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Carey girls second in district track, state is next

Adamson, Peterson lead local girls to Boise

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Carey senior Todd Peck gets ready to throw en route to a state-qualifying 43-0.5 shotput toss for third place in Thursday’s 4th District 1A finals at Gooding. Courtesy photo by John Peck

Three Northside Conference sophomore girls will carry gold medal hopes to Boise's Bronco Stadium Thursday through Saturday, May 20-22 for the State 1A track and field meet sponsored by the Idaho High School Activities Association.

Micaela Adamson of Carey, Katelyn Peterson of Camas County and Sasha Kent of Richfield have legitimate gold medal hopes after dominating their events at last week's 4th District 1A track meet on the ISDB oval in Gooding.

It was a rare mild day and the kids stretched out and gave some of their best efforts.

Adamson won the 200-meter and 400m dashes, placed second in the triple jump with a school-record leap, and anchored Carey's winning medley relay team. Adamson sparked Carey to a second-place district finish with 99 points behind the Raft River Trojans from Malta.

Carey coach Lane Kirkland said, "Micaela qualified well and will compete well at state."

Peterson out-jumped Adamson by nearly three feet in the triple jump at Gooding and boasts the best TJ qualifying time among 1A girls. Peterson also won high jump and long jump at Gooding and finished second in the 300m intermediate hurdles for 38 points.

All Kent did at Gooding was win the district 800m, 1600m and 3200m runs. For the State 1A girls, she has the best 1600m qualifying time by over five seconds, the best 3200m seeding by seven seconds and the second-best 800m qualifying time.

Overall, Carey is sending eight girls and seven boys to the state competition, and Camas County has four boys and four girls. In addition, The Community School of Sun Valley has a state qualifier for only the second time in school history—and its first since 1985.

Freshman Ellie Swanson of Sun Valley qualified for state by finishing third in the 100m and 200m dashes at Gooding. Only Pat Harper, who qualified for state in the 3200m as a junior in 1985, precedes her.

Community School coach Andy Jones-Wilkins said, "Ellie had an amazing day. Now we just need to teach her how to use the starting blocks!"

Besides Adamson's double golds in the sprints, Carey's girls showed good balance with two more gold medals (medley relay, discus), five silver medals and four bronze. The Carey boys, tied for fourth in the team standings, boasted a gold medal from its 4x400m relay and will take the top qualifying time by two seconds into the state final.

Adamson's school-record 33-6 triple jump came on her sixth and final jump. She had flirted with the record beforehand, but saved up one final burst to slip past Amy Ellsworth's 33-5.25 by less than one inch and set the Panther triple jump mark.

Carey junior Lorene Andrews also established a new school record of 102-3.25 in winning the discus at ISDB. She shattered Whitney Peck's record by over five feet.

On the winning Panther girls' medley relay team were Angelica Zarate, Nicki Gomez, Taylor Whitby and Adamson. They have the third-best seeding time for state. Zarate, McKayla Mecham, Gomez and Whitby also made state with a second-place in the 4x400m—Gomez running a personal-best 1:06.00 and Whitby 1:04.00.

Carey also ran away with the 4x400m relay gold with Gonzalo Zarate, Joey Laidlaw, Jacy Baird and Dillon Simpson—the same group that also placed second in the medley. Kirkland said, "That's a great group of boys. We've always been competitive in that race."

Besides Peterson's powerful performance, gold medals for Camas came from senior Derek Walker (triple jump) and soph Dougless Skinner (shotput).

Results from last Wednesday's Northside Championships on the Carey oval:

Boys' results

Teams: 1—Raft River of Malta 115. 2—Oakley 113.5. 3—Castleford 79. 4 (tie)—Carey and Lighthouse Christian Academy of Twin Falls 76. 6—Camas County of Fairfield 63.5.

7—Murtaugh 48. 8—Richfield 47. 9—Hagerman 21. 10—Shoshone 17. 11—Hansen 13. 12 (tie)—Dietrich and North Valley Academy of Gooding 4. 14—Magic Valley Christian of Jerome 1.

100m: 1—Jose Rivas (Rich) 11.34. 200m: 1—Jose Rivas (Rich) 23.64. 24.20. 6—Jacy Baird (C) 24.04. 400m: 1—Kale Weekes (Castle) 52.84. 2—Jacy Baird (C) 53.14. 7—Mickenzie Boggs (CC) 56.24. 8—Dillon Simpson (C) 1:00.24.

800m: 1—Colten Gilbert (Raft River) 2:05.04. 2—Dillon Simpson (C) 2:07.84. 6—Davey Knowlton (CC) 2:15.54. 7—Antonio Gamino (C) 2:18.34. 1600m: 1—Parley Pickett (Oak) 4:50.34. 6—Antonio Gamino (C) 5:19.64. 7—Shane Bingham (C) 5:23.84. 8—Airik Donohoe (CC) 5:26.04. 3200m: 1—Parley Pickett (Oak) 10:50.14. 5—Airik Donohoe (CC) 12:00.34.

110m high hurdles: 1—Weston Cooper (Oak) 15.54. 8—Clayton Moore (CC) 18.84. 300m intermediate hurdles: 1—Jonathan Hale (Oak) 42.14. 4—Joe Laidlaw (C) 43.74.

High jump: 1—Cade Powers (Raft River) 6-4. 3 (tie)—Andrew Simon (CC) 5-6. 5 (tie)—Dillon Cenarrusa (C) 5-2 and Cody Lane (CC) 5-4. 8—Jack Cenarrusa (C) 5-2. Long jump: 1—Jose Rivas (Rich) 20-7. 4--Derek Walker (CC) 19-9.75. 8—Mickenzie Boggs (CC) 18-7.75. Triple jump: 1—Derek Walker (CC) 40-7. 4—Mickenzie Boggs (CC) 40-2.5. 5—Carlos Robles (CC) 38-10.75.

Shotput: 1—Braden Ottley (Raft River) 45-5.5. 3—Todd Peck (C) 43-0.5. 5—Brad Peck (C) 41-11. 8—Francisco Gamino (C) 36-6.25. Discus: 1—Braden Ottley (Raft River) 146-2. 8—Jordan Robles (CC) 109-11.5. Pole vault: 1—Aaron Borchardt (Lighthouse Christian) 10-0.

4x100m relay: 1—Oakley (Payson Bedke, Hunter Wadsworth, Weston Cooper, Stephan Ortiz) 45.54. 4—Carey 47.14. 6—Camas County 48.54. 4x200m relay: 1—Lighthouse Christian (Aaron Borchardt, Eli Berndt, Kasey Andreasen, Kevin McCullough) 1:35.34. 3—Carey (Gonzalo Zarate, Jack Cenarrusa, Joey Laidlawy, Lynn Mecham) 1:36.84. 5—Camas County 1:41.64.

Medley relay: 1—Raft River (Bryce Packer, Rio Manning, H.D. Tuckett, Colten Gilbert) 3:47.44. 2—Carey (Gonzalo Zarate, Joey Laidlaw, Jacy Baird, Dillon Simpson) 3:54.04. 5—Camas County 3:59.94. 4x400m relay: 1—Carey (Gonzalo Zarate, Joey Laidlaw, Jacy Baird, Dillon Simpson) 3:37.64. 3—Camas County 3:45.64.

Girls results

Teams: 1—Raft River 136. 2—Carey 99. 3—Oakley 69. 4—Castleford 68. 5—Camas County 67. 6—Richfield 53. 7—Shoshone 52. 8—Dietrich 25. 9—Murtaugh 24.

10—Bliss 23. 11—Lighthouse Christian 17. 12—The Community School 15. 13—Hagerman 7. 14 (tie)—ISDB 6 and Hansen 6. 16—Magic Valley Christian 4.

100m: 1—Kylee Stein (Shoshone) 13.54. 3—Ellie Swanson (TCS) 13.64. 200m: 1—Micaela Adamson (C) 27.84. 3—Ellie Swanson (TCS) 28.74. 400m: 1—Micaela Adamson (C) 1:03.14. 6—Hailey Rheinschild (TCS) 1:07.34.

800m: 1—Sasha Kent (Rich) 2:28.64. 4—Taylor Whitby (C) 2:34.84. 7—Megan Stampke (CC) 2:44.64. 1600m: 1—Sasha Kent (Rich) 5:31.14. 5—Jaide Parke (C) 5:47.94. 3200m: 1—Sasha Kent (Rich) 12:06.74. 3—Jaide Parke (C) 12:37.04. 5—Megan Stampke (CC) 13:30.84.

100m high hurdles: 1—Addie Bedke (Oak) 16.74. 300m intermediate hurdles: 1—Whitney Holtmanm (Raft River) 48.74. 2—Katelyn Peterson (CC) 49.04. 7—Nicki Gomez (C) 53.14.

High jump: 1—Katelyn Peterson (CC) 5-4. 4—Jessica Parke (C) 4-8. 6—Amy Ellsworth (C) 4-4. Long jump: 1—Katelyn Peterson (CC) 15-4.75. 5—Stephanie Moore (CC) 14-9.5. Triple jump: 1—Katelyn Peterson (CC) 36-2.75. 2—Micaela Adamson (C) 33-6. 6—Stephanie Moore (CC) 31-0.75.

Shotput: 1—Dougless Skinner (CC) 30-2.5. 8—Lorene Andrews (C) 26-4.5. Discus: 1—Lorene Andrews (C) 102-3.5. 6—McKayla Mecham (C) 84-4.

4x100m relay: 1—Raft River (Hailey Higley, Kassie Ottley, Hailey Greenwood, Whitney Holtman) 54.14. 3—Carey 56.84. 4x200m relay: 1—Raft River (Hailey Higley, Kassie Ottley, Hailey Greenwood, Whitney Holtman) 1:53.34. 2—Carey (Angelica Zarate, Erika Zarate, Nicki Gomez, Taylor Whitby) 1:56.44. 4—Camas County 2:04.34.

Medley relay: 1—Carey (Angelica Zarate, Nicki Gomez, Taylor Whitby, Micaela Adamson) 2:00.04. 4x400m relay: 1—Raft River (Hailey Higley, Kassie Ottley, Hailey Greenwood, Whitney Holtman) 4:25.44. 2—Carey (Angelica Zarate, McKayla Mecham, Nicki Gomez, Taylor Whitby) 4:33.74.

Carey, Camas, TCS state track qualifiers

From Carey High School

Boys (7 boys in 7 events)

Dillon Simpson (senior) 800m, medley relay, 4x400m relay

Todd Peck (senior) shotput

Gonzalo Zarate (senior) 4x200m relay, medley relay, 4x400m relay

Jacy Baird (junior) 400m dash, medley relay, 4x400m relay

Joe Laidlaw (junior) 300m intermediate hurdles, 4x200m relay, medley relay, 4x400m relay

Lynn Mecham (junior) 4x200m relay

Jack Cenarrusa (sophomore) 4x200m relay

Girls (8 girls in 8 events)

Jessica Parke (senior) high jump

Taylor Whitby (senior) 800m run, 4x200m relay, medley relay, 4x400m relay

Lorene Andrews (junior) discus

Micaela Adamson (sophomore) 200m dash, 400m dash, triple jump, medley relay

Nicki Gomez (sophomore) 4x200m relay, medley relay, 4x400m relay

Erika Zarate (sophomore) 4x200m relay

Angelica Zarate (freshman) 4x200m relay, medley relay, 4x400m relay

McKayla Mecham (freshman) 4x400m relay


From The Community School

Girls (1 girl in 2 events)

Ellie Swanson (freshman) 100m, 200m


From Camas County High School

Boys (4 boys in 3 events)

Mickenzie Boggs (senior) triple jump

Derek Walker (senior) triple jump, long jump

Carlos Robles (junior) triple jump

Andrew Simon (sophomore) high jump

Girls (4 girls in 6 events)

Megan Stampke (senior) 3200m

Katelyn Peterson (sophomore) 300m intermediate hurdles, high jump, long jump, triple jump

Dougless Skinner (sophomore) shotput

Stephanie Moore (freshman) triple jump, long jump

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