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Poggi Bros. Electric Hailey Coed Softball League

Final city tournament standings

July 24-25, 2010 at Lions Park, Hailey. A total 14 games played, 420 runs scored.


1—LDE Electric/Little Wood (14-0) 4-0 66 28

2—Sawt/McClain's/Car Quest(11-3) 3-2 83 44

3—Mahoney's Bar & Grill (7-7) 3-2 67 84

Wise Guy Pizza/Nitro Green (8-6) 2-2 80 60

Peterson Dist./Tidwell Const. (1-13) 1-2 34 56

Hailey Hotel (7-7) 1-2 39 66

Power Engineers (1-13) 0-2 20 38

Poggi Bros. Elec/Red Dog (7-7) 0-2 31 44

Final regular-season standings


1—LDE Electric/Little Wood Builders 14-0 245 101

2—Sawt. Paint/Class 5/McClain's/Car Quest 11-3 267 132

3—Wise Guy Pizza/Nitro Green 8-6 184 132

4—Poggi Bros. Elec/Red Dog Const. 7-7 174 152

5—Mahoney's Bar & Grill 7-7 155 190

6—Hailey Hotel 7-7 129 183

7—Peterson Dist./Tidwell Const. 1-13 112 228

8—Power Engineers 1-13 97 245


Wise Guy Pizza/Nitro Green 10, Sawtooth Paint/Car Quest 6

Hailey Hotel 17, Wise Guy Pizza/Nitro Green 16

Sawtooth Paint/McClain's 18, Mahoney's Bar & Grill 3 (6 innings)



Mahoney's Bar & Grill 22, Poggi Bros. Elec/Red Dog 20

It was an uphill battle all the way for Poggi Bros. after Mahoney's sent up 13 batters in the first and tallied 10 runs, ignited by a leadoff triple by Brad Dredge (3 hits, 4 runs) and ended by Dredge's grand slam HR. Mahoney's added 6 runs in the second for a 16-4 lead and then petered out offensively—while Poggi Bros. kept chipping away. Leading the Poggi comeback were Alex Lindbloom (4 hits, 3 runs), Mike Beall (4 hits, 2 doubles, HR, 3 runs), Jamie Stone (2 hits, 3 runs) and Anthony Rooney (3 hits, 2 doubles, HR). As it turned out, Mahoney's needed the 2 runs it scored in the visitor seventh, thanks to a leadoff triple by Nic Nottingham (3 hits, 3 runs) and RBI single by Meghan Faherty (2 hits, 2 runs). Mahoney's: Sue Weller 2 hits (double) and 2 runs, Rich Lang double and 3 runs.

Hailey Hotel 21, Wise Guy Pizza/Nitro Green 16

Hotel, trailing 5-1 after one inning, busted loose for 9 runs in the second highlighted by Katrina Kolman's 3-run triple and a two-out, 2-run HR by Kellen Chatterton (4 hits, 3 runs). Hotel extended its lead to 12-5 in the visitor third, only to fall behind 13-12 when Wise Guy put together an 8-run home third. Big hits included doubles by Brian Nelson (3 hits, 2 runs), Kenny Nelson (4 hits, 2 doubles, HR, 3 runs), Justin Herald (2 hits, 2-run HR) and Cam Garrison (3 hits). Down the stretch, however, Wise Guy had only homers by Nelson, Herald and Ryan Stavros in its arsenal, while Hotel put together 4-run uprisings in the sixth and seventh to nail down the victory. Hotel: Teresa 3 hits and 4 runs, Steve Vouch 3 hits (double) and 2 runs, Brandy O'Grady 2 hits.

Sawtooth Paint/Class 5/McClain's 22, Peterson Dist./Tidwell 12

Slugger Jeff Schroeder had a monster game for Sawtooth Paint with a 3-run HR in Paint's 7-run first and a grand slam HR in his team's 10-run fifth. Other contributors to the 24-hit attack included Bryan Burrell 3 hits and 4 runs, Josh Jacobson 3 hits (double) and 2 runs, Jeff Burrell 4 hits (HR, double) and 4 runs, Shannon Webb 3 singles, John Rathfon 2 hits (double) and 2 runs and Chris Benson 2 hits (double). Peterson/Tidwell: Tom Anderson 2-run HR, Sean Guisasola 3 hits (double) and 2 runs, Sherrie Phelps 3 runs, Tracy Peterson 2 hits (double).

LDE Electric/Little Wood Builders 25, Power Engineers 10 (6 innings)

A 29-hit barrage started by 7-run first and second at-bats lifted defending champion Little Wood Builders to its first of four tournament victories. The #9 hitter in the powerful lineup, Hoss Schmidt (4 hits, 3 runs), belted a 2-run double in the first and 2-run triple in the 5-run fourth that made the score 19-6. Little Wood: Morgan Uhrig 2 hits (double, HR) and 3 runs, Sean Harrington 2 hits (double) and 2 runs, T.J. Peterson 2 doubles, triple and 3 runs, Lisa Valdama 3 hits and 3 runs, Buddy Peterson 3 hits and 3 runs, Sharon Payne Bolton 3 hits (2-run triple) and 3 runs, Bobbi Edwards 3 singles. Power Engineers: Jason Marenda clocked a pair of 3-run HRs, Ryan Laughy 2 runs.

Sawtooth Paint/McClain's/Car Quest 19, Hailey Hotel 2 (5 innings)

John Rathfon emptied the bases with a two-out HR in Sawtooth Paint's 7-run first. After a leadoff HR by Jeff Burrell in the third, Paint sent up 11 batters in a 10-run third that ended with a 3-run HR off the bat of Jeff Schroeder (4 RBI). Hotel got 2 hits from leadoff batter Riley O'Grady and an RBI double by Steve Vouch but otherwise went quietly. Sawtooth Paint: Bryan Burrell 3 runs, Josh Jacobson and Chris Benson 2 hits and 2 runs apiece.

LDE Electric/Little Wood Builders 18, Mahoney's Bar & Grill 2 (5 innings)

After scoring 22 runs in its first tournament game, Mahoney's managed only 1 hit in its first three at-bats and scored its 2 runs in the fourth on a 2-run single by Sue Weller. Meanwhile, Little Wood was going to town with 3 runs in the first and 9 more in the second for a 12-0 lead. Little Wood: Buddy Peterson 3 hits (2 doubles), Hoss Schmidt 2 hits and 3 runs, Greg Edwards 2 hits (double) and 2 runs, Anna Edwards 2-run double.

LDE Electric/Little Wood Builders 13, Sawtooth Paint/Class 5/Car Quest 11

Regular-season league champion Little Wood seemed determined from the outset to avoid a repeat of last year's tournament winner bracket final—when Wicked Spud snapped Little Wood's 16-game winning streak with a 10-4 win in this game. It forced Little Wood to win last year's tournament the hard way, with 7-0 and 13-12 triumphs over Wicked Spud in the championship games of the double elimination tournament. This time Little Wood, the visiting team, raced out to a 12-3 lead after three innings. Sean Harrington drilled a 3-run HR in the 5-run first, while Wendy Hosman delivered a two-out, 2-run inside-the-park HR in the 4-run second. T.J. Peterson (2 HR, 5 RBI) chipped in with a 3-run HR in the third and Little Wood hung on—despite being outscored 8-1 in the final four stanzas. Josh Jacobson ripped his second round-tripper of the game, a 3-run shot, and John Rathfon followed with a 2-run HR in Sawtooth Paint's 6-run fourth that cut the once-huge lead to 12-9. Little Wood: Morgan Uhrig 2 hits (double) and 3 runs, Greg Edwards 2 hits and 2 runs, Sue Mulcahy 3 hits. Sawtooth Paint: Jeff Schroeder 3 hits (double) and 2 runs, M.J. Musselman 2 hits, Sarah Benson 2 runs, Chris Benson 2 hits.


Wise Guy Pizza/Nitro Green 22, Poggi Bros. Elec/Red Dog 11

Fourth-seeded Poggi Bros. ran up against a red-hot Wise Guy 19-hit attack—but Poggi didn't help itself in making 12 errors in the field. Ryan Stavros (4 hits, 2 runs) was locked in from the #5 Wise Guy batting slot, pounding 3 doubles. And Justin Herald (3 hits, 2 runs) had a big game with a double and grand slam HR. Wise Guy: Cam Garrison and Kenny Nelson 3 runs each, Brenda Blackwell 2 hits, Brian Nelson 2 hits (double) and 2 runs. Poggi: Alex Lindbloom 2 hits and 2 runs, Brandon Beall 3 hits (double) and 2 runs, Anthony Rooney triple, double and 2 runs.

Peterson Dist./Tidwell Const. 13, Power Engineers 10

Power jumped out to a 9-0 lead after three innings, but Peterson rallied in the middle frames and scored all the runs it needed with a 7-run fourth and 5-run fifth. Peterson/Tidwell: Lacey Peterson 3 hits and 2 runs, Patrick Peterson triple, Lacie Anderson 2 hits, Tom Anderson 2 hits (double) and Tracy Peterson 2 hits.

Wise Guy Pizza/Nitro Green 31, Hailey Hotel 16 (5 innings)

Hotel couldn't keep pace with the relentless Wise Guy hitting topped by leadoff hitter Milton Brooks (5 hits, 4 runs), April Peterson and Shanell Nelson 2 runs apiece, Brian Nelson 2 hits (double) and 3 runs, Ryan Stavros 3 doubles, HR and 4 runs, Erika Valentine 3 hits and 4 runs, Kenny Nelson 3 hits and 3 runs, Brenda Blackwell 3 hits and 2 runs, Justin Herald double, triple, HR and 2 runs and Cam Garrison 3 hits (HR) and 2 runs. Hotel: Kellen Chatterton 4 hits and 2 runs, Teresa 3 hits and 3 runs, Nic Nottingham 3 hits and 3 runs, Riley O'Grady HR and double, Katrina Kolman and Brandy O'Grady 2 hits each, Steve Vouch 3 hits, JonMarie Shaw 2 runs.

Mahoney's Bar & Grill 24, Peterson Dist./Tidwell Const. 9 (6 innings)

Peterson/Tidwell's season finished up under a barrage of hits from Mahoney's led by Nic Nottingham. He clouted a 3-run HR in the 5-run first and added a grand slam HR in the 5-run second that gave Mahoney's a 10-6 lead. The winners batted around in an 8-run fifth that put an end to any Peterson/Tidwell comeback hopes. Mahoney's: Brad Dredge 3 hits and 4 runs, Sue Weller 2 hits and 2 runs, Rich Lang 3 runs, Zack Dilworth 3 hits (3-run HR) and 3 runs, Janene Poggi 3 hits. Peterson/Tidwell: Sean Guisasola and Tom Anderson (double) 2 hits each, Pat 2-run HR, Tracy Peterson 2 hits (HR).

Mahoney's Bar & Grill 12, Wise Guy Pizza/Nitro Green 11 (8 innings)

Rich Lang's walk-off game-winning double in the 4-hit, 2-run eighth completed the Mahoney's rally from early 4-2, 7-3 and 9-3 deficits. A two-out 3-run HR by Nic Nottingham (3 hits, 2 HR, 6 RBI) in the 5-run Mahoney's sixth cut the deficit to 9-8, then Mahoney's tied it 10-10 with 2 runs in the home seventh. Mahoney's: Brad Dredge 2 hits (double) and 2 runs, Sue Weller 2 hits, Lang 3 hits and 2 runs, Brandon Ivie 2 hits. Wise Guy: Milton Brooks 3 hits (double) and 2 runs, Shanell Nelson 2 runs, Justin Herald 2-run HR.

Sawtooth Paint/Class 5/Car Quest 26, Mahoney's Bar & Grill 7

Third-place Mahoney's didn't have many arrows left in its collective quiver and exited with only 8 hits in its seven-inning loss to Sawtooth Paint. The winners scored 8 runs in the first, then 15 runs in the fifth, sixth and seventh. Sawtooth Paint: Bryan Burrell 3 hits (2 doubles) and 4 runs, Jeff Schroeder 3 hits (2 doubles, triple) and 4 runs, M.J. Musselman 3 hits and 3 runs, Jeff Burrell 4 hits (double) and 3 runs, Kathy Seal 3 hits (double) and 3 runs, Josh Jacobson 3 hits (2 HR) and 3 runs, John Rathfon 3 hits (HR) and 2 runs, Chris Benson 4 hits, Bonnie Burrell 2 hits. Mahoney's: Sue Weller 2 hits, Meghan Faherty 2 runs, Zack Dilworth solo HR.


LDE Electric/Little Wood Builders 10, Sawtooth Paint/McClain's/Car Quest 5

Hoss Schmidt (2 hits, 2 runs) delivered a 2-run single in Little Wood's 5-run first—and the champions held heavy-hitting Sawtooth Paint to just 3 singles and no runs in the first four innings. Solo HRs by Jeff Burrell (2 hits) and Josh Jacobson (3 hits) finally got Sawtooth Paint on the board in the fifth, but by that time they trailed 8-2. Bryan Burrell added a 2-run HR in the sixth. Meanwhile, Little Wood added insurance with solo HRs by Sean Harrington (3 hits, 3 runs) in the fifth and seventh, and an RBI double by Joe Lamanna (3 hits) in the fourth. Little Wood: Anna Edwards 3 hits, Sue Mulcahy 2 hits, Buddy Peterson 2 hits (double).


Top team batting averages:

LDE Electric/Little Wood Builders (.528 team batting, 85-for-161)—Morgan Uhrig 7-for-14, .500, 2 HR, 4 doubles, 8 runs scored; Wendy Hosman 5-for-15, .333, HR, double, 7 runs; Sean Harrington 6-for-11, .545, 3 HR, 7 runs, 8 RBI; Anna Edwards 6-for-15, .400; Greg Edwards 8-for-13, .615, 2 doubles, 7 runs; Sharon Payne Bolton 5-for-13, .385, 6 runs; Hoss Schmidt 8-for-10, .800, 8 runs; Lisa Valdama 7-for-10, .700, 5 runs; Joe Lamanna 7-for-10, .700, 3 doubles; Sue Mulcahy 6-for-11, .545; Buddy Peterson 10-for-13, .769, 3 doubles; Bobbi Edwards 4-for-13, .308; T.J. Peterson 6-for-10, .600, 2 HR, 2 doubles, triple, 5 runs, 9 RBI.

Sawtooth Paint/Class 5/McClain's/Car Quest (.505 team batting, 104-for-206)—Bryan Burrell 10-for-20, .500, HR, 3 doubles, 13 runs scored; Sarah Benson 5-for-17, .294, 7 runs; Jeff Schroeder 12-for-17, .706, 3 HR, 3 doubles, triple, 10 runs, 14 RBI; M.J. Musselman 7-for-15, .467, 6 runs; Jeff Burrell 14-for-17, .824, 3 HR, 2 doubles, 10 runs, 9 RBI; Kathy Seal 6-for-17, .353, 7 runs; Josh Jacobson 13-for-18, .722, 5 HR, double, 10 runs, 12 RBI; Shannon Webb 8-for-17, .471, 5 runs; John Rathfon 9-for-17, .529, 3 HR, 2 doubles, 7 runs, 10 RBI; Bonnie Burrell 4-for-16, .250; Chris Benson 11-for-15, .733; LeighAndra Roberts 4-for-14, .286.

SPECIAL AWARDS—Most Valuable Players—Shannon Webb of Sawtooth Paint/Class 5/McClain's/Car Quest and Sean Harrington for a second straight year representing LDE Electric/Little Wood Builders.

LEAGUE TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS (22 seasons)—1989-91, Red Elephant. 1992-93, Uhrig Fencing. 1994, Litzinger Construction. 1995-99, Uhrig Fencing/River Run Auto Parts. 2000-04, Wicked Spud. 2005, Anderson Asphalt. 2006, Oak St./LDE Electric/Budweiser. 2007, Uhrig Fencing/Anderson Asphalt. 2008—Smith Sport Optics. 2009-10—LDE Electric/Little Wood Builders.

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