knowledge to these great young riders.

"Coach Josh Keefer has moved up to fill the Comp Team duties left by Tyler. Josh is a young hands-on coach and will really help these riders as they qualify for bigger and bigger events."

He added, "Comp Team looks strong with new riders Zach Lewis, Florian Bourdot, Brandon Dolenar, Charlie Harder, Sophie Musser, Cameron St. Pierre plus returning riders Ryan Roemer, Rex Kelly, Dash Stethem and Chase Josey. There are also female riders returning like Ali Appleton and Hailey Rheinschild.

"This year's Comp Team has several riders who stand out nationally. Hailey and Chase both just had top-15 finishes in halfpipe at the first Revolution Tour events at Copper Mt. Those two, along with Appleton, Roemer and St. Pierre could be one's to watch at the national level events.

The SVSEF hosts Intermountain events Feb.4-6 including boardercross on Thursday, Feb. 4. Check for further details.

Snowboard Team Roster

Program director, head Comp Team coach—Andy Gilbert (17th year).

Coaches, staff—Josh Keefer (assistant Comp Team); Jacob Tyler (head Prep Team coach); Heather Black, Ed Sawicz and Cara Shumate (assistant Prep Team coaches); Jon French (head Devo Team coach); and Zack Venzon (assistant Devo Team coach).

Competition team (14)—Ali Appleton, Florian Bourdot, Brandon Dolenar, Charlie Harder, Chase Josey, Rex Kelly, Zachary Lewis, Sophie Musser, Mal Prior, Hailey Rheinschild, Ryan Roemer, Sam Slike, Cameron St. Pierre and Dash Stethem (tuition $2,350 plus $369 SVSEF ski pass).

Prep Team (13)—Brooke Beckwith, Colton Donovan, Austin Eggers, Dehner Figge, Colin Finnerty, Clara Jenner, Emerson McCune, Clyde Montgomery, Michael Niedrich, Cora Schneider, Elk Spencer, Jake Whitlock and Josh Whitlock (tuition $1,870 plus $369 ski pass).

Development team (4)—Jackson Chihuly, Phebe Ericksen, Nicholas Rottler and Lieder Schwartz (tuition $880 plus $369 ski pass).

SVSEF alpine ski rosters

Alpine program director—Ruben Macaya.

Alpine FIS/ODT racers (9)—Tanner Farrow and Teagen Palmer (both Olympic Development Team members); Harlan Collins, Miles Fink-Debray, Tanner Dirstine, Sierra Fox, Nicole Roos, Amanda Stelling and Miles Sweek (tuition $4,795 plus $369 ski pass).

Alpine J1/J2 IMD racers (12)—Taylor Adler, Cole Caulkins, Sofia DeWolfe, Connor Farrow, Reta Flynt, Ben Kanellitsas, Kalen Savaria, Logan Shipley, Natalie Vorsteveld, Colin Waycott, Kipling Weisel and Petra Zeiler (tuition $4,190 plus ski pass).

Alpine J3/IMD racers (26)—Josie Allison, Alexandra Black, Samantha Busby, Taylor Cooper, Griffin Curtis, Haley Cutler, Andrew Fairley, Jay Fitzgerald, Jordan Fitzgerald, Chloe Francois, Will Harder, Peter Hastings, Carson Jones-Wilkins, Tanner Josey, Michael Levy, Elliott Lewis, Will Long, Madison Milgard, Megan Murphy, Jack Rizzo, Austin Savaria, Emmett Say, Gavin Shipley, Loni Unser, Julia Vorsteveld and Olivia Wentzell (tuition $3,990 plus ski pass).


Alpine "C-Travel"/Junior Olympic/North Series team (33)—John Blackburn, Alyssa Carp, Jade Carp, Bo Curry, Clay Cutler, Cooper Dart, Kristian DeWolfe, Travis Flynt, Duncan Fuller, Margot Griffith, Bailey Holter, Matteo Jorgenson, Noah Leininger, Oskar Lind, Hallie MacPherson, Kyle Maxwell, Yuri McClure, Molly Milgard, Mac Mizer, Pilar Pennell, Katelyn Rathfon, Riley Revallier, Sage Rheinschild, Royce Rheinschild, Wyatt Smith, Will Snyder, Cade Street, Tobias Verheijen, River Vorse, Poppy Vorse, Olivia Weisel, Isabella Welsh and Travis Wilkinson (tuition $2,690 plus $369 ski pass).

Alpine "C"-Home" racers (49)—Aidan Allchin, Laine Allison, McKinna Arial, Payton Bacca, Scottie Berridge, Jake Blackburn, Harrison Blamires, Kayla Chaffey, Sylvia Cogen, Ethan Daves, Conrad Duerr, Samantha Edwards, James Everitt Jr., William Everitt, Madison Ferris, Lily Fitzgerald, Tatum Fuller, Will Griffith, Giselle Harmon, Alice Hoffer, Kaia Jensen, Libby Kaiser, Murphy Kendall, Blake Letourneau, Lane Letourneau, Julia Lieberman, Harrison Mayesh, Dyllan Millar, Wyatt Minor, Peter Morawitz, Lucy More, Matt O'Connor, Barrett Ott Jr., Olivia Ott, Katie Peters, Allison Rathfon, Alyssa Ritzel, Miren Sanchez-duPont, Sophia Schwartzman, Bennett Snyder, Alexandra Stuessi, Emma Stuessi, Charlie Stumph, Jackson Swenke, Remy Vernoy, Emily Watts, Keegan Webber, Patrick Welsh and Aurora Wilkinson (tuition $1,795 plus ski pass).


Development racers (88)—Julian Allchin, Hayden Baker, Bennett Baty, Lauren Baty, Daniel Begovich, Joseph Begovich, Neal Begovich, Abby Berman, Emmeline Berridge, Charlie Berridge, Davis Beyer, Josh Blackburn, Gavin Blair, Sierra Briscoe, Tatum Brockman, Aidan Burchmore, Connor Campbell, Harry Carp, Dakota Castle, Griff Connelly, Jesse Curry, Jack Curry, Alex Daves, Shaw Dean, William DeWolfe, Taylor Duerr, Alex Edwards, Julia Erlanger, Maren Feltman, Eli Fuller, Georgia Gardner, Beau Gardner, Angus Gilbert, Jackson Giles, Miriam Gilman, Benjamin Goitiandia, Joseph Goitiandia, Buey Grossman, Sophie Harder, Emilia Hoffer, Sage Holter, Claire Holzman, Jack Horowitz, Kate Horowitz, Ethan Hunt, Laci Jermunson, Tully Jones-Wilkins, Marit Kaiser, Chloe Khosrowshahi, Anhwei Kirk, Noelle LaFleur, Skye Leininger, Thibault Letendre, Jace Lieberman, Emma MacGuffie, Emma Kate Madsen, Elle Mann, Eliza Marks, Joe Markthaler, Nicholas Maumus, Andrew O'Connor, Jack Oliverio, Julia Ott, Adela Pennell, Will Penrose, Peyton Post, Will Price, Cameron Rawlings, Beck Ritzel, Cate Ritzel, Jack Rottler, Mia Russo, Matthew Schaeman, Anja Schweiger, Jeffrey Shepherd, Gillian Simcoe, Charlie Snyder, Lola Street, Fletcher Stumph, Esmee Verheijen, Lucca Vernoy, Indie Vernoy, Tia Vontver, Rainey Wilson, Jack Wojcik, Logan Wojcik, Kohler Wood and Nysa Wood (tuition $945 plus $369 ski pass).

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