Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Donít trust governments

Having just watched a love movie which ended with Poland being attacked by the Nazis, I wondered why the world didn't learn from that horrible war, in which millions of innocent people, young and old were maimed, tortured, and killed. War is not a way to solve problems, except to defend oneself. Those who start wars (governments) have only selfish interests in mind.

Take, for example, Hitler. He wanted to conquer the world, a selfish motive. Recently, Islamic radical terrorists selfishly conned suicide bombers into thinking they would be rewarded in heaven. It is disturbing that tyrants and dictators give the mistaken impression that they rule to improve the peoples' lives. What a joke. Why would anyone in their right mind think that one person is destined to rule millions of people without their approval? Yes, it is governments that start wars. And it is governments that spend all of our money without thought or conscience. Our own federal government is trillions of dollars in debt and plans to expand the debt. Our own congressmen waste our money so that they might receive votes to be re-elected. The president, when elected, said that he was going to veto earmarks. His own health care bill had millions and millions of dollars of earmarks. Earmarks, as you know, are ways to waste money without having to vote for those earmarks.

The states waste money and overspend. Take note that California was in danger of going bankrupt. And Idaho, on a smaller scale, is in trouble. Locally, the waste is especially notable. Our money, as well as our land, is given away to local and foreign businesses. Zoning exceptions are given away. Although it is not the city's business, they continue to give away favors to lure hotels to build in town. What the city considers a hotel is one room for rent and two luxury condos with views on top of that one room. If hotels were needed, they would be built without the intervention of the city. The mayor and City Council vow to revitalize the city, which they, themselves, have devitalized. Potholes in our streets abound, although the local option tax is designed to pay for their repairs. Wow!

Jake Jacoby


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