Friday, December 31, 2010

Top picks for New Year’s resolutions

With the year about to turn over into 2011, here are our top picks for New Year's resolutions.

Everyone living in or visiting the Sun Valley area: To be thankful for the incredible gift of visiting, working or living in one of the best places on Earth.

Government workers: To avoid whining about pay cuts until they've experienced the not-so-tender mercies of the private sector.

All skiers and boarders: To learn the Skiers Responsibility Code, live by it and survive to slide another day.

Electronic gamers (and their parents): To read the studies emerging about the potentially addictive effects of overplaying and rethink play time.

Visitors and residents at 6,000 feet: After dark, to look up at the Milky Way and restore a sense of wonder.

Facebookers: To repeat daily, "Facebooking is not real life."

Cable "news" channels: To replace fake news with real news.

Congressional Republicans: To take off the boxing gloves; put on work gloves.

Congressional Democrats: To own their positions and learn to use power.

U.S. senators and representatives: To get comfortable with the name "Cat Food Congress" because that's what seniors may be eating if the payroll tax isn't returned to normal.

President Barack Obama: To develop enough backbone to refuse to allow himself to be held hostage by the opposition.

U.S. representatives and senators (you know who you are): To quit campaigning to ban earmarks while behind the scenes pushing federal agencies to quietly allocate money to your districts.

Idaho Land Board: To quit spending money on public relations while driving schools to beg local companies to pay for field trips and ordinary school supplies.

Boise State football team: To give the BCS more major heartburn next year.

Obama administration: To get the nation out of Iraq and Afghanistan, and to wean it from reliance on hostile oil-producing nations of the Middle East.

Sen. Jim Risch: To take off the jester's hat in trying to hold up a nuclear arms treaty with the Russians on the grounds that they had stolen some U.S. Humvees.

State Republican leaders: To quit condoning the actions of Rep. Phil Hart, who refused to pay taxes and illegally cut 8,000 feet of state-owned timber.

State Rep. Phil Hart: To pay taxes or resign.

Ketchum City Councilman Larry Helzel: To recognize that if corporations alone had determined land planning and zoning in the Wood River Valley, it likely wouldn't be a place he'd want to live.

Ketchum Mayor Randy Hall: To quit believing that nearly free pork chops will magically materialize if the city guts its zoning to attract a third supermarket.

Valley drivers: To develop patience and use it when in traffic or dealing with defenseless pedestrians.

Global warming naysayers: To consider the consequences of being wrong.

Deficit hawks: To balance cost-cutting fervor with the need to invest in creating a prosperous future.

All Americans: To start paying attention to the politics of oil even when the price at the gas pump is low.

SV City Councilmen Nils Ribi and Bob Youngman: To quit regarding marketing as rocket science and making perfect the enemy of the possible.

Wyoming: To come up with real wolf management and put away the wrecking ball it's swinging at the Endangered Species Act.

Idaho Transportation Department: To fix dangerous Timmerman Junction.

Disgruntled taxpayers: To discover that no taxes ultimately means no services, no education, no Social Security, no Medicare and no Army, Navy or Marines.

112th Congress; To prevent corporations from secretly pouring money into election campaigns.

Right coast residents: To wake up to the drug wars on our border with Mexico.

Idaho Legislature: To overhaul the Tax Commission and end favoritism in tax settlements for the politically connected.

Backcountry tech geeks: To realize that all the technology in the world can't replace training and good judgement.

Parents of college-bound students: To lobby to make higher education affordable for the good of our kids and country.

Sun Valley and Ketchum: To open meetings of the new publicly funded marketing board to the public.

Authors of online comments: To clean it up and quit abusing the privilege.

Army Spc. Bowe Bergdahl, same as last year: To survive kidnapping and imprisonment by the Taliban in Afghanistan and to come home to his family in Hailey.

U.S. Senate, same as last year: To get rid of filibuster rules that allow the minority to stop bills favored by the majority.

Hailey Mayor Rick Davis, same as last year: To resolve the impasse between the city's primarily volunteer fire department and Wood River Fire & Rescue: To get the best protection for the city.

Idaho legislators, same as last year: To actually read the pile of research on phoning and texting while driving and to prevent needless deaths by phone.

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